Stiles + people not believing him


Tai has Girl Troubles

tbh the most important thing i’ve learned from the star trek comics is that spock sleeps in his underwear

modern asoiaf: joanna lannister

she rules with an iron fist

people freak out and complain a lot about the responsibilites and pitfalls of adult life a lot but like idk i think it has a lot to do with what u make of it like yeah maybe i do have to buy all my own washcloths now but literally nothing is stopping me from buying only batman washcloths. i have to buy my own groceries but i can also only buy my favourite vegetables and favourite kind of salsa or whatever. gotta buy a microwave but i can totally get that rad hello kitty microwave if i want. being an adult kinda only sucks if you let it suck tbh like it’s hard but it’s also full of potential to be totally awesome if u just cut loose footloose kick off the sunday shoes u feel me

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Do Michaels Parents Even Care About Him Because I Have Heard Otherwise

duuude, his dad wears like nothing but 5sos shirts and he is always on the phone/texting his mum. did you see how excited michael and his mum got in the 60 minutes interview

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Are you still taking prompts? If yes, Jamie x Malcolm and small domestic mammals?

(arguably took liberties with this prompt)

Malcolm never had pets growing up, not so much as a goldfish, though his mum’s flat did feature a family of mice, not that they were formally invited to move in as Malcolm imagines one might introduce a pet to the household.

And Jamie, as he is growing tired of explaining to people, is a self-professed, life-long abolitionist.

However you want to term it, however you interpret the relationship of responsibility, care, and/or (but absolutely not) ownership, there’s something almost but not entirely like a puppy in Malcolm’s bed.

"What," he growls, voice muffled with the dregs of sleep, "is that thing?"

Jamie’s sitting somewhere at the foot of the bed, from the sound of his voice. “One of the babies,” he says, as if this is the most obvious thing in the world.

"What? Baby what? It wasn’t here last night?"

"She’s a fox cub. My mate Mick rescued them from a fur farm last night."

"Stole," stays Malcolm. "You mean he stole it."

Jamie gives him a horrible little snarly-face, and Malcolm doesn’t want to have the legality conversation again, so instead he changes the subject.

"That thing better not have fleas," he says, thinking of the nightmares he used to have as a boy, falling asleep to the sounds of the mice scurrying in the rafters above his bed.

Jamie picks up the fox cub and moves it, rather defensively, away from Malcolm. “Well you’ve got fucking rabies,” he snaps. “So don’t fucking touch, okay? This wee thing was almost a fucking coat, have some sensitivity.”

Malcolm may not have a reputation for being soft-hearted, but he’s been here enough times over the years to simply sigh and lean back against his pillow.

"How long’s it staying?"

Jamie shrugs as he tries to persuade the fox cub to take some water from a shallow dish. “They’re basically domesticated so they can’t be released. Might have to keep them a while. Mick’s bringing round a dog-run later today.”

In Malcolm’s defence, it’s about six in the morning, but it’s only now that he realises…

"Plural," he says, "you’re talking about plural foxes."

Jamie gives him another of those looks as if he thinks Malcolm’s an utter simpleton, which, in this particular area of his life, he does. He’s pencilled Malcolm down as an idiot so that he doesn’t have to write him off as One Of Them. Just one of many allowances each has made for the other through the years.

"I took three of ‘em," he says. "The other two are in the bathtub."

Malcolm sags with relief. Last time it was twenty-four cats rescued from a mad person’s house, and Jamie had to take two weeks off work to re-home them all. Before that, it was a half-starved donkey in the garden, and before that, when Jamie still lived in a little flat in Tottenham, it was the ex-circus monkeys. Three tiny canines is nothing in the grand scheme of Jamie’s advocacy and their relationship.

A couple of yelps from the bathroom draws Jamie away, the cub who’s refusing water tucked comfortably under his arm. Malcolm closes his eyes, makes a mental note to add chicken mince and extra berries to the Ocado order, and tries to get an extra half-hour’s sleep.

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[text] Your mom just asked if we’re sexually active. HELP! (this is perfect xD }



Sasuke dropped his phone and spent next 15 minutes
trying to fish it out,  from under his bed.
His mum did what !!!!!!! Oh my god maybe she will want to give Tsunade a talk.

[text] NO! this is not happening
[text] dont talk to her ever again
[text] we’re moving to different country

theory: epic eye scar guy’s scar is actually a birthmark and he’s just a huge drama queen

wait.. i just thought people usually love holding babies right!!? …and it’s practically mandatory to greet all the new babies at family gatherings…… so … WHAT IF WHEN WE MET MY MUM LET PATRICK STEWART HOLD ME!!??? WAS I WAS BLESSED BY PATRICK STEWART??!

I’ve never seen cuckoo before??? Why is Taylor Lautner in it?? Why is he fucking his mum?? Did America not want him anymore?? He’s so out of place I can’t

'They were the perfect couple, they'd always lock lips
He gave her his heart, he said don’t drop this
She looked him in the eye, and said I promise you
I’ll place it with mine and it’s not gonna move
He’d always ditch his friends, he put their love first
But as he found out, that’s when love hurts
She wasn’t faithful, always out creepin’ round
And she was never really there whenever he’d be down
But he never caught on he was caught up
Cause growin’ up, he was never really taught love
His old man always did his mum the wrong way
And whenever they’d fight, he’d let a song play
So he told himself “f*ck it I’ll be different”
But little did he know by doin’ that, he’d be distant
Cause his girl was always goin’ out and gettin’ high
But he loved her to much that he let it slide
He didn’t understand why she would always make it hard
But he never spoke up, so they could make it last
And over time you could see it start to take a toll
It’s like she got a kick out of tryna break his soul
But still he soldiered on puttin’ on that brave face
Until the night he saw her gettin’ with his best mate
His stomach dropped, as his chest started cavin’ in
She gave his mate the same looks that she gave to him
He didn’t say a word he just turned around
Cause every bridge they’ed ever built, she just burnt em down
He sent a subtle text, not knowing what’s coming next
All he thought about was tyin that rope round his neck
He sat in his room talkin to his walls like
“No-one will miss me I’m sure that they’ll be alright
I mean look at me, I can’t even find hope”
Just before he stepped off and tied the rope
An hour passes no-body knows that he’s gone
He’s tensed up all white with a note in his palm
His girlfriend walks in and drops to the floor
But the note in his hand can not be ignored
Tears runnin’ down her face and her make up
The first three words she read were “I hate love”
I saw everything I saw the look in your eye
But in a way it’s alright cause we’re born to die
Tell mum and dad that I’m sorry that it came to this
But I can’t go on because I hate this shit
I hate the way you can do everything you please
And deep down you know I gave you everything you need
All the memories we made start to fade to black
And I know just like you I can’t take this back
I also wrote you a song it’s in your tape deck
And when we f*cked I just wished it was safe sex
Cause I saw the positive on the stick you hid
But for all I know the kid could be his
So don’t try and say I’m the one that f*cked up
And I know your hearts breaking and it sucks huh
This is it though I’m runnin’ out of time to write
But I’m goin’ cause I felt like the time was right
And you should know that my very last thought was you
And there’s pictures on my bed that I was sortin’ through
I just wish when it came to us you would try
But this is it baby, Goodbye’