"You’ll always be my Bella."

  • *in the lab*
  • Molly:*working*
  • Baby Watson:*whispers* Tell her you like her hair.
  • Sherlock:*whispers* What? It's the same as always, only a slight lavender scent and glossy shine...and loose...
  • Baby Watson:*still whispering* Uncle Sherlock, I love you but you're really pathetic.
  • Sherlock:*whispers* I am not!
  • Baby Watson:Well, tell Molly then.
  • Sherlock:Fine! *turns to Molly* Molly, I like your hair.
  • Molly:*blinks* Oh, um-
  • Sherlock:In fact, it's gorgeous. Your hair, your eyes, your work glasses you think I don't know about...
  • Molly:*blushing* Oh, thanks...
  • Sherlock:(to baby Watson) Did I miss anything?
  • Baby Watson:*grins* Yeah! You fink she's pretty.
  • Sherlock:*blushes* Something else!
  • Baby Watson:Dinner!
  • Sherlock:Yes, of course...we're going out for dinner.
  • Molly:*smiling* Aww, are you coming, too, Hannah? To tell him what to say?
  • Baby Watson:*giggles* Nope. I don't wanna see the kissies-
  • Sherlock:*quickly; points* Right, yes, go finish your colouring, now, please.
Friendly reminder that Clara Oswald was always a person...

And she always had character. Just because the Doctor saw her as a mystery does not mean she was a plot device. She had character, you just didn’t see it because you were too distracted by her mystery.

my aunt’s been calling my name for like five minutes trying to get me to come downstairs to do stuff and i’ve just been ignoring her but she just yelled “dinner’s ready!” and i ran down the stairs so fast and into the kitchen only to see that dinner is not ready and she just tricked me and i just


they know my weakness

but let’s be real here: carmilla is just as much a huge nerd as laura is


she studies intense philosophy texts for fun. for women in the 17th century (her original time), that was deeply nerdy. it’s still pretty nerdy today

that’s why i think, underneath the surface veneer of snark and disaffection, under centuries of experience, she’s adorkable just like laura. but in different ways and maybe a bit more eloquent


hoa meme: [1/6] students
"when someone gives you their heart… be careful not to drop it." - willow jenks

I want to know everything about you. I want to know what keeps you awake at night, what makes you smile when you’re in tears, what sets your heart on fire with passion. I want to know about the time you cut your knee when you were five, I want to know about the first time you fell inlove with someone who didn’t feel the same, I want to know about the cat your parents never let you keep but you still held all the way home from the bus stop. I want to know you.