Taylor doesn’t understand that he’s not going to be his normal self after this, regardless of how she treats him. She needs to give him space to cope. I get that she wants to be supportive but he needs professional help.


“Our lives are back to front.” 6x01 - Day of the Moon

Every leap of faith the Doctor had to perform, little or big, River had to do as well. Every shock she got when he was not her Doctor –and overcame it-, he experienced when she was not his River. Every doubt, every half- confession, every step back, they both faced.

But never together.

They fall alone, cross galaxies and centuries before being in synch for a second, keep missing each other at the start, but their future/past counterparts are extending their hands to catch them. They are trapeze artists. They always fall without a rope or a harness, but they trust the other to show up just on time with a name on the lips like a net. Even if as they are taking a run-up, the other is nowhere to be seen. This requires trusting oneself as much as trusting the other. Trusting the other’s ability to palliate one’s mistake and oneself to choose wisely each gesture. And they trust their freedom of choice, in each situation. In a dance of equals, they are both clueless and omniscient about each other’s future.

The difference is that most of those steps in trust were passed by River in an afternoon in Berlin and, later, off-screen, at Luna University and in prison. And that while River had to dig her trust to the Doctor, removing years of brainwashing and biased information, the Doctor had to build it from scratches; before trusting River, he trusted his future self who would trust her –and be right to.

Back to front means she trusts him to be her eyes in the past, and he trust her to be his voice in the future.


"He’s in a biblical place."


    03.  Kara Thrace + Samuel T. Anders

"It’s funny, you know, I… I remember when I told you that if I found out you were a cylon I would put a bullet in your head. Then some frakker beats me to it and all I can think about is how I can get you back. Human, Cylon, it doesn’t seem to matter. I just wanted you back. Because you’re just Sam. You were my Sam."


I wish I was the monster you think I am. I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you.


then I don’t know how to  h e l p  you.


Marvel Cinematic Universe appreciation - captured in gifs

The Incredible Hulk - yet another proof that Marvel always leaves the best scenes on the cutting room floor

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Chris leaving the club (2012)

cajksbdkjasbdkjasbkjdsajfbsajk dsak This the one I’ve been looking for. He looked like yes God in this. But lord this what y’all call love :///// 


Miles & Monroe | 2.18

"Oh, buck up, Tiger."

naruto is always gentle and kind to hinata and seems naturally comfortable with her because she’s always been so sweet and never mean to him
like pretty much everyone, to an extent, has shown some sort of “disapproval” with naruto’s personality/attitude/behaviour whatever at some point (like calling him an idiot or acknowledging that he is one, that sort of thing)
but then there’s hinata who is the nicest girl he knows because she never once has been shown to say/do anything like that- she acknowledges that he has flaws, sure, but she was the person who told him directly that it’s perfectly okay to have them (as she accepts him and loves him regardless)

i feel like that’s why naruto automatically becomes this big softie toward her ever since



he smiles at her and talks to her in this mellow kinda way because he just appreciates her and how she’s always treated him differently compared to everyone else






it makes me feel so gooey inside because they are literally precious snowflakes (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Then why did you save her back then?


regeneratus replied to your post:People bitching about other peoples ships. More…

( i feel this post so hard. sheon is hella tough to roleplay because of judgmental fucks. like??? she’s an adult??? why are people so ignorant like holy hell )

preach it girl. like really. just because they met when she was a kid doesn’t mean he can’t have developed feelings for her when she grew up into a goddamn adult. like that doesn’t happen in real life, cause it’s apparently impossible, y’know? can you detect my sarcasm, cause i swear i’m swimming in it right now. immediately assuming that leon could never be romantically nor sexually interested in a 20-some year old female that he’s pretty much meeting again for the first time is ignorant and stupid. he heard she became an agent, and judging by how surprised sherry was to see him in china, that pretty much tells you that after she was taken in by the government and he was forced to work for them, he hasn’t seen her in over a decade. rolls eyes and walks away before i start getting angry, tbh.

[So it was obvious that Jane knew that Damon had never actually been the relationship type. Before he had met her, he had been consumed by guilt and revenge and all these things that he liked to think were a part of his apst these days. Despite that though, he had noticed how Jane treated him. She had given him a second chance with all of this after messing it all up the first time by leaving. He wanted to do things right and he wanted to show her that. So he had found himself trying to find a way to surprise her, because she was always the one who surprised him. Damon had been always used to taking and not giving, so now he was figuring that one out. He actually wasn’t sure what had led him to the animal shelter, but now he was on his way back to Jane’s place with a puppy inside a box, in the backseat. He wasn’t exactly sure if Jane would actually approve of this, but there was something telling him than this was the best idea he’d had regarding all of this. With that in mind, Damon climbed out of his old truck and walked up to the door, opening with the set of keys that Jane had given him a few months ago when he had moved in with her.] Jane? [He called out, wondering if she was home already or not as he looked down at the box in his hands to make sure the little puppy was doing okay.]