and feed him

People with dogs

If you have a dog and you feed him/her Purina’s Beneful please stop feeding him/her this product right now.

My dog has been eating this food for 2 years. She has had a seizure almost every month since she has started eating this food and we had no idea why. 

We had just finally heard by my sister that this product has been found to be a cause in seizures in dog. 

If your dog does have a seizure:

  • be calm and hold your dog
  • cover your dog up
  • talk to them
  • do not let them go anywhere

I know this from expierence. I am not a doctor nor a vet, but please do not feed your dog Purina Beneful.

My dog’s seizures has been getting worse and we simply cannot afford vet bills. So please catch it before it get’s worse and DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG THIS PRODUCT

tldr; Purina’s Beneful causes seizures in dogs


thelocomotivebreath asked:

How is small noodle beep child? I love small noodle snake child <3

Small noodle beep is about to shed! I tried to feed him a rat last night and he just kinda stared at me like “mama no i can’t eat dinner in these old clothes” so we’re gonna try again after he sheds!


Fart Factory

While watching cigarette smoke freeze
amidst frigid minus twenty degrees Celsius temperatures
and imagining the stench of Toronto in the Spring
when the last rotten breath has thawed,
you dream of opening a fart factory
where you will brew, freeze, and sell the most diverse selection of farts
available anywhere on the planet.

Across the street from your hotel
there is a homeless man
frozen to the sidewalk.
You bring him four hard boiled eggs
you pocketed from the buffet
and a hot cup of coffee
for the third day in a row.

A stranger scolds you, “That’s why he’s here —
Because you people keep feeding him!”
You ask the stranger, “When you say ‘still here’ —
Do you mean ‘still alive’?”
You tell the stranger,
“I have big plans to open a fart factory
and would love to send you a crate of complementary frozen farts.”


Remember how I got a cat a few weeks ago? Here’s an obligatory photo dump of him, now that he’s come out of hiding. His name is now PimPim, which is what happens when a very stubborn 3-year-old decides on your pet’s name despite the perfectly respectable name you picked out for it. (I wanted to name the cat “Garion”.)

He’s coming out of his shell, staying out of his hiding spot a lot now and demanding scratches. He also attacks my feet in the wee hours of the morning, lol. I think he likes me best so far. Probably cuz I’m the person who feeds him. ;)

anonymous asked:

(8/15) Oddly enough, Frankie says that is fine and G has permission to go out, so after about an hour, Gerard and his 'friends' go into the town, and they are all walking closely around him, and buying him foods and feeding them to him and Gerard is just really happy that people are being so kind to him and is just skipping around and doing lots of twirls in his little skirt - because they guys say it looks very pretty (and they get a good look at his ass)..

buying him candy and even one of the guys bought him a lil teddy bear and he blushes omg aND HE IS SO INNOCENT LIKE THE GUYS DROP THINGS ON PROPOSE AND LITTLE G BENDS OVER BUT THEGUYS JUST STARE AT HIS BUM AGHHH

anonymous asked:

I just realized that comparatively, my betta is unusually tiny. He's super active and has full fins but he's paper thin (he eats the daily 4 pellets w no problem though) and so transparent he practically has no scales. Is this a problem?

Probably not? You can try feeding him more than four pellets a day if you are worried about size. I’m hesitant to say anything one way or another without a picture.

pinkpoodle239 asked:

Hello! I've found another African Grey that is only an hour from my house :) He's 8 years old, hand tame, and prefers women (bonus points! I'm a gal). He will be my first Grey and while I have been doing my research I was wondering if you have any tips? I'm planning on feeding him Harrison's or Roudybush. The owner has been keeping his wings clipped so I'll have to ease him into becoming fully flighted.

I have no experience with flight training as I keep Dax clipped. However, thepacificparrotlet has a whole section on flight training and target training which proves invaluable!

It’s good you’ll be able to meet the bird in person and look over any documentation they may have on the bird! You’ll also get a bit of a feel for whether or not you two would get along by meeting him!

Though, if he’s stand-offish when you first meet him that’s pretty typical grey behaviour. I would still ask questions like why he’s being rehomed and if he has any problems to look out for. As much as they may try to pass their grey off as perfect, ask if say he’s not good with going back to his cage, or if he is territorial and will bite if you lean in to his cage too far, really anything that will help you understand his personality and how to handle them. The people may not be honest still, but hey, best efforts.

African greys are a species that I’m still a little stand-offish with. I’ve never met one who actually enjoyed my company (except for babies, they enjoy most attention people pay to them) and I honestly have a hard time reading their expressions and body language more than any other species of parrot I’ve encountered. They are expressive, for sure, but excitement and aggression run a really close line sometimes. 

If anyone has more experience and is willing to help with a rehome grey please reblog and share your tips or support <3

Does the dog die?

Discovered a handy website that warns you whether a pet gets injured or dies in the film you want to watch. For example in Aliens - “The cat from the first film appears at the beginning of this film but is left safely at home and does not encounter any aliens.” But in Babe - “A talking sheep is mortally wounded by wolves.”