If people wanna thread, let them thread. If people wanna talk on AIM more often than on dash, let them talk on AIM. If people wanna be selective, let them be selective. If you wanna talk shit, though, let yourself out the door. No one is telling you how to breathe, so why the hell are you telling people how to roleplay a certain way, goddamn—

Some random philosophical musing that’s been on my mind recently:

If the multiverse theory is correct, that means there is an infinite number of universes for every possible outcome of every occurrence.

So there’s a universe where I had coffee in the morning,  and a universe where I hadn’t had coffee in the morning.

A universe where I accidentally spill said coffee all over my shirt, a universe where I don’t accidentally spill said coffee all over my shirt.

But, if that universe exists, then there HAS to be a universe where I spill every single cup of coffee I’ve EVER held.

So in such a universe where I spill it every. single. time,
why the hell would I pour myself a cup in the first place?


So wow I had a really eventful birthday from start to finish and I didn’t think I’d enjoy the day as much as I did, I’ve finished my cake and I’m SO sick of sugar and tired now that I definitely need sleep. Thank you to everyone that shared in my birthday from artwork to well wishes to anons, it means so much to me and you totally made my day - goodnight!

It’s so nice to see. It took them a few weeks of Frankie saying less and less bad stuff about Zach, and more and more good things (especially now, with all of these Frankie interviews) , but it’s so nice to see them more accepting and welcoming again. I understand how much it must have hurt them, everything that happened between them (the fight, Frankie BD Zach). I still think they handled it completely the wrong way, but for now I’m just gonna be happy that they’re being supportive right now!

oh my god two adorable grown-ass men in Build-A-Bear Workshop, filling, dressing, and putting faces of nick cage on bears fuzzykins

and filming it all

It’s McConaugheyday at Uni today. We’re watching True Detective in our TV Cultures class and I’ve never been so excited to go into Uni. This is like The Daily Show (also watched in the same amazing class) all over again, but without the element of surprise.

Instead, I’ve been waiting for this for 7 weeks. The goal for this class is to have marking sheets specifically mentioning my favourite shows, and I’ve already achieved one of them.

If I can make my True Detective analysis stand out and have that listed on a marking sheet, my year is complete.


hoa meme: [1/6] students
"when someone gives you their heart… be careful not to drop it." - willow jenks

i think, so far, my life’s greatest regret is that i will never debate gender politics in American Literature of the 1900’s with Chris Pine. 


it’s been a crazy fuckin month (well maybe two weeks and a half okay but still) and I need a break so.. I’m going to London. For a week. With ma big sis’ and my cool cousins. Just like the good ol’days hell yeah!!

so yeah, bye.