and he says nothing else


okay this scene really got to me. throughout the teiko arc, midorima kept saying how ridiculous he though the others form of amusement was but the way he said it seemed different in this scene. throughout this conversation, he was staring at kuroko pretty intensely, his expression focused, like he wanted to say something. i think midorima realizes just how much this affected him. he wants to say something, anything, to make it better or at least let kuroko know that hes on his side. but he cant. its too late. the time for talking things out has come and gone and he realizes it and hes frustrated that he never said anything. for one reason or another he never said anything and now kuroko has been hurt deeply and all anyone else is doing is trying to justify their actions. theres nothing else he can say and he knows it so he remains silent even though he can see kuroko falling apart before his eyes.

This is the secret behind Billie Joe Armstrong’s guyliner

“On April 18, Armstrong’s 29-year-old band, Green Day, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the 30th annual celebration of the ceremony, held in Cleveland. Armstrong, donning a tuxedo, complete with cummerbund, ruffled shirt and floppy bowtie, wasn’t remiss in rocking his signature guyliner, although it was toned down slightly for the event, according to makeup artist Elizabeth Cook,who was charged with prepping Armstrong and 10 of his family members, including wife, Adrienne.
Cook, who’s worked with other music maestros such as Coolio, Billy Corgan and The Misfits, says Armstrong told her he just needed eyeliner for the night, nothing else. “I could tell he didn’t want a heavily lined look like he usually rocks for shows and music videos,” Cook notes. “Being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a huge deal and I think he wanted to keep the guyliner low key but still bring that little bit of punk rock into it.”

To achieve the understated liner look, Cook opted for a charcoal shade, rather than a true black. Using Ardency Inn Modster Eyeliner ($19) (“It glides on effortlessly”), Cook worked quickly before the liner could set, drawing a line along the top then the bottom lash lines and followed by smudging the pencil with her ring finger to soften the line. “The key is this smudging—you want to diffuse the line for a more rock and roll, slept-in look,” says Cook. “The amazing thing about eyeliner on men is when it’s a bit messy, it’s better.”

Cook’s other goal was longevity. “We did his eyeliner after he was in his tuxedo, right before the red carpet. The event ran extremely late into the night, so it was important for the liner to stay put and defined.”

’Tell me that you love me, Ross,’ she said.
He looked at her in surprise.
You know I do!
‘And say you don’t love Elizabeth.’
‘And I don’t love Elizabeth.’ What else was he to say when he did not know the truth himself? […] ‘Nothing else matters but you,’ he said. ‘Remember that. All my relatives and friends - and Elizabeth, and this house and the mine… I’d throw them in the dust and you know it - and you know it.

Winston Graham - Poldark: Demelza, Book One, Chapter One

the-ships-to-rule-them-all asked:

The 100 Trojan War au? Please

It’s like you knew that I’m planning on writing a Bellarke au about the Trojan War.

1. Clarke isn’t quite so sure about running away with Bellamy but any life is better than the unhappy one that she is currently living. When he whisks her away in the dead of night, she knows that this may be the death of them but she doesn’t regret it for a moment.

2. Wells is sad to see his wife go but he doesn’t want a war fought over it. She’s his best friend but they were never in love. He’s a pacifist. His father is a determined warrior. They cannot agree on what to do.

3. Octavia smacks Bellamy over the head when she finds out what he did but says that she knows there was nothing else to do. She and Clarke get along great. When Clarke tries to leave and return to her husband so that the war will end before it begins, Octavia stops her and says that they must stand together. Clarke returns with her.

send me an au and i’ll give you 3 headcanons about it

i’ve always liked cry a lot bc he’s not as hyper as other let’s players? very calm and knows when shit is serious and when to shut up and when it’s appropriate to be silly like i haven’t watched him in so long bc i’ve just like. lost interest i guess idk i might see what he’s been up to when i have a little more time (like probably this summer pbhhbt)

lol angels idk

Shane Lombardi | 18 years old | Senior | Linebacker on the WWHS Football team

i really have nothing else to say about him tbh he’s a white douchebag jock what is there to say

also he’s an angel inspired by Thrones (beryl-colored wheels covered in eyes)

Submit: Blue Hanky.

So, apparently during Sherlocked, Benedict had THIS to say regarding his impending fatherhood:

“I feel like I’m about to have a really nice picnic with a shark in a park.“  (via The Collective, possibly multiple other sources).

Hmmm… Bit of a weird thing to say, right?  Here’s what it refers to: 

And here’s the point:  Things are not as they appear in "The Shark in the Park."  The shark in the park IS NOT REAL.  It’s an illusion.  It doesn’t really exist. 

This, in my opinion, is our smoking gun.  Our blue hanky.  Why the hell would he say something so utterly bizarre otherwise?  Nothing else makes any sense. 

He just told us the baby isn’t real.


Or maybe not….

After my previous Submit, I found this account that apparently puts the “shark in the park” comment in its original context:   

“…when asked on a scale of a lovely picnic in the park to being faced with a shark, where did he stand on impending fatherhood. He replied it was like a picnic in the park with a shark. 

He was his lovely dorky self, he confirmed he’s sticking with Sherlock, adores Martin, is in awe of Johnny Depp and is looking forward to Dr Strange. It was a good talk. No prissy batch, engaged with fans as equals, not a hint of dissatisfaction with fandom.”

Sheds a bit of a different light on it.  Perhaps no blue hanky, just Benedict trying to be witty on the spur of the moment.

(Currently at 1,005 notes.) 


