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I've been rewatching Merlin, and I noticed something... when Freya dies, Merlin puts his hand on her cheek, but it looks a bit awkward. It reminded me of him awkwardly rubbing Will's head when he died. But it also made me think of him touching Arthur's face when he dies. That touch didn't look awkward at all- just tender and affectionate. Do you think that was because Merlin was so much more comfortable with Arthur, or because Colin was so much more comfortable with Bradley, or both? ;-)



Everyone has their version of comfort food, whether it be a tub of ice cream, a mug of hot chocolate or a whole box of pizza. In times of stress, illness or exhaustion, comfort food can serve as an emotional crutch to get you out of your funk.

But according to a new University of Minnesota study, published in the journal Health Psychology, comfort food may be nothing more than a placebo — and unnecessary calories.

What really makes those bad feelings go away

Good morning and happy Thursday beautifuls. Comfort, lace, and a beautiful set are on the agenda today. My picks are from the VS Body by Victoria collection and are the push up bra and hiphugger panty. Ready to face the day with a confident smile and a perfect bounce in my step. As you prepare for your day wrap yourself in a base layer that you love and let it bring out your inner bombshell. Love yourself a little bit more today, focus on the moment, and be the good you want to see in the world. Believe in all that is you, trust your instincts, and love freely. Let your heart be free to love  and let it shine as you touch those who are in your life. Lead by your example and have fun Rocking your Day! Love you all. xoxo MML <3

I'll Protect You - Part 2

Fic Request: Lydia is killed because of the bounty placed on the supernatural. Stiles is the only one that can see her spirit.

Rating: T

Genre: Angst, Comfort, Action

Author: stilesandlydiastilinski

Author’s Note : Not a ton of stydia in this but it moves the plot along, last part is being writen at the moment – let me know what you think :)))


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Do you know of any fics where Deadpool thinks Peter is dead but he's not? Or maybe Peter does die but Wade or doctors or someone saves him? Thank you ahead of time!


Fics where Peter isn’t really dead, but scares Wade a lot:

Fics where Peter does die, but comes back to life:


Slipity slopity slop.

Heh, I wanted to do something super sloppy. Playing around, when I should be working on other projects. I’m always working on three to four drawings at a time, because when I get bored of one drawing, I can work on something else. This is probably a very bad habit.

I didn’t want her body too close to him, but… maybe I should have brought her closer.