and egg industry

allowing animal abuse to happen is permitting dangerous and aggressive people to test out how much harm they can inflict on another creature and still get away with.

Last October, Lisa was found in NYC’s Prospect Park after escaping a Brooklyn live kill market. As you can see, the end of her sensitive, nerve-rich beak was cut off, indicating she began her life in an industrial hatchery before being shipped (likely through USPS mail) to a place that profited off of her eggs. When Lisa’s egg laying slowed, she was sent off to be slaughtered. Yet, she is one of the lucky few to escape these horrors and now gets to live out her life in sanctuary. When we found her, she was missing feathers, very pale, and had a floppy comb. Now she is healthy and happy at Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Just seven months after rescuing Lisa, we’ve taken in another little brown hen from the streets of Brooklyn, also an egg industry and live kill market escapee. Her name is Millie and we will be sharing many updates on her over the coming weeks.

These girls are why we are egg-free.

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What I don't understand about vega ism is the part about not eating eggs or drinking milk. I don't see harm in eating eggs since the ones that come from our chickens are unfertilized and will not hatch chicks.. With cows, if you don't milk them their udders will become infected and they'll get diseases like mastitis so if you have to milk them why not drink the milk so it doesn't go to waste...? These are just my thoughts/opinions and I just want to know the logic behind the milk/eggs thing :)

Eggs and dairy being harmless to animals is a common misconception but it simply isn’t true. The egg and dairy industries are extremely exploitative and subject animals to horrific conditions. 

In the egg industry hens are confined to a space as small as an iPad and due to being packed into such stressful conditions they are debeaked - a procedure that is done without anaesthetic. Male chicks are killed - usually by either suffocation or by being thrown into an industrial size blender - because they can’t lay eggs and are too small to be raised for meat they’re considered useless. Free-range and cage-free farms are absolutely no better. Here is some more info on eggs (x) (x) (x). Taking eggs from backyard hens is also not OK.

You are right about cows being susceptible to infections and mastitis if they’re not milked, however a cow as with any other mammal needs to have a baby in order to lactate. In the dairy industry cows are forcibly impregnated and then have their calf taken away shortly after birth so that the farmers can steal their milk for human consumption. Cows would not need to be milked in the first place if their babies were allowed to drink the milk that is meant for tnem. When the babies are taken away from their mothers they are either confined to veal crates and slaughtered for their meat or in the case of females raised to replace their mothers. Cows are also often given hormones in order to increase their milk production - up to 10 times what they would produce naturally. This as well as being forcibly impregnated repeatedly puts a huge strain on their bodies and by four years of age they are too weak to keep up with demand and are slaughtered to make cheap fast food meat. Cows would live 20+ years naturally. More about dairy here (x) (x) (x) (x).

Eating eggs and dairy causes great harm to animals all to produce products that we don’t need and are incredibly unhealthy. Eggs and milk are not ours to take.

I hope this clears things up for you. x

We love when past hen adopters send us photos of their special rescue ladies! Every morning Lila helps prepare a vitamin and mineral rich breakfast consisting of fruits, veggies, and crushed-hard boiled eggs.

Did you know that hens in the egg industry lay 3-5 times more eggs than normal, averaging 260 eggs a year? Overlaying causes their bones to become brittle and weak resulting in osteoporosis and easily-fractured bones. Feeding the eggs back to the hens is a great way for them to restore the calcium and protein that’s been depleted from their bones. They are much healthier and happier because of it!

Thanks for the photo Ali Karp-Ziring!

