Send me a Pokemon Item!
  • Pal Pad:Tell us about your best friend(s)
  • Wiki Berry:Describe yourself in three words or less
  • Love Ball:What makes a good friend in your book?
  • Full Restore:Do you get sick easily?
  • Shell Bell:List five things that make you smile
  • Moomoo milk:What's your favorite dessert?
  • Pure Incense:Name one of your pet peeves
  • Awakening:Does it take a lot to wake you up?
  • Sweet Heart:Relationship status?
  • Rare Candy:Sexual and romantic orientations?
  • Everstone:Do you typically embrace or reject change?
  • Eviolite:If you could change one aspect of your life/yourself, what would it be?
  • Fire Stone:Name something that you're passionate about that you don't often bring up!
  • Silk Scarf:Your ideal way to spend your day?
  • Prism Scale:Are you detail-oriented?
  • Focus Sash:What helps you concentrate best and get your work done?
  • G.S. Ball:Are you more private about your personal life than others?
  • Escape Rope:Do you forgive easily?
  • Dream Ball:Tell us about two of your biggest aspirations
  • Town Map:Where would you most like to visit?
  • Destiny Knot:Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
  • Expert Belt:What are you best at?
  • Heartscale:The last time you blushed/got embarrassed and why?
  • Leftovers:Are you a picky eater?
  • Lucky Egg:What is one thing you are extremely thankful for?
  • Exp Share:Is there any piece of advice you'd like to offer your followers?

to survive the buggin’ M  a  z  e
               you gotta be smart, quick, strong 
gotta be a decision maker
                                  know the right amount of risk to take
                                            can’t be  r e c k l e s s, can’t be timid, either

Imagine your OTP kissing

  • tiny happy kisses or pecks on cheeks when they are in a hurry
  • slow, lazy kisses when they are naked in bed together in the morning
  • desperate, deep kisses before they leave, not knowing whether they will ever return
  • those kisses full of relief, sensing each other, feeling each other, reveling in each other’s presence when they return
  • kisses on skin, teeth dragging across flesh, tasting salt and love
  • hungry kisses, biting and pushing and demanding all
  • soft kisses meant to comfort and show love
  • just
  • kisses

daryl and hershel - season 4

" The Governor rolled right up to our gates. Maybe if I wouldn’t have stopped looking. Maybe ‘cause I gave up. That’s on me.”

henleyliam said:

Ziam 17 🙈

Liam’s clutching his mum’s hand as he walks into nursery, his other hand gripping his pumpkin tub for sweets desperately hard. He’s wearing his pirate costume with the trousers that are too long for him so his mum had rolled up the pants legs, promising him that he still looked like a scary pirate.

He finds Zayn almost immediately, dressed as a bat which Liam thinks is super cool and he drops his mum’s hand, racing over to fall down next to Zayn and grin at him.

"Hey," Zayn says. His face softens and he reaches for Liam’s hand, closing his fist around Liam’s, a habit that Liam’s grown used to in the two months he’s known Zayn. "Cool outfit."

"Zayn, you’re a bat," Liam says in complete awe. "You’re like Batman!"

Zayn giggles and turns his face into Liam’s shoulder. “No I’m not,” he says but Liam can tell he’s lying.

"You are," Liam insists. He reaches out to stroke Zayn’s wings, his tiny fingers soft and careful as he handles them with the utmost care. "S’beautiful Zayn."

They huddle together while the teacher goes through their lessons and when it’s reading time, Zayn helps Liam with the harder words because Zayn’s really smart and Liam still has trouble with long words. And every now and again while Zayn’s scribbling on his paper, his tongue pressed against his teeth as he concentrates, Liam just stares at him in awe.

"You’re so smart," Liam mumbles as he puts a neat line through his misspelling and tries again. Zayn never has to cross anything out because he always gets it right, to Liam’s utter amazement.

"You’re smart too," Zayn says. Liam giggles because he knows he’s not really, but Zayn’s his best mate and Zayn’s never wrong.

Liam does his best pirate impression during break and waves his plastic sword around while Zayn looks on wide-eyed and impressed. Liam giggles his way through the pirate noises that he learned from Nicola yesterday.

"You do it," Liam says, pressing the sword into Zayn’s hands and tearing off his eyepatch to hook it around Zayn’s head. Zayn tries a pirate accent that has Liam giggling into his hands and by the time Zayn’s jumping around and yelling about treasure, Liam’s on the floor and his belly hurts from laughing too hard.

"You make a better pirate," Zayn decides when he hands the sword back and Liam tucks it into his waistband. Zayn’s hand slips into his and squeezes and they head for their favourite sleeping spot, right under the window where they plop themselves down and shove at each other gently until Liam’s on his back and Zayn’s tucked into his side. Liam’s trying to teach himself to stop sucking his thumb because he’s almost four now and only babies suck their thumbs, so he grabs Zayn’s hand and twines their fingers together while Zayn closes his eyes and huffs out a tired breath that sweeps over Liam’s skin where they’re so close. With a yawn, Liam closes his own eyes and shuffles a bit closer.

"You make the best Batman," Liam mumbles before he drops off to sleep. "The best Batman ever."


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! And have some ShikaTema. (this was actually a request, but unfortunatelly it took me a while to draw that thing) I still hope that the person who requested liked it !

Headcanons time!

- In the Village of Sand, Temari and Kankuro are one of the Sand ninjas charged with the mission of giving candies to all of the kids they find during Halloween (this is a tradition ever since Gaara became Kazekage)

- Shikamaru was with Temari at the moment and says that he had to discuss some important stuff about the next chunnin exam

- Gaara tells him to go with Temari then

- Shikamaru says it’s troublesome but goes anyways

- They both steal the Kazekage’s eyeliner and use some old black blankets as capes

- They both don’t know what they’re dressed as - and they don’t care

- The Kazekage also tells them to give each kid some first-aid kits and ointments as a reference to his beloved uncle.

- Shikamaru carries Temari’s fan because she thought it would be a nice idea to use a sickle (her weasel has one) - he says it’s troublesome but he really doesn’t mind in the end.

and then I thought, what if Tomato Gang dressed up as figures from their folklore and stories? So you get Nuberu!Tonio enjoying the shenanigans of Druon Antigoon!Belgium, Kabouterkoning!Ned, and Giufà!Lovi.