Yesterday I fell into my closet came out as Rose and ended up in a field of wildflowers we just don’t know.

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Hey. You. Have you eaten today? Anything? Get up and go grab a snack, okay? A handful of chips, an apple, banana, energy bar, whatever you want. Nibble on it if you have to. Eating isn’t easy for everyone for a variety of reasons, but it’s a thing that’s important for your body. And no matter what you think of your body, and what you tell yourself to make you think that maybe you shouldn’t feed yourself, I’m here to tell you that your body is fucking beautiful no matter what shape size or color it is because YOU are fucking beautiful and you deserve to give your body good things, whether it’s a glass of orange juice or some chocolate cake or three cheeseburgers. Food is awesome, and you are awesome.


February 11th, 2014

We found love in a library spaaace ~ 

Inspired by Love is on the Next Page

ububu tired and taking a break from proper things so casually doodles nerd!Stiles and jock!Derek because i like them o<-<


'It's called Psych, and it's not only laugh-out-loud-untilsodasquirts-out-of-your-nose funny, but it's also perfectly cast - another miracle so rare in modern television.' (x)

‘“Psych” is one of those happy collisions of an intelligent script and an appealing cast.’ (x)

‘“Psych” is a show that celebrates delicious dialogue and, in its way, is one of the wittiest shows on TV.’ (x)

'The black sheep in the ongoing trend of detective and crime-solving shows (“The Mentalist,” “CSI”), “Psych” brings something rare to the screen; a refreshing take on a well-populated genre and light-hearted, occasionally absurd humor that serves as a departure from others that have consistently taken a deeply serious approach to crime solving.' (x)

'It’s not just that the writing is funny, or that the performances are enjoyably lighthearted or that the cast has genuine chemistry – it’s all of that. The entire tone of the show, which is as fizzy and irreverent as can be, is a draw.' (x)


Not gonna lie, wasn’t a big fan of Pastel!Marco and Punk!Jean until fangirlregretsnothing’s This Nerd’s Got Bite It’s so funny you guys and Marco is like the best oh my gosh.

I'm Always Tired
  • I'm Always Tired
  • Joyce Manor
  • Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired

I lay awake now, I entertain my plans

To one day miraculously be talkative and likable,

To wake up as someone else, someone I know is inside of me,

Just waiting to be put to use by something much more sharp than us.

They pry out every fucking piece and still they’re coming around again.

Joyce Manor - I’m Always Tired

Sometimes I flip tables and buildings and mountains while shouting “B.A.P WHY ARE YOU SO PERFECT” but then I remember what B.A.P stands for and I put down my tables and buildings and mountains and I cry a little