Finally finished this watercolor painting! Took forever. I particularly loved this moment in Game of Thrones and wanted to portray the inner strength and outer violence associated with Sansa. Winsor & Newton watercolors with a bit of white gouache on Arches cold-pressed 300 lb paper.


Elle Greenaway + Being the best thing about Season One Quotes

Wow, did they teach you that in FBI school? Nah, they taught me that in Brooklyn. 

  • Man to woman:You look so hot in that dress! Look at your legs! Look at that body! Your boobs look amazing! You look stunning!
  • Feminist response:sexual predator how inappropriate! He's such a misogynist! No respect for women at all!
  • Woman to man:OMG look at your muscles! Can I touch your bicep? OMG I'd love to see you naked! Damn your so hot! Can I see your tattoos? I'd love to be your cardio work out if you know what I mean (;
  • Feminist response:she is a strong, confident & independent woman and she is not a slut for enjoying casual sex.

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i have so many things to say about today’s lbd update that i’m going to need a minute or twenty before i can say any of them

just, jesus shitting christ

New Additions to Wind Waker HD

(Source, information was revealed at this years Gamescom)

  • Triforce quest – the five Triforce pieces can now be grabbed directly
  • Only the remaining three require translated charts instead of eight
  • Hero Mode available from the start
  • Picto Box has been upgraded
  • Upgraded camera could still be used to snap photos of unsuspecting villagers or enemies
  • Pictures can go up on Miiverse
  • Link can also take funny self-photographs
  • Switch between happy, sad, and surprised emotions
  • Get the Swift Sail at the auction house after completion of the first dungeon
  • No alert via an in-game prompt to signal the special sails availability
  • No longer possible to accidentally skip Tingle’s island, as the developers have inserted an introduction to the quirky character into the main quest
  • Enhanced first-person camera
  • Can now have full movement in that perspective
  • Can travel through hallways and shoot arrows like you’re in a FPS

Ok but why are people complaining about subs not being out for American Hustle Life yet? It’s literally been less then 24 hours since the episode aired, how do you expect subs to be out already?

I’m so pressed because honestly, nobody should be complaining to people who sub videos or translate. Y’all need to realize that these people take time out of THEIR lives to sub/translate stuff FOR YOU and ask for NOTHING in return. But you want to go around rushing and complaining to them to sub/ translate faster??? That’s really fucking rude and inconsiderate. They are people too. They have lives too. They have things going on too. They don’t sit at home and sub videos 24/7 for people. You think that once a video is out, it’s going to magically be subbed in a few hours? lmaoooo, no.

If you want something to be subbed, if you want it done quickly, SUB IT YOURSELF. Simple as that. Wait what? You can’t? You don’t know Korean? Ok, then either learn Korean yourself or be patient and wait. 



You are a really shit friend. Sometimes.

To understand the hyper-competitiveness that fuels America’s new first family of hockey, head to their parents’ basement in Madison, Wis. That’s where Phil, the Maple Leafs’ leading scorer through Dec. 4, and Amanda, whom some consider the best women’s hockey player on the planet, honed their lethal shots. It’s also where the Kessel-house pingpong champion is crowned.

Amanda, 22, is the reigning champ after beating Phil, four years her senior, in a match that ended with her running for her life. “I beat him and had this little grin on my face. We try not to celebrate that much,” Amanda says. “I started walking to the stairs. Next thing I know, he’s coming after me. I ran as fast as I could. I don’t know what he would’ve done if he caught me. But he didn’t catch me.”
—  (x)

what the fucking hell is up with seeing people as “attention seeking”, saying “they’re only doing it for attention”, looking down on people for wanting attention

everyone likes attention. literally everyone

can we fucking stop berating people for the way they go about getting it

Tbh they didn’t kiss per se. He kissed her cheek just after the picture, they were cheek to cheek nothing more. Then after he kisses her cheek he WIPES his mouth omg its hilarious but so staged god you feel it in the way he moved. Thank god for the video tbh cause if we just got the picture it will look lovey dovey..but the video takes all that away, so they tried and they failed…again. Also they don’t hold hands. His hands are in his pockets and she held his arm, grandparent style.