This Mother’s Day, Honor ALL Mothers

A mother’s love for her child is not something limited by species. Most non-human animals have a very strong bond between mother and child. Mothers pigs sing to their babies while nursing.  Mother hens are fiercely protective and nurturing to their chicks.  Mother cows in the dairy industry whose calves are taken from them at birth will cry out for them for days and weeks on end.  All of these loving relationships, these mothers and children are torn apart by the meat, dairy, egg and honey industries.  So this mothers day, make it a vegan one for all mothers.  You have the power to keep these families together.  Find out how your choices impact the families of others here:

So these were some really delicious #VEGAN #lowfat chickpea fritters/ pakoras (veggies - green and red bell pepper and carrot - in chickpea batter) with my homemade bbq sauce and a salad if baby spinach, cucumber and tomato. Drizzled with lime and tamari. 😋 I’ll post the recipes for both the chickpea fritters and the bbq sauce on tumblr later // These fritters look kind of frightening similar to egg omelettes… Did you know that eating eggs supports an industry that keeps groups of 10.000 hens where 26 of them need to share 1sq.m. They do never see the daylight and they can’t follow their natural instincts at all. They are bred to loose their hunger for maximum weight gain (6,5% per day - for a child that weights 30kg this would mean 2kg per day). And also it’s actually the hens period.. 👎🏻#govegan

Step your mind into a crowded elevator, an elevator so crowded you cannot turn around without bumping into (and aggravating) your neighbor. The elevator is so crowded you are often held aloft.
This is a kind of blessing, as the slanted floor is made of wire, which cuts into your feet.
After some time, those in the elevator will lose their ability to work in the interest of the group. Some will become violent; others will go mad. A few, deprived of food and hope, will become cannibalistic.
There is no respite, no relief. No elevator repairman is coming. The doors will open once, at the end of your life, for your journey to the only place worse.
—  “Battery Cage” in Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

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You're wrong about eggs. Up to date academic literature (inc. systematic reviews) show that eggs are not associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease or heart-related deaths. I doubt you'll meet a doctor who says eggs are unhealthy or not a great sort of protein. None of this is to say that eating eggs is right- but you're just making it easier for people to critique Veganism when you say things that are simply not true.

Eggs are not healthy and are not even that great a source of protein. Let’s compare scrambled eggs to a tofu scramble:

As you can see the tofu scramble is a far healthier option and has a higher protein content.

The saturated fat and cholesterol content of eggs exceeds what would be considered a healthy amount and increases the level of cholesterol in the blood and leads to atherosclerosis. This is turn increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. Studies on the health impact of eggs have varied results but many of them are unreliable as the egg industry has a vested interest in skewing the results so as not to risk a decrease in sales. They do this by measuring fasting cholesterol levels rather than measuring them directly after a meal and by doing so the levels are no higher in someone who eats eggs than in someone who doesn’t. The USDA wont even let egg companies label eggs as ‘safe’, ‘healthy’ or ‘nutritious’ because they are anything but. Animal protein is dangerous to our health and plant-based diets consistently prove to have a lower risk of heart disease amongst other things

And whether eggs are healthy or not is beside the point, the do not belong to us and we have no right to exploit chickens and subject them to painful and shortened lives for something that is completely unnecessary.


Check out Animal Place’s Brave the Cage campaign, which asks the public to see what life is like for 95% of hens on egg farms by stepping inside a human-sized battery cage. We’ve taken this campaign to places like the State Capitol in Sacramento and the University of California, Berkeley. See how passersby respond after stepping inside the cage.

Do you think your area has what it takes to brave the cage? Where do you think we should take the cage next?

Thanks World of Vegan for making this incredible video!

READ please

ok i have a lot of questions in my inbox right now and i don’t have time to answer everything or want to cause arguments! so here are some resources that helped me make my decision to go vegan, some are purely educational but in the end they are all based on facts. of course you can do your own reading/research and find out more but these all made sense to me

of course if you are fixed on not changing your habits nothing will make a difference to you, so if you don’t care, simply ignore this post - this is for the people who may be interested in veganism or why i went vegan or have questions that i havent answered, or want to go vegan but are finding it hard to :) have a great day

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Why does the poultry industry cut the tip off chick's beaks? I never understood the purpose of that.

Beak trimming is most common in egg-laying strains of chickens. In some countries such as the United States, turkeys are routinely beak trimmed. Beak trimming is a preventive measure to reduce damage caused by injurious pecking such as cannibalism, feather pecking and vent pecking, and thereby improve livability.

