and coo at how adorable he is

we kinda compare steve to a puppy a lot in fandom and all. and I’m not saying that’s wrong, I’m just saying, like, I think he’s actually more like a guard dog. he’s well-trained and he takes his job very seriously, and as dogs go he’s pretty dignified.
except then sometimes you catch him chasing his tail and you’re just like jesus h christ that’s adorable
tony, on the other hand, is much more like an actual puppy. he really wants you to like him? but also if you start cooing about how cute he is he will get VERY OFFENDED and probably chew on your slippers just to prove you wrong

calum no longer needed a wing-man to get girls when he had a wingbaby. he’d bring his little bundle of joy every where he went, cooing at his little baby boy as all the ladies gathered around, saying how adorable he is. and calum would laugh saying, “I think my baby boy thinks you’re really pretty” which would cause the girl to blush man and she’d respond back, “well, little baby boy, I think your daddy is very pretty.” and calum would get that cocky grin on his face as he cheekily said, “y’know, you can call me daddy, too” and wink 

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dysfunctional!Everlark where we meet baby Megan?


I really enjoyed writing this…

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and the Epilogue are available on the links.

Happy Reading!

New York Presbyterian Hospital

“Hey, sweetheart. I’m your Daddy.”

Peeta Mellark looked down at the newborn wrapped in the soft cashmere blanket. Small bits of dark curls sprung from underneath her pink cap and as he reached down to caress her cheek, his daughter’s pink lips opened in a large yawn.

“How could she be so little and make me feel like I was shitting a brick?” Katniss asked tiredly as she cradled their daughter. She gazed at her, eyes full of adoration. “You’re not nearly as funny looking as other babies.” Katniss winked at the man standing next to her bed. “When our girl grows up, she’s going to be one of the hot chicks.”

“Daddy’s so getting a gun,” Peeta cooed as he leaned down to kiss the baby’s forehead. His eyes went to Katniss. “Still got your bow and arrows?”

She nodded earnestly.

“Her prom date is fucked,” Katniss responded with a grin. “I’m kind of hoping that she ends up with Ben, though. I mean they’re not that related—and Haymitch would be thrilled if we were in-laws.”

Peeta smirked at the obvious lack of truth in the statement.

“Sir.” They turned to look at the police officer standing awkwardly in the doorway. “Time is up.”

“Be sure to call Johanna so she can post bail,” he told Katniss before kissing her softly. “Love you.”

Her hand reached to push his usually kempt hair from his face. “Love you back.” She looked down at their sleeping daughter before meeting Peeta’s eyes. “Don’t drop the soap.”

Her husband chuckled before turning to the officer and holding his wrists out. “I surrender.”

The mocha-skinned officer suppressed a smile and shook his head before having Peeta turn around to put the handcuffs onto his wrists.

“Peeta Mellark, you are under arrest for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do may be used against you in a court of law…”

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I realized that I met one of my absolute favorite Anna face characters yesterday! She’s the one who did the moose ears, I believe. She’s such a doll I love that actress!!


And she spotted my Kristoff pin and she immediately went up to it and poked his face and goes, “Look! Oh gosh! Coochie coo! You know, we’re gonna get married one day!”

My friend asks her, “How was Valentines day?”

And Elsa gets this smirk on her face like she knew exactly what was up and I started giggling as Anna sighs and goes, “He forgot.” -cue Elsa snorting a bit- “Well, I gave him a box. It originally had chocolate in it but I ate it all beforehand.”

And the Kristoff during the sing-a-long was getting gifts for the anniversary of when they met!


His signature is literally a childish drawing of himself. He had to check that his nose was there and that he still had his tooth as he drew.

And he gave warm hugs :3

Gosh, I love these stupid dorks so much!

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don't you think someone HAS to do something about harry's collection of boots??????

YEEEEEES, of course. Like we have to let him have a little fashion show/cat walk to bambi strut up and down in his favourite ones whilst we all coo over how adorable he is. Is that what you have in mind? Because that’s what I’m thinking.

Arcade hates car trips.

Arcade hates being at the vet.

Arcade hates people poking his lump!!

Here’s a picture of him at the vet. I gave him a tissue box to hide inside if he felt scared, but he chose to hide beneath it instead. Rat logic.

Things went well! Everyone was rather surprised by his weight, but the vet mentioned that it’s probably his genes- some rats are bred to be plump for scientific purposes.

He got lots of coos and compliments on what a pretty boy he is, and how old he is (”What an adorable old man!”)

