and he is aware of it

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Zain signing a solo deal was the ONLY way he could opt out of the contract with 1D unscathed. He was overworked and tired but to able to leave without going broke he had no choice but to sign with suck individually.

let me explain to you why it would’ve been more logical for zayn to stay with 1d

  1. instead of having 4 others to record with, he records alone
  2. instead of having 4 others to promo his album with, he’s alone
  3. instead of doing interviews with 4 others so that he doesn’t have to talk when he doesn’t feel comfortable, he’s interviewed alone
  4. instead of performing with 4 others who can provide the stage presence, he’ll be performing alone in front of however many fans for however many dates
  5. instead of having the attention directed on 1d as a whole, all of the attention will now be on him
  6. if he’s there, he’ll be at award shows alone
  7. instead of the pressure of meeting deadlines being on 5 people, it’s on him
  8. and because he’s still with simon/syco i can’t imagine that his schedule will be any less demanding than it was with 1d

all for ?? a little musical freedom when it comes to the types of songs he wants to record? a little break before people start demanding things again? i dont think it’s worth it for a second. it’s beyond being upset at him for going solo (as it’s seeming pretty nonnegotiable at this point), it’s concern that he’s not going to be able to handle the demands of going solo. a “normal” 22 year old doesn’t do all of this.


The glaciers of the world are beautiful and impressive, sculpting valleys and lakes and making up, along with ice caps and snow, more than two-thirds of the Earth’s freshwater. But they are also in retreat. Almost every year since 1980, glaciers have melted by a significant margin due to rising temperatures caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

Danish-born photographer Klaus Thymann has photographed many things, from landscapes to fashion shoots to the clearest lake in the world. But as he became aware of the effects of climate change, he was inspired to capture shots of glaciers before they were gone—and to spread awareness about their plight.


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Hey *-* !!! Can you tell me what's about that ht on Twitter.. Get in harry ?? I don't understand :( Love ya' ♥

Louis was watching a football game where everyone scored, Rooney in the 7th min even, but Louis only managed to tweet about Harry Kane.

You know what’s even better? Harry Kane does have an official twitter account, but the problem with it is that it doesn’t say “Harry”.

So Louis just said to himself “fuck it” and tweeted without @-ing him.

What makes this glorious is that Louis is aware of the existence of Harry Kane’s twitter account because he follows him.

So now this lovely smart fandom only sees: “Get in Harry” and trends it worldwide.

*Dies laughing*

Hyper Perception is a phenomenon which occurs when a person visits a place for the first time yet experiences a strong sense of familiarity. This should not be confused with the phenomenon déjà vu which is most often fleeting and just a brief feeling of having seen something before or done something before already. Hyper Perception can be extended when the person may also perceive things about the place that they possibly could not have known. The feeling grows stronger the longer they stay, and sometimes people have even reported suddenly being aware of past memories of the place, often from other times - even decades or centuries past.

In certain cases people who have experienced very strong hyper perceptions find the experience quite disturbing. The picture above is of the main hall in Warwick Castle in England. Years ago a member of Britain Explorer visited the castle to take photos and was left overwhelmed with having a sense of having lived at the castle. He later spent months researching his family tree and the history of the castle but couldn’t find a connection. He claims the feeling was like nothing else he had ever experienced.

Very little appears to have been written about this phenomenon.

like i realize this is not how it is for everybody and if this post is not about you it’s not about you, but i did not ever care about zayn because of one direction, i cared about one direction because of zayn, and this continues to be the case

zayn may no longer be an active member of the band but he is still a weirdo introvert homebody working-class biracial brown muslim comics-nerd gangly angel-faced clever creative artistic generous loving self-aware boy with too much jewelry and a voice that makes me claw at the walls

i will follow that kid to the edge of the world and then right off it if i have to i s2g


Dean Winchester Promo Pics 10x17 - “Inside Man”

(Airing Wednesday, April 1 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.)

Dean told Sam and Castiel that he was just going to accept the Mark of Cain on a previous episode of Supernatural, but we know — and Sam knows — that he’s not very happy about it. While he hasn’t yet told Sam Cain’s “prophecy” that Dean would end up killing his brother like Cain did, Sam knows something is wrong with Dean.

In an early episode of Supernatural, Sam and Castiel will team up to follow a lead about the Mark of Cain. Despite Cain’s assertion that Dean will simply have to live with the situation, is there a solution out there that someone is aware of? Because the long-term ramifications of Dean living with the mark — even if he can find a way to control it — certain isn’t ideal. So what can be done? Well, it looks like Sam and Cas are going to get a little bit of help from the “other side”. Mostly in the form of Bobby, who is featured in a preview for the episode.

