De Homem-Christo says he hasn’t really heard enough of Skrillex’s music, or any other kind of contemporary dance music, to say—he still mostly listens to Zeppelin, the Beatles, classic rock. He points to the speakers overhead. A Solange song, “Losing You”—bright, bounding, primary-colored pop music—is playing.

"That’s good," he says.

—  "Daft Punk Is (Finally!) Playing at Our House", Zach Baron, GQ Magazine, May 2013

as long as someone is working to be a better person then please don’t say that they are terrible

that is so wrong and unnecessary of you


Hama Kiss 2014.04.08 // HEY!HEY!HEY! Spring SP

In regards to the "She's all yours" debate...

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WARNING: rant ahead

…I’m not ok with this….

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i just. i dunno. i never expect things like large patches, game releases, etc to go smoothly. I anticipate problems. I anticipate long loads and losing connection because I figure everyone and their mother is trying to play/download it at once. I anticipate weird glitches and things breaking. Because it cannot POSSIBLY be easy to manage something as complex as an MMO, or an online game, or anything like a sudden massive load on your servers. You can test things until you’re blue in the face but all those feature tests and stress tests and the like will never actually prepare you for the real thing.

and people argue “but they’re game devs, it’s their JOB for these things to work” but like, YOU go ahead and try and implement some massive code and integrate it into pre-existing code, in a live environment. Weird things are bound to happen. Bad things are bound to happen. Players are guaranteed to do something you never even thought of and discover a bug, like “using a greatsword leap off a cliff while naked causes game to crash” or something. You know they’re pretty good at their jobs because like 80% of it works immediately, and it’s just a matter of like 2 or 3 days before the rest of it is fixed. surely you guys can manage to go for 3 days without using something as insignificant as the Diving Goggles. Or the icon for Porous Bones being changed (which, as i think someone pointed out, there’s a whole lot of “shared” icons for different things so, god forbid we have some clarity; it probably took someone like 3 minutes to flip that icon and do some color adjustments because that’s literally all it is, calm down).

I’m really just tired of people absolutely losing their collective shit over things like that. Weird, unexpected insignificant breaks which will be fixed as soon as the poor guy who’s stuck listening to players screaming at him over the change of an icon finds that one weird obscure line of code that is inexplicably fucking everything up, even though at face value it shouldn’t be messing anything up, because code is weird.

And then when it comes to other things, like level-gating some stuff, like yeah talk about it it. bring it up on the forums. tweet it to the devs. But don’t be a dick about it??? Anet devs are a pretty cool bunch. Sit down and bust out a big ol’ list of things that are broken in this patch, of all the problems. Get other people to agree and discuss. But you can do that without going “This is UNNACCEPTABLE. You guys are breaking everything. You have NO idea what you’re doing. I can’t believe you. I am NEVER playing gw2 until this is all fixed. What the fuck where you thinking?” Like that sounds exactly like the way my (thank god former) unnecessarily irate customers sounded. Did you know it’s possible to engage in constructive criticism of a game without sounding like an asshole? I just, I dunno. What I’m hearing now just seems like it’s totally inconsiderate of other things. or maybe i’m just far too forgiving/understanding of video games and game devs i dunno

i got enough of this shit out of bioware fans i don’t need it out of you too

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Hey how are you? Can you recommend a good book about dragons

Hi there, I’m okay! ♥

It’s funny because I love dragons so much, but I haven’t read that many books about them.

  1. First of all - Eragon by Christopher Paolini - I know some people have issues with it, but I LOVE THIS SERIES, I’ve reread it like thousand times and I will probably do it again soon. Really try this one first.
  2. Eon by Alison Goodman - I read it this year and I kinda liked it, but as for a drgon book there’s not that much about dragons. I mean there is, but it deals with so many other problems - politics, feminism and lots more.
  3. A song of Ice and Fire by G. R. R. Martin also known as Game of Thrones - yeah, there are dragons, but there is also so so much more. I really love it, though, I would recommend it to almost everyone.
  4. How to train your dragon by Cressida Cowell - yes, it was a book first. I haven’t read it YET (but I want to so so much), but I heard it’s pretty different from the movies. BUT STILL TOOTHLESS, and I heard there are some pirates i love pirates
  5. The Neverending Story by Michael Ende - there is something kinda maybe a little a dragon that looks like a dog. But I love this book so so much. When you read it you feel like you’re in bed and your parent or granparent is reading you aloud, it’s like a fairytale, an epic story that is so so much more than just a children book.

That’s all I can think of. Here you’ve got a list of dragons books - browse and tell me if you find something nice!

Thanks for asking and have a lovely day ♥


headcanon; While Kris is definitely confident in her ability to raise and handle pokemon now, she still has a pretty glaring issue in dealing with agitated pokemon.

Since the incident with Jet when she was just starting as a trainer, she can’t help but get nervous around frightened or angry pokemon. Usually it’s not a massive issue - she’ll be more cautious (probably more than necessary) but it doesn’t typically get in the way too much.

The real problem comes from how easy it is to make her lose her calm in those situations. For the most part, she has someone from her own team help whenever she has to deal with a pokemon that’s distressed; normally it’s Athena. Being able to keep her distance is essential for her to keep a level head - when it comes down to it, if a pokemon were to lash out at her, she probably wouldn’t be able to stay calm enough to think clearly. She knows what she should do, of course, but it’s a lot different for her in theory than in practice. 


/got to some replies that I owed. I’m off Hiatus now and feel a bit better.


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Hi again! Content conversation moving on. You are 100% right about Never Again that's for sure. If we look on individual episodes we will most definitely find those points where they took making Scully different and following the tv norm of the time too far. But to me Scully's character is in overall so powerful and complex and the series subtext is enough to make me believe she could do anything. And since the scene with Ed was kinda left to our imagination, I always thought they did have sex.

I agree, man. It’s not a wonder that so many young girls looked up to Scully (and continue to do so even after after a decade + of the show being over). And yeah, that’s true… they did set her up in such a way that allowed me to give the benefit of the doubt for the most part. For example, I know some people have issues with FtF because they thought Scully ended up playing the role of the “Damsel in distress” but I never saw it that way at all precisely because of how they had set up the character on the show. I just saw it as one human saying another human’s ass, rather than the male saving the woman, like the two of them had done countless of times on the show. So I totally feel you on this. 


my dad is really, really great. he came over so his friend could use my computer to buy his daughter a bike and saw how distressed i am over the ants, so he said if the landlords won’t do what they are supposed to do he will pay for the exterminator.

the downside is that i have to trade my therapist appointments for exterminator appointments ‘cause he already pays for me to see my therapist, but it is not so bad because the exterminator only needs to come out every other month so i can still see my therapist on alternating months.

Supervillain Racket

Talk your way out of an ass-beating in today’s strip:

The current story arc starts here.

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Ha thats hilarious! Kinda gross to me tho that he's putting thaila in zeroville and ej in adderal diaries. its very casting couch-esque. Just cuz you're sleeping with them doesn't mean you need to employ them.

kinda off topic but:: it seems very apparent now that he and his partners don’t lead monogamous relationships- which imo is completely fine if they are all consenting adults. i know some people here have /issues/ with his partners but in terms of his approach to relationships, i think there isn’t anything wrong with leading a polyamorous life.