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Women’s Appreciation Week, Favourite Female Lead - Emma Swan (Once Upon A Time)

I’m your hell, I’m your dream, I’m nothing in between,
You know you wouldn’t want it any other way

I think I prefer having nightmares to having good dreams.

With nightmares, you wake up, and you’re relieved to find that it was just a dream. But with good dreams, you wake up and you can feel anything from disappointment to straight up soul crushing depression when you realise that it was just a dream.

The Maze Runner High School AU: Newt - Swimming Naked Is Better Than Going To Prom Anyway

Ooh yeaah then can I request another highschool AU where they have to study together because if she fail a class she won’t be able to the prom or smth like that please ** ? Like Newt help her and it’s cute and all @__@ ? dreaming-legend

“Wait so, why am I helping you study with your math again?” Newt questions with a raised eyebrow but a soft toned voice, if it were any louder you’d be kicked out by the grumpy librarian who spends her days surfing centuries-old dating websites. You also suspect she has a Myspace account too.

“We already went through this, didn’t we?” You slightly whine as you stare down at the intimidating sums staring back up at you with their evil eyes and mysterious motives. “Mom said I couldn’t go to prom if I didn’t pass the math test tomorrow.”

“Oh, I see. That’s a bit harsh…” He whispers but then says, “What’s your average score on a test?”

You wave your hand in a dismissing manner, “Oh I don’t know… maybe an E, possibly a D.”

Newt looks at you with a tilted head, sarcasm laced through every fibre of his being, “Great.”

He proceeds to help you study, flipping through your worn textbook. He asks you about a few of the pages you’ve seemed to have either destroyed or wet with frustrated tears, but you lie and say it was your cat; probably. He’s obviously not convinced. Then the conversation takes a turn back to prom, which makes you feel slightly happier. “So, who’s the unlucky guy you’re going with to prom?”

You sigh dramatically, “Minho.”

Newt raises an eyebrow, “Really? Didn’t think he’s your type…”

You look up at him and say with a serious tone, “How would you know what my type is? Besides, Minho is everyone’s type. He’s the best runner on the track team! His body is mint… and those arms…”

Newt screws his face up in disgust, “Yeah, yeah… I get the picture.”

You smirk and scribble down a formula, then try to apply it to one of the questions. You stop yourself from squealing in delight when you manage to find the right answer, Newt flashes you a thumbs up and he genuinely looks pleased; sort of proud. This makes you happier.

“So who are you going to prom with?” You ask cautiously.

“Hmm.” He grins in a sad sort of way.

“What?” You ask, dropping your pencil onto your exercise book, “Did she reject you?”

“Not exactly…” He looks down at his hands, and then looks up at you, “She’s going with someone else.”

You rest your chin on your hand, “Oh, that’s too bad.” After a while of awkward silence you then ask, “Who is it though?”

Newt shakes his head, “No one you’d know.” He shoves another textbook in your face with more sums that look even worse than the last. You almost start crying. “Now try these.”

You shake your head, “I’ll be half dead if I past this test.”

“Newt!” You shout, overwhelmed with pride and excitement. You screech around the corner of one of the school hallways, “Newt you legend!” You turn around another corner and slam into the blond headed and brown eyed boy. “Sorry!” You squeal apologetically.

He rubs his head and then picks up his books from the floor, you help him. “You’re such a bloody slinthead, you know that?” His eyes flicker over to the sheet you hold in your hand marked with a C+ He drops his books and looks at you as if you’ve just created the cure for cancer. “Did you… Is that your… No way.”

You look at him smugly, “Yes way!”

“You can go to prom?”

“Shuck yeah!” You both jump up from the ground and he sweeps you up into a wonderful hug.

“I thought it was impossible, I must be smarter than I thought…” Newt says as he lets go of the embrace and picks up the pile of books from the floor.

“Hey, what about me! I’m the one who did the test!” He rubs his hand through the hair on top of your head.

“Good job, ya’ shank.”

You give him a heart-warming smile, “Thank you.”