Elsewhere in the episode, Dean and Rowena meet. According to a preview with scenes from several upcoming episodes, it’s not a happy meeting. [x]

To be fair, though, my opinion right now on the co-pilot himself is fuck that guy. He was unfit for flying, he was damn well aware of it, he flew anyway, and he murdered 150 people, including kids. I don’t want this to contribute to stigma, either, but mental illness doesn’t magically excuse your actions, especially if you already know that a situation could prove dangerous to yourself or other people.


I see manypeople still unsure of 699 being the romantic resolution for SS and considering Sasuke’s gestures as recognition and caring, but not necessarily in a romanticway. I, personally, see it as more than that.

The poke adds significance by connecting both characters pasts through the ‘’forehead thing’’. Just like how it was done with the SN bond, the author used childhood parallels as a resource to convey emotional depth.

Besides, looking at Itachi’s speech before his parting with Sasuke, you see that he felt bad for not sharing everything with his little brother and not treating him the way he should have, but making it clear that he still loved him.

Although Sakura used to be the one who was more aware of Sasuke’s pain in the beginning, during the shippuden part it turned the other way around. She didn’t know about the truth behind the massacre, nor if she still hold much importance to him.

So, the poke is, in my opinion, basically a way to show the readers that, even though Sasuke didn’t treat Sakura the right way in many instances, this in no way means he didn’t love her all along (and this debunks one of the most common ass arguments).

But, of course, Sakura wouldn’t know the meaning, and that’s why the ‘’thank you’’ is so important. Like many already said: while the poke was for us, the thank you was for Sakura to understand she was dear to Sauce all this time, even in his jerk moments. It reveals that their bond never broke.

And what about the romance? Well, although Sakura’s insecurities were no longer about her appearance, 699 was linked to a chapter where she craves Sasuke’s acknowledgement in a romantic way (chapter 3), and in both scenes there’s kind of a ‘’flirty’’ atmosphere, with Sakura blushing like crazy.

Again, her feelings have matured, she’s no longer a fan girl who just wants the boy to herself, but from the moment 699 parallels a scene where she’s daydreaming about Sasuke being in love with her, the context turns out to be romantic, for me. Adding this to Sakura’s reaction to the thank you while seeing Sasuke’s eyes, when even in the desert with all the eye smex and the ‘’thanks to you I made it’’, she didn’t react the same way - blushing and being shocked, I think it’s very logical to say that she understood her feelings were mutual in the poke scene.

Maybe I’m looking too much into it, when it comes to comparing this two panels, but I thought they were similar.




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I can honestly say I've never met someone in real life who is aware of the band who thinks Louis is straight. Some think he's a closet case, some think he's being closeted, but he's always pegged as not straight. They can try as hard as they want to, but coming out will not only do wonders for his image but won't be much of a surprise to many people.

There’s that too.

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Intense Simon theorist from before... I don't think Zayn was fully aware of how all this plays out. He may think he's in charge of things but he's still locked under contract with a global brand and the music industry is ultimately not nice to artists. Also, I would not be at all surprised if Louis' new company winds up being a part of this. There is a reason people compare him to Simon. I think he's just as brilliant - but has much less experience. Thanks again for listening. Have a great day.

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure which previous ask you’re referring to. ^.^;;;

I’m guessing you’re theorizing that Zayn quit with Modest but wasn’t thinking of his contract with Sony?  That he thought he’d be free and in control, but isn’t? 

I guess it depends on why he would have quit.  

If it was a spur of the moment thing, he wouldn’t have time to consult a lawyer, but I still highly doubt that Zayn would do something like that.  He’s got a bit of a temper, but we’ve only really seen it a few times.  Even when he was angry over the pap mobbing in the LA airport, he still managed to not haul off and attack someone.  I don’t think he makes rash decisions when angry.  I’ve always thought Zayn is quite intelligent, so if he actually managed to get out of the contract, I think he got legal advice first.

If it was a planned thing, he definitely got legal advice first.

Louis’ company could possibly play a part.  It’s hard to tell what the purpose of it is since they’ve had so many dummy companies in the past.  It would be cool to see any or all of  the boys signed under their own label and production companies one day.  I’m all for business!Direction.

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Are you aware your husband has been living in Canada as well as with you?

