and he doesn't even know it

What that?

All Hell Breaks Loose - Part Two

I don’t think I will ever be over the complete and utter shock on Dean’s face when he is whispering 'What?' It’s like this thought never even crossed his mind. He never let himself think of someone looking out for him… Let alone Sam. 


I cherish every single little moment shared between Cas and Bobby because they are precious and they mean something. It’s just beautiful how Angel of The Lord Castiel - a millenar being of unfathomable strength - leans on Bobby and the way the old hunter holds him firmly in his arms, or how Bobby rests a hand on Cas’s shoulder in an unspoken ‘take it easy there, you’re not all charged up yet’ and asks how bad it hurts, or the way he hesitates to leave Cas alone with a monster even though it is completely bound - hell, even the way he shouts at Cas like a parent sick of their kid’s bullshit. This man, son of an abusive father who had to shoot the love of his life twice, this broken old drunk whose very soul Castiel touched so he could see all the pain and self-loathing but also all the love and protectiveness over his surrogate sons burning fiercely within, this one man and his humanity managed to be, through the most sincere gestures, more of a fatherly figure to Castiel than God himself. So yeah, maybe they never got the chance to bond as strongly as they could have, but nobody’s wrong to say Bobby is about the closest thing Cas ever had to a father, too.


Dear Prongs,

No surprise, your and Lily’s son turned out to be the best kid in the world. Not exactly sure how much of a part I had to play in that, but I hope you’re happy and not too deeply regretting making me Harry’s godfather instead of Moony. I’d say I’ll try to keep him out of trouble more, except he does a good job of that himself. He’s a good kid, and a damn good Seeker, too. You’d be proud of Harry, if you were here, Merlin’s Beard you would be proud.



rin isn’t the best at being subtle


make me choose;

anonymous asked: steve rogers or bucky barnes.

Who the hell is Bucky?


women aren’t exactly lining up to dance with a guy they might step on.


Misha: We have a good time. We love each other, and these two guys (Jared & Jensen) are like a pair of brothers.


Wu Yifan was moved by the VCR video prepared by fans for his birthday


Tenzin tearing up because of the new airbenders.

"It’s like a dream, Dad. After a hundred and seventy years; new airbenders…"