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sea-banshee asked:

I've never tripped shrooms before but I've tripped acid 5 times. I'm doing it in a week and I'm super excited! What are some differences between the two trips? BTW love your blog

thank you for the love ☺️❤️✌️🍄

as for the difference, I would say acid is very much human, we synthesized it (from the ergot mushroom) and I’m sure you can attest to still feeling like yourself on acid, but just much more enlightened and aware of everything :) the hallucinations are very much similar, however with mushrooms they are accompanied by this incredible sense of oneness with everything. if you take 2 to 3.5g your ego should dissolve, and you will feel a loss of all sense of time.

I like to think of acid as a rocket ship and shrooms as more of a potent plant elixir that makes you a pseudo plant for 6 hours. There is no other way of putting it into words personally, other than “booming” :) as long as you let go and enjoy it for what it is, practicing to Be Here Now for 6 hours, you will love it :)

Acid has never once made me cry… It’s enlightening don’t get me wrong,

But shrooms have made me weep tears of joy, I’ve communed with my soul and universe within me, and I owe my life to the mushroom. It helped me dig my way out of a deep depression I had found myself in for over a year.

This blog is a representation of the positivity that can come out of psychedelic experiences ☺️❤️✌️🍄

took a video of my post barn piano practice (I didn’t even get changed cuz I knew I would collapse as soon as I made it up the stairs…hence the very yellow shirt). The first part is so dark because a storm came in, it was actually filmed at the end of my practice. So the first part is the intro to “millions” by gerard way and the second is “epilogue” from a tale of two sisters!

edit: btw both r played by ear i have sheets made up for “epilogue” tho so if anyone wants them…

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If I might make a suggestion about your last two fics, (I love your other ones, btw!) perhaps it would be better to have Kommissar stony-faced and cold when emotional, and that Beca has to work really hard to get Kommissar to open up to her? She just seems like a very controlled character, so when she gets emotional she keeps bottling it up and pushing the 'weak' feelings down until something causes a breakdown. This is just my opinion, I've loved what you've written so far! Kudos. :)

Ooh thank you for the advice
I’m actually considering rewriting them both because I’m so not happy with them, and I’ll keep that in mind:)
Thanks again lovely:)))

so the only sunflower in our backyard got cut down a few days ago and my mom was really sad about it bc she said it was like her grandma was still here (she died about two years ago btw) so I made a nice little drawing of her grandma to make her happy ^.^


i’ve gøt twø faces

blurry’s the øne i’m nøt

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hello is there anyway i can make money on tumblr?? i dont have that many followers so idk what to do!

ok so i dont know many sites but theres this one that actually works tbh its called OpinionOutpost !!! basically what you do is you sign up and complete surveys and they pay you :) you can either get:

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  • Cash (they send it through paypal) 

since i started like a week ago ive actually been getting a bit of money from them so if you wanna to check it out (you have to confirm by email) and do a survey or two registry is free 

Oh btw its only available for USA

In time, she’ll call this the gilded age.

It’s her who does the work, pushing and bleeding to be better than the best, but he’s the one who makes it all feel so very fucking beautiful.
They’re indomitable together.

She couldn’t have known then that she would be the end of him.

An Ivy League AU, based on the story of Atalanta.

for natasha wokeuptired myths and legends challenge!! 

*tw for language, mild violence, and adult content* [banner by Anna]

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i stole this hat

Btw if they really taped the Corden show two days ago then I’m not sure James can ask them about ProjectNoControl, because it was just a lil’ baby back then. If it was live, then definitely, but just let’s be realistic for a moment.

i saw a post on my dash today saying anders fans are dragging fenris to make anders look better but that’s not??? what i’ve seen anyone do, and certainly not what i’ve done or was my intention of doing. the fact of the matter is people condemn anders for things BOTH characters do and people are trying trying to point out “hey, you know fenris does that thing too but you’re not holding him accountable.” i’ve noticed it particularly with merrill and how quick people are to jump on anders’s case with how mean he is to her, but i’ve hardly heard anyone breathe a word about fenris doing the same. so basically tl;dr don’t condemn anders for things you’re willing to overlook about fenris.


Yo yo yo I was tagged by p-h-a-n-e-s-t-h-e-t-i-c-s, averyiscoldpizza, and moriartys-maitresse to do the 20 beautiful people challenge! Thanks guys ^_^

I tag:

Ash : hey you look down today whats up
Bri : why are all ur fans posting a lot of pics about you and luke i just hate it that they ship you together
Ash : yeah but lukey is a good person ..
Bri : i hate it ok
Ash : he is cute and nice
Bri : and i hate it i dont wanna see you again with him
Ash : he is my band mates and i like him
Bri : ew dont tell me that there is really something btw you two
Ash : and what if
Bri : im your gf ok
Ash : no you are no
Bri : what are you telling me that you choose luke over me
Ash : i will always choose luke over any other person bc i love him and now bye bryana never call me again

And ash come back to the hotel room find luke and they fuck all night happy lashton end yay

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two questions. one, have you ever noticed that pearl's favorite tree looks a lot like the tree in lion's mane? two, are the comics cannon? btw, i love your blog so much :)

I did notice that, which makes me wonder if Pearl’s realtonship with Rose has anything to do with why that tree in particular was her favorite.

As for the comics, I’ll let the crewniverse’s Ian Jones-Quarty explain!