I think that would be pretty hard to pull off since he’s always here

My all time FAVORITE Romance movie? ….. Okay… this is super embarrassing. I really REALLY LOVE! Like can sing all the songs and recite 90% of the lines and sleep with it under my pillow when I’m sad and have made my boyfriend watch it so many times he doesn’t even ask on date night anymore, he just pulls it down and sucks it up (SO many jokes can be made about this—no, bad Anna, bad)… I love Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Kenneth Branagh, the one with Keanu Reeves and Denzel Washington and Emma Thompson. 

Yeah… I know I’m weird. I am well aware of this. But there you go, Haven. Question answered X3 xoxo Thank you for asking.

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Winning. I love it as it's on the fave of it a silly post about cereal which the fandom is aware he likes. But on the box " plus two millionaires" and " keep the festive feeling flowing" . No amount of trolling surprises me from Louis and Harry, they are the dream team after all who got on from the word go. I read this as everything is ok we are winning. When was this posted in reference to the DM article? As it reminded me of ace hotel and the thankyou Instagram back when bg went sideways. Kay


Nesting Season || Jake

Jacob had borrowed, or rather stolen quite a few items of clothing to put in his nest. Along with the other’s clothes, he’d added in bedding, the ones that had already been in use, because hey, those were already warm anyway. The nest wasn’t very big, he was well aware of that, but he was a nephilim, not an angel. He didn’t need a huge nest during the season, so it wasn’t much of a bother. Even so, he wasn’t eager about the shedding. 

He was gingerly picking up some of his fallen feathers, the room vaguely resembled what it would look like if a giant bluejay had exploded in the middle of the room, when he noticed another hand reaching for one of the bright blue feathers. “Don’t touch that!”

i’ve read this a dozen times but i never thought about it much. all we can directly assume from this is that jason was aware that bruce and alfred collected first editions. i’d like to go further and speculate that jason participated because he’s a nerd.

i’m kinda wondering if he ever sent another one after this, just to say hello after he cooled down a bit.

from Batman #648

I got bored with archaic latin

He was sweating. So terribly, that he could feel his shirt sticking to his skin. He looked one more time at wall with pictures and red lines. The boy made another connection with wool thread. Lydia, lying on bed, looked at colourful spools placed beside her.

“What do the different colour strings mean?” she asked boy standing beside wall. He turned his head giving her quick glance.

“Just a different stages of investigation.”  He answered shortly and then added “So like green solved, yellow to be determined, blue is just pretty.”
Lydia looked at wall with raised eyebrows and slightly parted lips.

“What does the red mean?” she asked staring at boy in front of wall.

“Unsolved.” He answered.

“You’ve got only red on the board.”

“Yes, I’m aware. Thank you.”

“Did you get detention for pulling the alarm?” girl asked, playing with red string.

“Yep, every day this week.” Stiles was staring at the wall, holding green marker in his hand. “It’s okay though. We’re on something.”

“Even though we couldn’t find any proof of Barrow being there?” She asked, wrapping thoughtlessly her finger with red string. Stiles turned around and looked at girl and then walked to her and kneeled beside bed.

“Hey, Lydia. You’ve been right every time something like this happened, okay? So don’t start doubt yourself now.” He said looking at girl with affection.

“No scent, no bomb…” she answered shortly, looking at Stiles’ face. Then suddenly she looked at her finger wrapped with red thread. “I put you in trouble…”

“Okay, okay, look. Barrow was there, right?” Stiles grabbed Lydia’s hand and started to unravel her finger. “You knew it, you felt it, okay?” Boy looked at girl and saw her staring at him with big glassy eyes.

“And look, if you’d wanted to, I’d go back to that school and  search all night just to prove it.” He said, throwing away red string. He raised his head to meet Lydia’s eyes being placed at him. She smiled a bit and looked down at her hands. Stiles bit his lower lip and put the marker to his lips, shyly looking at girl on bed.

“Kocham Cię.” (tr: I love you.) He said silently and quickly looked down at spools lying on covers. He could hear little chuckle coming from Lydia.

“Też Cię kocham.” (tr: I love you too.) She said and Stiles looked up at her with bit scared expression. Girl smiled warmly.

“Nie wiedziałem, że mówisz po polsku.” (tr: I didn’t knew you could speak polish.) He said with bit of amusement in his voice.

“Znudziła mnie archaiczna łacina.” (tr: I got bored with archaic latin.) Girl answered with proud smile coming on her lips as she placed her hand on Stiles’ cheek, reaching to him to kiss his lips.