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Do you think a vegetarian's lifestyle benefit animals in the slightest? And when you decided to go vegan did it happen straight away or did you slowly cut down on meats/dairy? Ps you're a beautiful human being, your ways have inspired me so much🌟

The way a vegetarian saves animals is by reducing the demand for meat and causing fewer animals to be born into a harsh life owned by the meat industry, where callousness abounds and mercy is scant. HOWEVER, if you’re a vegetarian for animal rights / animal liberation or to prevent animal cruelty .. You must look into it further as the dairy/egg industries are just as cruel and brutal as the meat industry. If we love anything, naturally we don’t exploit, murder or abuse it.
We can live and thrive without harming or exploiting the lives of other living beings - so, why wouldn’t we?

I suggest everyone(!!) watches Earthlings and Forks over Knives! They’re the first 2 documentaries I watched about veganism/a plant based lifestyle and I was 100% passionate and motivated to change my lifestyle after viewing them.

I was already eating very cleanly and minimal animal products, so it was very easy for me to go vegan overnight. I was/am very passionate and anything is easy if you believe in what you’re doing!

Thank you for the kind words xx

The Y Word

There’s a topic in the vegan community that gets brought up every so often which stirs rather immediate controversy, until it slowly sinks into the background until someone brings it up again. At least, that’s how the phenomenon has looked like from this end. It seems to have become a sort of taboo to even mention him in good company, and a vegan sin to even whisper his name, like the meat-free Voldemort of our times.

That topic is Gary Yourofsky, of the “Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear” fame. Initially, Yourofsky is a vegan activist and lecturer who visits schools and events to talk about the kind of animal cruelty that takes place in industries that the majority of the population supports every day: the dairy, egg, and meat industries, leather and fur production, animals used for entertainment and experimentation, and all other forms of animal exploitation that vegans oppose. Yourofsky is also the founder of ADAPTT, an animal advocacy organization.

Although he is well-known by many for his speech on veganism, and also his activism in Israel (which has a prominent vegan community)… what primarily makes Yourofsky a controversial figure among non-vegans would be his adamant, unflinching support and advocacy of veganism and the total abolition of animal exploitation. 

But what makes him controversial to vegans (especially long-term vegans, and vegans who did not go vegan because of his speech) would be the fact that he has been cited saying things like “Every women ensconced in fur should endure a rape so vicious that it scars them forever” and “every man entrenched in fur should suffer an anal raping so horrific that they become disembowelled” (The Gary Yourofsky Interview by Claudette Vaughan is the source of these quotes, and Yourofsky has not claimed that this interview is falsified, although he does like to claim ad nauseum that he has never said anything promoting or condoning rape :\).

Recently, a link to a video Yourofsky released in defense of these claims has surfaced, in which he is found saying (warning: fucked up), “I honestly think every rapist should have his cock and balls sliced off with a cuticle-remover while he’s fully conscious. Then, he should be forced to eat his severed genitals after they’ve been dipped in puke. After he takes the last bite, I personally want to be there to shove two 12-inch metal skewers through each eyeball, and then drag him into a room filled with 10,000 flies so he can be eaten alive. Go rent the movie Law Abiding Citizen and watch Gerard Butler’s character carry out some poetic justice on the man who raped his wife and daughter. It warms my heart to no end”.

He is using these statements to deny the “false” “accusations” that he has ever condoned rape. Clearly we can see he has condoned rape in the past by wishing rape on people (whether they be animal abusers, rapists, or neither), and him saying that he wishes excruciating harm onto rapists as well does not change this fact.

Everything he says at the beginning of the “I don’t condone rape” video further validates the reasons why people don’t trust Gary Yourofsky. It’s not necessarily just because he has just made some rape apologist statements or wished rape on someone (though that doesn’t exactly make him look like a good man). He simply has a violent mind and he frequently wishes disgusting and unspeakable harm onto others, whatever kind of harm and whatever kind of person they may be. What’s worse is that he describes this harm calmly, in the same manner a serial killer would. 

I cannot listen to Gary Yourofsky speak of these issues without thinking that I would not want to be in a room alone with that man. Or even in the same building.

