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Okay so I really need a fanfic of Carmilla coming back in cat form and the gang trying to turn her back into human but can't, they try everything until as a joke one of them suggest true loves kiss and Laura kisses Catmilla and she turns back into a human and ugh I am not okay...

Oh no! That’s too cute! (I’m such a sucker for sappy romance, it’s kind of a sickness) This is an official request this gets written because we need this very much now.


Len cheats at massages with Zevran because he can use rad healing vibes but Zev is pretty ok with that

unlikely things I’d like to see anyway: Bill super excited that his BFF Stanley Stanford The Author is back in town, and not having a grasp on complex human emotions such as “get the fuck away from me, demon creep, you ruined my life.”

Somewhat influenced by this

  • adisusedshed:I can't wait till bitty comes out and his mom is like DUH DICKY
  • notmissmarple:If they're not dating, you know his mom already thinks they are. Maybe both moms. That would be hilarious.
  • notmissmarple:But, like, when he was all, my mom has sent me 5 texts, all about Jack having signed, you KNOW she was all like "WOW, isn't it nice that he'll be SO CLOSE! You can go see him ALL THE TIME!"
  • notmissmarple:and bitty would be like, yeah, we'll go to home games to support him. and she'd be like, oh my lord, stupid boy.
  • adisusedshed:and jack's mom you know is like, "Ohhh cheri I sent Eric a care package, that is such a nice boy, why don't you ever invite him to visit your maman, he is just so nice, did you know I skype with his mother?" (I know she's American, but I like to think she's embraced the quebecois.)

You meet this new girl and it’s great but suddenly she’s forcing you to kill yourself and steals your daughter and before you realise you’ve been dead for 10 years (listen)

1. What kind of Man - Florence & The Machine || 2. On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz || 3. Bloodsport - Raleigh Ritchie || 4. I Found - Amber Run || 5. The Suburbs - Mr Little Jeans || 6. St. Jude - Florence & The Machine || 7. Bedroom Hymns - Florence & The Machine || 8. Dracula’s Wedding - OutKast (Feat. Kelis) || 9. Pistols at Dawn - Seinabo Sey || 10. Hard Time - Seinabo Sey

totally random headcanon that this is what Ginny uses to hang clothes on to dry and it annoys the HECK out of her children because they’ve struggled with it so many times because they’re all super short penguins and can’t reach it properly and because they aren’t seventeen yet they can’t just magic it up and down like she does. and “ugh MUM can you get my (fucking) pants off the drying rack (I just got out of the shower and I don’t have anything on except a towel) I NEED them and I can’t reach ‘em! Mum!?” “Just a moment, hon, Mr Shaklbolt is here” “the minister, mum?! shit” *desperate scrambling*