Vet said they COULD lance it and drain it, but that it’d probably just return since it appears to have a tissue base, and that surgery would best to completely eliminate the problem. So he’s scheduled for the 11th. I was concerned about him going under, and his age and weight -are- factors the vet is concerned about, but he’s otherwise very healthy and he won’t be down for long (about 10 minutes), as well as it being a relatively minor surgery. So he should be fine.

FOR NOW, he has a chicken flavoured anti-inflammatory (that he seems to like the taste of!) and some cream for his bum.

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If it's not too much trouble, can I ask with something where Tanaka has a really sweet partner who adores him, and is open about their feelings?

“Ryuu-kun, you’re so cute!” you cooed, reaching up and patting your boyfriend’s face gently.

Tanaka was currently red from all of your compliments, and your smiles, and laughs, and eyes; basically everything you were doing right now was turning his face red as could be. You expressed how much you adored him so often. It didn’t annoy him; oh, no, it was far from that. He appreciated it very much, but it also overwhelmed him at the same time. He’s not used to this kind of praise or his kind of person being so open about how they feel about him, not in this kind of way. Nishinoya was a very different story; they were best friends.

But you. You were so different from that. You smiled every time he was around you, and he heard you constantly talking about him when you’re with your friends. It put a grin on his face every time you told him that you loved him.

Tanaka only wished that he wasn’t so shy in telling people how much he loved you, too.

the door and quickly scuttles over to the large oak
cabinet; he was looking for one thing and one only.
Casting a glance over his shoulder quickly, he 
keeps searching until the familiar golden glow
catches his eye.


Jack sits himself on Arthur’s bend, legs tucked
under himself as he runs his thumb over the 
cool metal; he’d never really touched it before,
so this was exciting for me. He slides the crown
down onto his head without hesitation and coos
at the way it feels, pushing some of his hair 
out of the way so it sat properly. 

Idea for Avengers Age of Ultron au:

Ultron doesn’t come out with the smooth voice of James Spader. Instead he’s basically a petulant child with a voice to match and the whole movie is Science Dads Bruce and Tony trying to teach their unruly robot son how to not be a little shit around people.

-tiny robot Ultron in tiny robot body
-Ultron likes Rhodey better than Dad Tony
-golden child perfect younger sibling Vision, who Ultron is v jealous of because why is he so perfect I’m like 3 days older than him therefore I’m better
-teaching baby Ultron about humanity so he doesn’t think the best way to save the world is to reset it
-ironically, baby Ultron being afraid of Pinocchio because seriously that movie can get super fucked up at points

Basically I want tiny robot child Ultron who is basically a little shit who talks big but is like, 6 or something. When he’s good he gets ice cream, when he’s bad he gets time out.

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How would Damien react to my baby bunny? (She's a mini Rex) she'll nudge you to pet her and tickle you with her whiskers. And she's still really small you can hold her with one hand.

If she’s anything other than golden-yellow/golden-brown in color, he’ll scoop her up and adore her and coo and giggle.

If she’s those colors, he’ll ignore her or just try to keep far away as possible.

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"How to care for the adorable cutie: A handbook for everyone who ever speaks or is within' close proximity to this dork. Always be aware of horns, never stand near the cutie and say his name. The horns will hurt you. Also remember to give him lots and lots of kisses, because this is vital to his well-being.. Another thing, hugs are always encouraged, and when hugging, be as gentle as possible and coo to him to let him know that he is loved." - Kankri



Update on the babies !

Elijah & Ellie are doing well ! Elijah is now 5 months old and Ellie is 2 years old almost 3! Elijah has great head support and always wants to be on his tummy. Ellie loves teaching her lil brother how to crawl its adorable! Elijah is always cooing and is drooling a lot more too… hopefully a tooth isn’t coming yet! he’s already getting too big!  ♥

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"Does it have all ten fingers and toes?"

Quinn could only smile tiredly, looking up at him. ‘’Our little Olivia is perfect.’’ She breathed out, watching him cradle their newborn girl. ‘’All ten fingers and toes,and her daddy’s cute little nose.’’ She smiled, loving how swept up in he seemed to be in their daughter, adoring the sweet little angel that was barely two hours old. ‘’Jacob, we have to be careful and quiet. Quinnie will be very sore and the baby is very new…’’ Sam’s mom cooed, and you could hear it from the hallway, as she brought Jacob in. Jacob glanced towards the baby, but he, with a wary glance at the baby, climbed up onto Quinn’s bed. ‘’Quinnie needs cuddles cause she sores?”’ Quinn wrapped her arms around him carefully, cooing softly. ‘’You are gonna be such a good big brother, sweetie. You are already so good at looking after me and daddy!’’