He also has no concept of apologizing for his words or his behaviour in a rational way. If his words didn’t make him sound like a manic serial killer, they would make him sound like a disturbed child. In order to show people he doesn’t condone rape, instead of saying “that was a huge mistake on my part, I am sorry for the harm it may have caused others. I just have very strong feelings about animal abuse and sometimes those strong feelings make me say inappropriate things” he simply goes on to say that he’d like to torture, mutilate, and slaughter rapists. That doesn’t show you don’t condone rape - it just shows that you want fur wearers to be raped, and then you want the rapists to be brutalized. What kind of world would we live in if Gary Yourofsky’s dreams came true? I shudder to think.

I’m not saying veganism is about “peace and love” and we all need to feel happy thoughts for animal abusers and rapists (my personal perspective is that veganism is about justice, and although compassion and non-violence can be strong motivators, they’re not what I hold central to vegan ethics) nor do I think victims ever have a duty to “forgive and love their rapists” (FUUUCK that mentality), but I feel confident saying that most vegans should act more sane than Gary Yourofsky does. Yourofsky’s worldview is neither situated in compassion nor in justice: it is situated in revenge.

I can recognize that a lot of people have gone vegan as a result of that one popular video of his, but it hurts us more than helps us to raise him to some sort of untouchable level. He, nor any other activist or figure in the vegan community, should ever be immune to criticism. Positive criticism leads to change.

Something I’ve always thought to be central to veganism was our ability to see the hard truth even in places we don'twant to find it. That’s how we can look at products and practices we once enjoyed, see what is required for those things to happen, and choose to do something about it. And seeing the truth means seeing people for what they are, never ignoring harmful things they’ve said or done for our own sake. This doesn’t mean that forgiveness is off the table for us - people can change, and people who have once said horrific things can learn why it was wrong to say that. But you know someone doesn’t acknowledge what was wrong about their statement if they refuse to apologize for it, or constantly deny saying it, or mask their former statements in a circus of backpedaling and gaslighting.

I think if we try to pretend that Yourofsky’s other videos and statements don’t exist - his proclaimations of wishing rape on people, of torturing people and murdering people with great pleasure - then they’ll only become a stronger weapon against us. Ignore them, and they will be used by non-vegans as the “shocking thing vegans don’t want you to know about!” To avoid facing these misdemeanours head on, and treating them justly, makes us look deceptive. We need to show people that we know what he has said, and how what he has said does not change the fact that going vegan is still the right thing to do. (Would you stop donating to charity if you saw a man who regularly donates to charity kill puppies? Just because someone who promotes something right does something wrong doesn’t make that good action any less good, it just makes that individual’s behaviour contradictory)

So I will never ignore what he’s said, but I want to take what he’s said in the whole of his statements. He has condoned the rape of people, and he has also condoned the mutilation and murder of rapists, and he has condoned severe harm against those who disagree with him, vegan or not. This cannot be summed up as the mentality of a rape apologist. I can’t call him simply “a rape apologist” without feeling like I’m ignoring all of the other statements he’s made where he wishes brutal harm upon people, or saying that rape is de facto worse than all of those other types of brutality he condones. His is the mentality of someone who fantasizes about harm in all its forms. The first thing I would tell people about him is that he is a sick man who needs help.

The second thing I would tell them is that he is still right about veganism being a necessary change.

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Why are vegans so hard on vegetarians?

combination of annoyance at the cruelty that the egg and dairy industries still perpetrate and poor communication skills xx

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Why shouldn't we eat their eggs and milk?

because it belongs to them not us? cow milk is for cow babies, not human children/adults, no other species drinks another species’ milk, and factory farmed cows have been genetically engineered to produce up to 10 times the amount of milk that is natural so obviously they go through a lot of pain carrying so much extra weight. and an egg is basically a hen’s period since it’s an unfertilised egg, so I don’t see why it’s necessary to eat that either, and egg industries throw away their male chicks and only keep the females regardless of whether it’s cage free or not. it’s wrong to enslave animals for our own luxuries. plus animal products all have cholesterol which is not good for you either

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I think the problem is that most vegetarians just aren't aware of how horrible the milk/egg industry's are.

yup :(