Haha look at all the people I’ve outlived. What a good question, anonymous. Believe me, I’ve met some of these brooding nations and I simply can’t understand it!

When you’ve lived as long as I have, you learn that you must shokre ne’matat afsun konad. You must “give thanks for what you have for your blessings to be multiplied.” How will you expect life to be easy if you are constantly gloomy? Like everyone, I have experienced bewildering changes—born as a child empire, the tenuous changes in my faith during adolescence, subjugation and colonialist ventures that threatened my adulthood, and becoming the nation and woman I am today. Appreciate the wisdom granted to you with age and pain, instead of cursing it!

Of course, that said, it’s both a burden and a blessing. I would say life is too short to be brooding, but, well, you know.

((photos: Darius the Great
Illustration of the Battle at Isfahan during the Constitutional Revolution Demonstrations against the Shah in 1979

Gilani women in traditional clothing

There’s also special appearances by Zee’s Mama Greece and Mama Egypt designs, who’ll most likely appear in the future due to the extensive amount of questions I get regarding Iran’s ancient interactions with other empires of the time :p Also special thanks to my friend for translating that Persian phrase :)

And thanks to you too, followers! for being so patient and sticking around))