and for the wonderful followers that encouraged me to make this


Haikyuu!! AU - Daisuga Florist AU

Sawamura Daichi’s first visit to the “Karasuno Flower Shop” ended with him leaving the store with a beautiful flower arrangement for his mother and a massive crush on Sugawara Koushi, the store’s owner and primary florist. Ever since their first meeting, Daichi has found himself going to the quaint little flower shop on a regular basis, buying flowers left and right until his home is overflowing with plant life. It isn’t until he goes home with a bouquet of purple lilacs that Sugawara had given to him free of charge that he notices the small card with a note attached to it. A phone number and a simple “Call me” are enough for him to go back to the flower shop and ask the beautiful florist working there for an arrangement that would be perfect for a first date


So yeah im being a dork and im gonna post this because i saw this PostitForward thing on tumblr and its meant to spread positive messages. So in case you guys were wondering, i love you all.

Post it for love:

I want all of my followers and everyone reading this to know…

That I love you and you are important to me…

You are allowed to be yourself, you are allowed to love yourself..

So sleep peacefully tonight you beautiful/handsome person!!! 

- john-and-dave (Alex)

So yeah despite how cheesy that was I’m going to encourage you all to make one of these posts to spread the positivity around because I mean there is not such thing as too much positivity! <3

anonymous asked:

I have aspergers so I have trouble picking up tone sometimes but it kind of seems like certain messages you get make you uncomfortable? (Especially ones that "put you on a pedestal") I was just wondering if that's it or if I'm misinterpreting?

yea it does make me uncomfortable when people say things like “you’re perfect” or “i envy you” or “i want a relationship like yours.” i know its meant to be a compliment, but as much as i love me and my life, thee’s no way that just by following a person you could know exactly who they are. and i’m a big believer in appreciating individual life and not looking with green eyes at someone else

i guess i’m not perfect, nothing in life is ever perfect, so i just encourage people to find joy in their own life.

I don’t know what to say. 

A few months ago, I could only dream of gathering such a huge flock of followers who make me smile every day and encourage me to keep writing and post things.

And now … You people are a treasure and thank you, thank you so, so much for your support and kind words and your prompts and wonderful asks. 

Thank you all so very much! 

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Ok :3 Hey *waves*

ok omg bianca. you. you were like one of my first followers ever ok i have NO CLUE why you followed me your blog is like so wonderful. you always always always find really good fics, when i’m bored i just go through your blog and read everything you post throughout the day haha. you’re a giant sweetheart, and i love that you always write sweet things in your tags because it makes me (and probs everyone else) so happy. you make me feel so good about anything and everything i write ok. you are so friendly and encouraging to everyone and you’re so stunning omggg i love it when you post selfies hehe. and you’re so funny, and you’re one of my favorite bloggers, and. and i could go on for hours ok you’re my longest lasting mutual and you’re so sweet and gahhhh i just love you so so much :>

mutuals send me ‘hey’ and i’ll say nice things about you :>

Do You?

Do you think of me?
Because I do
The way you would smile; the one that can light up cities and bring hope to the darkest of places.
The way you would laugh; a bubble of chuckles that turns into a harmonious sound that could make everyone laugh.
The way you would talk; with that constant challenge in your tone that made people want to be with you or be you.

But, do you remeber?
The way I admired you from afar; my eyes would follow you then dart away only to find that you’re smiling at me.
The way I would blush; a crimson red that only encouraged you to tease me.
The way I would fall apart; my eyes would water but I would smile and say it’s okay but you would see right through me.

But now you’re gone.
And I wonder, do you still think of me?

anonymous asked:

Hey! I notice that your followers are very active and talk with you a lot, and I was wondering how do I get my followers to talk with me? I post art, but I still try to chat with my followers but sadly no luck so far. Any advice? :(

Hnnn I wish I could give you some but honestly I have no clue. Most people who do comment/post are people who are my friends or who have at least sent me a message before and feel comfortable with talking to me. I didn’t really do anything, I think???

Honestly, I think it’s just something that takes time. khajidont/notthiscrapagain was not my first art blog. I haven’t been around very long, but I have been on tumblr for 2 years at least. This means that I’ve been able to make a small group of friends/people who talk with me somewhat regularly. And these frequent asks/submissions kind of encourage others to do the same, because then their like “hey, this person is friendly and doesn’t mind answering asks!!”

I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful, but I didn’t really do anything ;A;

anonymous asked:

heeey i've been following you for a while and i just wanted to say i saw some of your work on my dash (with a LOT of notes bro, congrats!) and i could tell it was yours before i looked at the source. you definitely have your own unique style, and everything you make is stunning <3 keep creating - big fan

Hi! Thank you so much for your message and your lovely words of encouragement. It’s very nice to know that my style stands out and is recognisable, especially because I like doing different things and I do often wonder if there is any cohesion. Your words make me think that I don’t need to worry, so cheers my friend! 

anonymous asked:

Hi Michelle! I want you to know that you are absolutely not a waste of space. You are wonderful and beautiful and you run a great blog. If anything is ever bothering you please please please feel free to talk about it, I'm positive that your followers will be more than willing to listen

Haha I’m glad you think so. I encourage people all the time to not be so down, and I tell them that things will work out just be patient, so it feels kind of silly that I make it seem like I can’t feel that way too. And I know that negativity can be contagious, and it’s hard to say the right things to make a person feel better, so I’ll always leave things under a read-more. It still amazes me when there are still people that will read all of my rants anyway despite all of my warnings, and then like the post to say that they’re here, or send a nice message. I’m always grateful.

ANYWAY, I don’t know if this is the same anon who’s been sending me nice messages today, but thank you for listening!


You are amazingly faithful with reading and leaving nice comments on all my fics (from When in Rome/GoB to Lightbearers) and that means so much to me. You also always take the time to offer a word of comfort or encouragement on my personal posts, and I feel like I really should know you better because we chat and interact quite often, but alas as noted before… I am the actual worst with tumblr friendships/following sometimes. Your URL makes me wonder if you live in Hawaii, in which case I am SUPER JEALOUS. Ahem.


Dear Followers,

I’ve noticed just a moment ago that I only had 17 followers on my photography blog and I was wondering if you can give it a quick look and let me know what you think!
It’s very candid for the most part and I’m mostly drawn to a lot of color.
I’d also appreciate it if you followed it. I don’t post very often, but it would make me feel fuzzy on the inside.
Thank you!

I’ve been feeling incredibly down lately because of personal failures I have recently gone through. It’s made me want to just stay in bed all day and do nothing. It has become a routine for me for a month now. Today I realized I’m not just wasting my youth but I’m wasting my precious life wallowing in my sadness for situations I couldn’t control. This led me to decide I would try something new everyday. We need to appreciate this wonderful world we live in and the precious gifts this earth has to offer. We need to discover who we are and what we want. Appreciate the little things in life that will ultimately make us happy. So with that being said I encourage each and everyone of you to try something new everyday and enjoy life to the fullest. Follow me on my journey ✨ stay positive!!! #trysomethingneweveryday #littlethingsinlife #inspiration