This pretty sums up about what happened on that night SeTaoHo just arrived in Hainan

based on a fangirl who followed them (i only trans the main points, you can read full here) [x]

The street was quite dark, so they (SeTaoHo) didn’t drive very fast at first. But then there were a lot of cars chasing them, two cars which there were a few men inside drove really fast and almost reached them, so SeTaoHo had to started driving fast. The OP’s taxi driver then asked them to stop chasing SeTaoHo.

But she refused because if they had stopped, there would have been only them and the taxi driver, since the taxi driver kept talking creepily to them like “asking them to stop chasing and go home with him instead), the OP was really scared, she even wanted to call the police.


Then suddenly SeTaoHo’s car stopped. The men from those two chasing cars went out and took pictures. Sehun looked at Tao, Tao then asked them to stop following. He just said it and those men started stepping back, Tao was surprised to know they were men. He stepped forward to look closer, those men immediately hid away and kept silent. The atmosphere was very serious, the OP was so freaking afraid, she thought those men were the enemies or sth.


She really wanted to leave, she didn’t want to chase them anymore. Then suddenly the creepy taxi driver pat her back and smile slyly at her, she freaked out and shouted “ah”. Sehun saw and yelled at the taxi driver "Ya!!", and Tao glared at him, that creepy dude had to stop.


Then Sehun said sth to Tao, Tao turned around asking those men to stop chasing them, he begged them. Suho then came and asked them to get on the car. Later the OP’s car was bounded by those two cars, there were two men holding a stick for a long time, suddenly the OP recalled about girls getting killed by the paparazzi’s car… those men said sth she couldn’t understand then she left after they went away. The OP totally got scared, she almost cried.

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"C’mon, (Y/N), what’s taking so long?? Dammit."


Game of Thrones + references to Petyr’s childhood.

I’m sorry, but anybody who says Josh has changed and/or isn’t very accommodating to his fans…I seriously have questions and concerns about those people.

anonymous said:

The Doctor and Clara went to the End of the Universe right? Then why didn't they bump into Yana or even the other human refugees, what about those non human creatures with the pointy teeth? I know the Master took all the humans the so called 'Utopia' but didn't the Doctor send them all back to the End of the Universe? Or did they just land in another Moffat plot hole planet!

What Moffat Who has plot holes?