Ballsy:   Unfortunately the answer without the question is doing the rounds.  At least it’s been corrected now.  But, again he still included the shark.  He was likely joking, I hope so - but it’s getting some bad fan press.

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Don't let that knee-jerk bigot get to you. He's using a tirade of supposed righteous anger as a way to draw as much attention to himself as possible. He's just showing what an ugly person he is inside, and nothing you or anyone else can say will do anything but feed into their victim complex, which they clutch around themselves like a child with a security blanket. I don't care who's right, but I do resent people exploiting trans issues to push their own self-righteous ignorance on others


so my dom has decided he doesnt want me to call him daddy anymore due to stuff with his own father in the past that has affected him and his decision, and i respect that, and he says we will still have the same dynamic and nothing else will change, but is it wrong for me to be upset? he says he doesnt understand how a “name” can make such a difference but idk, it just feels like we’ve lost a part of our relationship, anyways i wil still be posting ddlg things but i dont even feel like im in a ddlg relationship anymore, idk ;_; if you guys have any advice or anything, that would be great <3

Dandruff. Flakes, flying from his head. Snowing down his back as he scratched.
His dried out hair, fuzz, prickling at her palm as she swept away the snow.
Popping the pimple on his shoulder. Clammy, sweaty.
Cold shoulder. So cold. It ached. It made her stomach so cold.
“Forever,” he said to her. “Like a slug. I can’t do that.”
“I…-” No more words. Nothing else to say.
“It’s like you don’t even try,” he whined. “Like you don’t want to.”
“That…-” No more words. Nothing else to say.

Never enough to say.

He always had so much to say. So much to sing.
His voice, rattling the walls. Rattling her ribs. Rattling spoon against iron bars.

Iron. Rusty, damp, peeling, cracking.

Everything, cracking. Everything, rusted. Everything, peeling.

Picking the scab. Picking the iron. Rattling the rusty snow from the damp field.

Never enough to say.

“…-bin? Robin?

Huh?” snapped Robin, a sharp intake of air stinging her chest as she brought herself back to reality.

Jun lamented, You fuckin’ fall asleep on me again?”

Robin’s heart was unsteady for a moment. She’d blacked out, in a sense – still standing, still conscious, but not…there. It was starting to happen more frequently.

“Wh-…” Robin attempted to dismiss Jun’s remark. “No, I was…just…just thinking.”

Presenting Robin Nakashima-Gallagher, a brand new character for What We Learned at Rokudai. Inspired by Ashley Mizuki Robbins of ‘Another Code / Trace Memory.’ This piece was created for me by ehrola by modifying an older design.

I’m taking concepts I used in a short story based on Another Code: R and reinventing them for this new supporting cast member.


Arms wrap around the waist of Bill’s human form. He leans into Batibat’s embrace. He hates that he has to lie to Batibat about love for someone else, but he still loves her, so he says nothing. He turns and presses his lips to hers before departing to visit an old friend.

“Hey Pine Tree. How are the plans going?” Bill asks his favorite victim of torment.

“Hello. The plans could be going better. It is hard to plan the perfect courting ritual without the ability to bring music into the middle of nowhere.”

“Why would you need music?” pause. “…..Oh….. hehe…. Umm…”

“Yup! Still planning it. And you will follow through with this deal, no loopholing aloud.” Dipper sat matter of factly.

“Hmmm…. Well I was just here to see how things were going. See you later!” Bill yelled, but as he was fading away he added, “REALITY IS AN ILLUSION THE UNIVERSE IS A HOLIGRAM! BUY GOLD! BYYYYEEEEE!!!!!” (from gravit falls, a quote. don’t want to get in trouble for plagorizing…)

 It got quiet when Bill left, but Dipper continued working on his plans. He didn’t write anything down. He mentally tracked everything. Where the tent was going to be. What time he was going to pop the question. Where he was going to pop the question. How he was going to ask.

‘How many people were going to be around?’ was the main thing he wondered. He didn’t care what people thought. It was just being the center of attention that made him uncomfortable.

He knew there were going to be at least three other people for sure because it was a social event he was hosting…. He was hoping for twenty…

Gods he wished for nothing more than for this to work. He hoped nothing failed.

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Robert do you think threatening someone who knows things about you that are way wore than this fake robbery. He is so dumb. I know he was lashing out but im sick of him dumping on Aaron.


Tbh they sounded like such empty threats he made when he had nothing else to say and all the anger was building up and he wanted to let go of it.

It’s won’t be for long though - and I am sick of seeing Aaron just accept it, and silently walking away. I cannot WAIT till Aaron bloody throws it back on his face tbh.

I’m laying in bed laughing about the weirdest things that happened the last few days. Like how I went on a date in baltimore city during the protest and left him after an hr bc i was so bored with him (but really just wanted to get drunk alone) and how at the meeting last night it was 9:02 and people were still talking and the meeting wasnt starting so i mumbled to the guy next to me “isnt the meeting supposed to start at 9?” and he says “this isnt a meeting,” and then nothing else after that.

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"I just want to cuddle."

               “forgot we were eight fuckin’ years old again.”

though all it takes is one look at her to understand why;
bruises and cuts mar most of her face that’s not hidden
by her hair. blood boils deep beneath his surface, knuckles
turning white under his pillow from how hard he’s gripping
at the case. mickey says nothing else, just moves over
until there’s enough room for her on the bed. just like he
used to back when it was their father instead of some piece
of shit that calls himself mandy’s boyfriend. makes a
silent vow to himself that the next time he sees kenyatta,
the bastard’ll have a fucking bullet through his brain if it’s
the last god damned thing mickey does. 


some things (people) are worth going to prison for.