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I'm not "threatened" by stony as you say, and I'm not even opposed to the ship, I just think it's kinda gross to ignore what he's said about Pepper in favour of the Steve aspect. I'm well aware of what it's like to ship non-canon and slash ships, but it's important to not erase what is actually canon.


How exactly is the Pepper part “ignored” when the entirety of the Pepper-relevant part of what RDJ said in the entire interview was presented as is?

This is the post—

(Is it the tags I used? If so, I apologize for not tagging it with “pepperony”.)

How does that one-sentence post erase the actual film canon that is Tony/Pepper, one that has been established in three two-hour-long films (not even including The Avengers)?

Is it because by not elaborating on the nature of the Cap/Tony relationship, it somehow irrevocably undermines Tony/Pepper? (Which it doesn’t.)  The only thing not including the next sentence did is to leave the Cap “relationship” part open to interpretation for shipping.

But again— does that affect Tony/Pepper in any sort of way? Not really.  It doesn’t make their relationship any less important.

I remain convinced that it ultimately boils down to who one ships — some were happy that he mentioned Pepper whereas he didn’t have to (RDJ namedrops Pepper every time the opportunity presents), others were happy with the Cap mention.  

What I did notice is that the people happy with the Pepper mention weren’t happy with the Cap one.  But it’s not at all vice-versa.

Is it erasing? I’d argue with you on that.  If you are partial to Steve/Tony, you’ll take away that.  If you’re partial to Tony/Pepper, you can take away that.  If you’re partial to neither, you go with the canon (which is Tony/Pepper).

I feel as though we’re making wank over nothing.

“It does not matter where I do, what matters to me is where you are going.”

I’m sorry. I just watched…the thing. I had to wake Himself up when I was done so I had someone to cry on (other than the dog). I haven’t fully digested all of it. 14587 people may have said it, but…Athelstan knew he was going to be killed/martyred. That was this last request to Ragnar. He wants Ragnar to convert so that they can be reunited in the afterlife. Ragnar is painfully aware of that fact.

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ngl the grimoire card about the Nine is one of my actual favorites bc its so mysteriously ambiguous??? what are ur thoughts on the subject

We know very very little about the Nine. My personal pet theory is that they and the Jovians are a result of a symbiotic relationship between a native Jovian creature and the humans that needed to escape the Darkness. Most of this is based on the fact that Xur speaks as if he is aware of each individual cell in his body, and that he mentions that some of his cells came from Earth and some came from some place else.

My favorite theory presented in the Grimoire are that the Nine are a vast alien intelligence living in the Europan sea. I really like giant, incomprehensible aliens.

My least favorite theory is that they are the firstborn Awoken or Ghosts, because let’s be real, that’s boring as fuck.

What we do know for sure about the Nine:

1) There are nine of them.

2) They are in contact with the Reef, and may have helped the Queen against the House of Wolves.

3) They gave Xur a mission he can no longer articulate, and sent him to Earth.

4) They are Dark beings, and live in the Outer Solar System.

5) They want to talk to the Guardians.

This has to be said, right now. I know there’s a lot of shippers that are amazing people, don’t sent any hate towards the actors playing their characters, and are capable of having a good relationship with other ships, but unfortunately the mean ones are often the loudest and what the cast notice the most. It’s just so embarrassing that since Stalia is happening (and it’s interfering with your “ship”), Shelley is been treated so awful, a hate she’s pretty aware of, since she mentioned once. Now, Ryan Kelley is been receiving hate as well for the “anti-marrish/Stydia Shippers ” as he just mention in a con. Please we need to remember this people is not their characters, Shelley is not Malia Tate. And Ryan is not Jordan Parrish. They are portraying a character, doing a job. Why they should be receiving hate for doing just a job?

This kind of actions make the whole fandom look bad, it’s not all people which makes everything more annoying, because actors get an idea that it’s not. If the cast is aware of the hate it’s because it’s constant. And Jeff knows about it as well. If your ship doesn’t happen then you are the only one to blame in this situation, because of your selfish and disrespectful actions. Let’s not remember what happen to a certain ship since the hate towards the actors (Posey, O’Brien)became too much. If this specific part of the fandom is looking for attention, then let me tell you, it’s not a good one.

Yes, I’m tagging this IN ALL THE SHIPS. Shelley and Ryan has been spoken about it. It’s been the most notorious but that doesn’t mean the other actors are save, also Arden’s IG is full with hate too sometimes. So this is for everybody who disrespect the limits between what’s fictional and reality.