and he has finally realized that it probably never will

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We all realized that Hans does not know that Anna has sacrificed herself for Elsa. This is a point that is never actually mentioned. It 'very important because it means that instead Hans is unaware of the gesture of true love that saved Anna. A true example of fraternal love, the love that Hans has never known. I'm sure if finally found out, would probably remain confused and maybe even a little jealous and somewhat with a bit of shame.

I think if Hans ever finds out what brought Anna ‘back to life’ he would definitely be confused and shocked. Well, we already saw him like that and he doesn’t even know what happened.

“Is true love that powerful? What is true love?“ (Because clearly a kiss doesn’t mean true love)

I think those would be Hans’ questions on the matter. After being stripped from everything he would definitely feel sorry for himself and be full of shame. That of true love is for sure a lesson he needs to learn to somewhat gain his redemption. But of course it would also take more than that.

Praying for Hans’ redemption for Frozen 2!

So I’m pretty happy tonight for the first time in a while. I start my new job tomorrow and I’m honestly so excited I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep. Finally, a big person Monday-Friday job. Benefits and all that jazz.

Also, the boy and I finally made things official last night. I’m normally not all mushy gushy but he makes me ridiculously happy. My family and friends all like him, he has a stable job, his own apartment, and he takes care of me. He’s probably the least emotional person I’ve ever dated and I never realized that it’s kinda what I needed. Not that he doesn’t show affection because he does, but he’s not super emotionally clingy and it’s honestly perfect. He’s not the jealous type and we both have conflicting work schedules so we both have time for ourselves and our friends and see each other when we have the chance. It’s the exact kind of relationship I wanted.

I’ve just been having such a great past few months and I’m honestly so blessed. (:

Long Way Down

Walking to Assembly Hall to watch Illinois battle Indiana, I was hopeful we could beat them on our home floor. I thought someone might have a breakout game. I thought the Orange Krush might get into the crybaby head of Eric Gordon.

Walking out I realize two out of three ain’t bad, but it doesn’t get the team another win. DMac had a coming out party with a career high 30 some odd points. Gordon was flustered by the cacophony of boos every time he touched the ball. Unfortunately, Illinois still lost by four in double overtime.

The game is over. The Eric Gordon situation should pretty much never be brought up again. Indiana will probably be put on probation next season because their coach is a cheater and a liar. Finally, Illinois has some great recruits coming in the next three years and this rock bottom season will be forgotten.

I can’t wait for the two seniors on this team to graduate. Shawn Pruitt’s dreams of playing in the NBA will remain fantasies. As I understand it, Brian Randle is a pretty smart fellow, so I’m sure he will do fine. Buh-Bye. See ya. Good riddance.

Regarding the actual game, I’m not going to dog the free throw shooting. We were actually pretty good if you exclude Pruitt’s 1 for 7. Unfortunately, when you have three chances to win the game at the line and your blow all three chances, I don’t think you belong on the floor.

When you have a team that pisses away ten to twelve point leads and can’t put away teams at the end because of stupid fouls or poor free throw shooting, I blame the coach. I like Weber, but he doesn’t know what to do with this team. He seems lost. Of course, we have a bunch of role players and no leadership. It comes down to fundamental basketball and either the players don’t understand it or the coach can’t teach it. It’s probably a bit of both.

In the next few years, we will have some great athletes wearing the orange and blue. I look forward to supporting the team. For now though, I think I might be done.

I’m not a fair-weather fan. I’ve been in Champaign for seven years and I watched the good, the bad and the ugly. This year, the only game I wanted them to win was this one and they threw away their chances. I am profoundly disappointed. And so, I’m done watching this year.

When I have a choice to watch the game or talk to the two and a half hours away girl, I’m taking the call. If I can play with my daughter or watch the game, I’m goofing around with my teenage daughter. When there’s a choice… and there always is a choice… I’m choosing the other.

I hope they win more games. I hope the players learn from a season like this and vow never to let it happen again. I hope I can find it in myself to watch Illinois basketball again this season, but I doubt it.

Guess my dads finally realizing that neglecting your daughter for 19 fucking years = she is not going to return your calls because she does not give a flying fuck if you never talk because you never fucking did in the first place. Only difference is I don’t have to see his ass everyday because I no longer live with him so he has no one to scream at and bully on the daily. Mans probably got 8 months of bottled up emotions ready to let loose on me once I’m home from school.