You turn to walk away, excitement still brimming inside as your eager to tell your other friends and of course, Minho himself. You couldn’t exactly confirm to him that you’d be going, and you had explained why so he must also be eagerly waiting for your answer, right?


“I… well you were unsure with your answer. And…” Minho sighs, “I’ve seen your grades on math tests before, and I thought you wouldn’t be able to pass…”

Tears threaten to spill over your cheeks but you refuse to let them show. You absolutely can’t show your weak side, not to Minho. He looks back at you, somewhat apologetic but also very uncomfortable. “I… uh… Fair enough.” You mumble and then continue to say, “But you know, working really hard for this one night… Never mind, I guess I should of realised it was too good to be true.”

You immediately leave the hallway and exit through the courtyard, you practically run for the girl’s bathrooms to escape showing your tears to your peers but someone clasps a warm, strongly gripped hand around your wrist; jerking you backwards. You briefly look up into the face of Newt and then bury your head into his chest out of embarrassment as you feel the tears leak, unwantedly.

“Y/N…” He whispers soothingly, keeping you in his friendly, warm embrace. Sobs rack through your body which makes you only feel even more embarrassed. But Newt doesn’t seem to mind, he just keeps you in his arms; comforting you the only way he can.

“I’m sorry,” You mumble and lift your head from his chest.

He wipes away the tears from your eyes with his thumb and then pushes the loose bits of hair behind your face. “What for, love?”

“I made you help me for all those hours when you could have been practicing for your lacrosse game or hanging out with your friends. I made you do all that for nothing.” You lip quivers as the guilt takes its toll, why did Minho have to be such an ass?

“What did he do?” Newt almost growls, a sternness taking over his voice, his face.

“He… he asked someone else out because he –he thought I couldn’t pass the test.”

“That little-

“No!” You interrupt, “Just… just leave it. I’m over it.” You regain your wit and strength as you prepare yourself to go back to class but before you can walk away from the only comfort you want, you’re stopped by a hand to your arm.

“You wanna know something?” He asks, excitement sparkling in his eyes. You start to wonder what he’s scheming.

“What?” You hope he’s not going to drag you into pranking Minho at the prom or something. You wouldn’t want it to end like the one in Carrie where his date kills everyone at the prom, that’d be terrifying.

“The prom is for lame losers who don’t have an ounce of intelligence.”

“Excuse me? I actually wanted to-

“How about we ditch it together and roam the city all night, eating fast food, shopping like crazy, heck: you can even wear your prom dress if you want. And then afterwards we can go down to the beach and make sandcastles and swim naked or some klunk.”

You raise an eyebrow and smile with amusement, “Are you kidding?”

“And then let’s crash some teenage party and get really smashed.”

You shake your head, still smiling, “You’re actually serious.” Of course he’s serious. You realize just how caring Newt is, first he gives up an entire evening to help you pass a test for a boy you don’t even like that much and now he’s willing to spend an entire night out just to make you feel better.

“You bet I am.”

You blink, look back up at Newt and flash him a grin before saying, “I’m in.”

A/N: Hope you liked this AU! It took me a while to write it, sorry, but I’m glad I was able to post it in the end; didn’t think I could. Sorry for any grammar and/or spelling mistakes too.

The Gally: Awfully Messy Part 2 will HOPEFULLY be posted tomorrow if I don’t have too much homework! (I had a ton this weekend, studying for tests and writing essays :c)

Thank you again!

Keep requesting.

I wanna be the very best,
Like no Duncan ever was.
To clone them is my test.
To enslave them is my cause.

I will travel across the land,
Cloning far and wide.
Each clone to understand
The power that’s me.

I know its my destiny
Oh, I am my own best friend
In a world I must conquer.

My courage will conquer all.
I clone you and I control you.
Gotta Clone em all!

Every clone along the way
Enslavement they will face.
I will conquer them every day.
To claim my rightful place.

Come with me, the time right.
There’s no better army.
Arm in arm, my clones win the war.
It’s always been my dream.


(Gotta Clone em all) x 5


Its me and me.
I know it is my destiny.


