Ahahaha I feel like I kind of copped out because I’ve been getting asked for Potter!Punks for ages, and never really was able to draw something I was satisfied with and now these are only busts instead of full bodies. OOPS. Sorry. Maybe one day I’ll do full body images, because I have about a million more tattoo ideas.

terrible infamous Makara boys with a dad from Jordan and a mom whose family came up from the south during the civil war and they speak sign language and Arabic and English over great big huge homemade meals and their dad paints and Kurloz plays cello and Gamzee fills huge sketchbooks full of drawings and none of them have done any jail time since Gamzee was born and his mom died, because he’s the baby of the family and they want him never to have to deal with that shit.  

don’t get me wrong I love domestic Makara strife a lot but super-tight-knit weird-and-infamous-but-happy Makaras. 

also white-ink tattoos on dark skin—on a scale from 1 to 10, YES.


… and if my sister had  l i v e d ;
she would have been the s a m e


"I really do."


This isn’t home, Dean. This is where we work.


chanyeol’s posts on daum after he lost his ferret in 2003

1. whoever lives in EunPyungGu Gusan Dong or Yeak Cheon Dong please..

My Ddori is not at home…
Who is living near there, please find him ㅠㅠ

2. [아라찡] [오후 8:21] 2. Ddori…

Where are you?

I hope you will come back so bad…


3.  This has been a long time… There is a sad news…

It has been a long time.

The time when I lost Ddori..

I didn’t visit here (the site)

because I might think about Ddori

So I couldn’t visit here after I lost Ddori

But I came…


I wonder who took him or what if Ddori got into an accident

I’m really worried…

I hope Ddori will get a good care and grow well if someone took him

or if Ddori is in heaven…I hope he would grow well there too…

4. Who’s in charge : └ㆀDdoriㆀ┐

Name: Ddori

Birth year and date: I don’t know~

Kind: Ferret 

Gender: Male

Injection: Rabies 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Specialty: It follows our cat always and cat runs away haha

and eats well, looking at the dust, plays well, except sleeping well haha


Henry’s love for Regina


"I wasn’t thinking anything. It just– kinda happened. You gonna let them do this? Come after us like some kind of witch hunt?"

and i wonder,
if i reached out-
would i feel that softness
or just air?