Oh, I am my own best friend.
In a world I must conquer!


A heart so untrue.
My courage will conquer all.
I clone you and I control you.


Gotta clone em all.
Gotta clone em all.


I talk about my art so much but tbh Idc because from personal experience, they make them happy? I draw for friends a lot because it brightens up their day. I’ve come so far by just picking up a pencil and marking a piece of paper. I want to go even further with my art despite complaining. I honestly don’t know where I would be w/o it tbh. So many people motivate me to do better and constantly compliment my work and I appreciate every single comment. I want to try my very best and I will make my animator dream come true, but also improve no matter what.

These people who fight through every day like fucking gladiators,
Who fight demons worse than you and I could dream of,
Just because they want so badly to live
To hold on
To love
Because you can’t be this afraid of losing everything
If you don’t love everything first
Because you have to have
a soul-crushing hope
That things will get better
To be this afraid of missing it.

In the mirror
  • In the mirror

KORINE // In the Mirror

Have you ever woken up from a dream that you couldn’t quite classify as a nightmare but you could say with confidence that there was nothing good about it? The kind of dream where you eventually open your eyes to this light, floating sensation… but it’s accompanied by a sorrow curling in your chest that leaves you somber and spaced out for the rest of the day? 

You can all go home because I found a musical embodiment of that dreamy letdown. Based out of Brooklyn, Korine  just put together “In The Mirror”, a piece that could easily soundtrack your bad dreams and sad mornings forever with the company of lo-fi vocals and clean, layered, slowcore guitars that result in a sound that’s both haunting and dimensional. 

The song requires a few listens to fully grasp but with so much going on in the instrumentals, it only gets better when left on repeat. How many of your bummed-out daydreams have included a remix-ready, driving beat? I might have heard keys jingling in the vocal tracks or it could’ve been ghosts rattling chains, but before I can figure it out I’m always pulled back to those guitar melodies.

Sweet dreams, kids.


Author: Hayley

Broken bones to broken hearts smoke gathering above our heads breathing heavy under our lost dreams is this how its supposed to go with dark circles under bloodshot eyes wishing tomorrow or the next day, next day, day after that will be better, higher, downer, find another lost kid to give you a light don’t look when she reaches out and jacket sleeves slip she might see the way your eyes catch and you cant show her pain reflected behind your irises, cloth walls protecting whatever hate swims in your head walking dirty needle tightropes count cuts and calories everybody wants to be beautiful but nobody knows what that means, feels like hell when hands reach out nothing is your own anymore flames travel up your legs and arms flying, fire through your veins drinking suicide, straight A expectations higher than your overdose foggy nights alone finding somebody to wipe your tears on calling yourself crazy, your life is not an episode of skins.
—  "Teenage Dream" a poem i wrote during class

Thanks for being you. For being the smile that keeps me going and the laugh that gives me reason. Thank you for bettering me in ways I didn’t know you could. Thank you for holding my hand even though it’s cold and rubbing my back even when you have a ton of things to do. Thank you for making promises and keeping them and for hanging with me on the hard days. Thank you for holding me close at night and for chasing the bad dreams away. Thank you for being you. Erin, I know I probably don’t say it enough but you never cease to amaze me with the person you are. You make me laugh and smile and you bring out the best in me without even trying. I love you more than words can express. Thank you for being the best thing that ever has and will happen to me.

alright i dont remember what this movie is fucking called and im starting to think it was a weird fever dream

but it was and animated movie about this bear that use to be in performances or what ever and some shit went down and they had to release it into the wild. and there was that song about like “if you go out in the woods today you’ll be in for a surprise. If you go out in the woods today you better go in disguise. For every bear there ever there was will gather there together because today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic” 

and thats literally been in my head for years and i dont remember what it’s fucking from please send help and tell me it wasnt a weird fever dream 

deathgirl45 спросил(а):

Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers. Thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard but it will make you feel better so give it a go, for the sake of spreading positivity. ^___^

Aww, thanks, babe!

1. I like my sense of humor, I can be sarcastic, but I also make a lot of puns. Even if I’m the only one laughing, I love my jokes.

2. I like the color of my eyes. I know a lot of people think brown eyes are boring, but they just seem really warm and cozy to me, I like them.

3. I like that I’m constantly day dreaming, although it causes a lot of problems, I like that whenever I want I can escape into the adventures of my own mind.

4. I like my choice of friends :) they’re all amazing people, and I am so lucky to have them in my life

5. I like my overall outlook on life, which is to do my best to help people, live for my dreams, and experience as much as I can

Instead of sending this, I’m just going to tag ten people, I know I’m lazy.

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paradise lost

monday, march 2, 2015

 2:00 am 

i wake up from a nightmare with a gasp, and sit up in bed. 

….oh wait, i’m on the floor…


i feel around  for my cigs while my eyes adjust to the dark and try to forget  about the giant slug that was just chewing off my hand… or was it a snail? the details of my nightmare are fading quickly, but the slow, rhythmic crunching of my bones in that slimy, wet mouth still rings loudly in my ears….

 i light up…

…what time is it? better yet; what day is it? fuck it, it’s the 90’s…

according to the dream dictionary, seeing a snail means that i’m being “overly sensitive”, or feeling “inhibited”, which makes me scoff because i’m pretty sure that i’m dead inside, and nothing really scares me anymore.

 being eaten alive, however, suggests a loss of identity and/or ” a fear of losing who you are”. ha,ha.


i check my phone and see that i have an unread message from my scary new friend. new as in: i met him only a couple of months ago…. and scary as in: he already knows more about me than most people ever do…

^this reoccurring realization feels like a punch in my stomach every time, and i have to reassure myself that the world is, in fact, going to end soon… so that i don’t get sick :)

i have no idea how this happened. we met on fucking Tindr, for Christ’s sake. Around New Year’s eve , I had drunkenly decided that i wanted attention… so i downloaded this god forsaken app and, well, i got attention…

 my profile was active for only a handful of hours, but during that time, i received over a hundred “matches”. approximately 85% of them wanted “to watch Netflix and cuddle”, while the remaining 15%, probably would have worn my skin as a hat; had they the opportunity…

but then there was Milton. this isn’t his real name, but because i was using Paradise Lost as a pillow just now, & for the sake of anonymity, i’ll refer to him as such. he also says that i’m his “muse”. 

Sing, Heavenly Muse…”oh brother…”


Milton’s first words to me were “you look like you’re going to kill me in all of your pictures. I like it.” i was immediately & genuinely flattered, and I told him that it was the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me. i  meant it, but he also looked like a viking in his picture, so…

maybe it was the vodka making me sentimental, but i felt a strange sense of familiarity and ease with him; we talked all night. i mean, yes, he understood my sense of humor…and yes, he was charming…funny…good looking, etc etc etc….but there was something i couldn’t quite put my finger on (it still could have been the viking thing…) and although i still wasn’t entirely convinced that i wasn’t one of hundreds of chat windows open on his Tindr app, i found myself being incredibly open & candid. totally gross :)

by the end of the night,  i decided “to throw caution to the wind” by giving him my number and then, i deleted my profile entirely and vowed to never speak to another human boy ever again.

naturally, he never texted me, but i was not at all surprised that my instincts had been correct. in fact, i was kind of relieved. placing any kind of expectation in another human being is a very dangerous thing to do… and i had almost done exactly that….

 but then, randomly a few days later, Milton sent me a friend request on Facebook. what the heck? now i was surprised. i accepted without hesitation, and my fingers, as if possessed by the ghost that lives under my bed, began typing the words:

"hey stranger"

we picked up right where we left off and when i discovered he lived in my neighborhood only a few miles away, i knew that  i was doomed.

……… be continued.



all i think about, dream about and basically want to do all day, every day for the rest of my life is re-live hanging out and eating sandwiches at 2 am with this majestic being. <3 (HERES THE STORY for you curious souls :] )


"She is so beautiful."