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“I had this feeling in acting school— that once we got out of the contained environment of school, and into the real world, everything would work itself out.  I thought that the people with talent would naturally rise to the top.  But you learn that the entertainment industry is also a very contained environment.  You learn how little talent actually matters.  So much relies on things that are outside of your control: what you look like, who you know, what agency represents you.  And I knew that race would matter, but I didn’t realize how much.  I just thought my school wasn’t doing plays that catered to ethnicities because we didn’t have many people of color.  I thought in the real world, I’d have more roles to choose from.  But things didn’t change much in that respect, either.”

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Do you think ot4 can still manage a successful rebrand and sustainable long term career? Or would a team change just get them through their last two albums before they disband? I feel like all the boys have side projects that could become their main projects, much like zayn has with naughty boy.

OT4 can absolutely have a successful career without Zayn, but things are going to have to change.  No more bullshit fuckery/stunts. Fan service. A coming out so half the fucking band can interact.

 I don’t think they’d work so hard for a team change and a coming out and all the other shit if they weren’t working that hard to secure their own future. 

happy birthday to an angel;  
this is the fourth time i’ve done this yet somehow, i always struggle with what to write one year after the other. but i guess that’s a good thing since you’re always leaving people speechless. i feel like this has become an understatement now, but i’m so proud of you hoya. the amount of talent you have amazes me more and more each year and i never thought it’d be possible but you’ve proven me wrong. acting, dancing, rapping, singing, and composing. it really makes it harder to answer "is there something he can’t do?" the determination you have to be the very best at what you do is so strong, it’s really inspiring to watch you be so passionate about your dreams and how much you love being up on that stage. your hard work has got you to where you are today and i can’t be any happier to call myself your fan. please continue to smile bright like you always do. it makes my day just a little bit brighter.
내 인생의 빛, 너.



Mako: Yay, a chance to prove that I’m a fighter outside of video games!

Rei and Minako?







Rei and Minako, you are both glorious potato skins, and while there is a very strong likelihood you are about to get yourselves killed, I appreciate that this was not even once a consideration either of you had.before deciding this was not only the best course of action, but THE ONLY course of action.

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hi ben! what are your views on youtubers writing books? As a youtuber yourself how do you think this impacts the youtube community?

it’s awesome! i think people seem to have this idea that youtubers branching out and succeeding in other fields means that they’re less authentically passionate about, or trying to distance themselves from their audiences. which is understandable from an outsider perspective; but that’s so so so :O to me. i see youtubers writing books and doing tours/television appearances as an extension of the thing they love to do, and an amazing stepping stone in proving the validity of new media. the term ‘sell out’ is being thrown around a lot and that makes me really sad because when i see one of my favorite content creators doing really well and representing outside of youtube (and getting rightfully recognized for it after working so hard!) i want to celebrate for them even if it means i don’t have as much as a shot at being noticed. yes! do that brand deal that i can just skip! yes! go on that tour you’ve dreamed of! yes! sell a product that i literally have no obligation to buy unless i want to! because those things means that they’re happy and allows them to be able to do even bigger things for me, a lover of content, to obsess over. the worst thing we can do as a community it try to keep everything our little secret as opposed to sharing what we’ve all created together to other people as a way to grow. it’s all really good stuff — it brings recognition to the community — and i really hope people can see that. <3


We interrupt your regularly scheduled Trixie Story Arc because…


I have no words…

OK I have words. lots of them. XP But I will try not to be long winded!

Thank you all for following my blog!  Seriously without you guys there would be no OutofWorkDerpy!  When I 1st started this blog I had hopes but I never would have thought that Derpy and her out of work shenanigans would have taken off as well as it did! 

I’ve been trying to think about what to do to celebrate for a few month now, and as much as I would like to do something massive or crazy, I just don’t have the time, and it would take away from being able to get updates out, which is what you all are here for in the first place.  So instead of doing something fancy, I think I’m gonna do the good old cliche… A Contest! So without further ado…

Out of Work Derpy 5K Contest! 

Grand Prize! (1 Winner)

The Grand Prize Winner will get a fully shaded commission of a pony of their choice! This includes a white & transparent background version. 

Runner Ups! (3 winners) 

The runner ups will get a pony mugshot sketch of a pony of there choice.  

Rules and Participation

To participate in the contest you have to be a follower, reblog this post, and answer one or more of the following questions:

  • How did you find my blog and become a follower?
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  • Do you have a constrictive critique of the story or art style? 

You don’t have to write an essay or anything, just a short paragraph is fine. the Deadline is April 15th.  Winners will be chosen randomly from those who followed the directions.  Anything hateful or neglectful of the spirit of the contest will be disqualified for fairness of those who are actually trying.   

I think that is everything… Again think you all for following!  

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Ta-daaa~! :D

Here’s the final colored version of Emma and Warrick in their Kingdom Hearts garb. This concept was originated by my friend Kalil, who is a huge fan of Namesake. It was an intriguing idea and designing the clothing was challenging, so we had to do a bit of brainstorming on that together. This was a lot of fun! ^^

Materials: Toned grey 400 series sketch paper, mechanical pencil, Copic Multiliners, and Prisma colored pencils. All while taking cable repair calls! lol (really, it was only in between calls. I have no idea how long this actually took if I were to just count the time I was working on it…).

Also, thank you for so many likes and reblogs, Namesake fans! I’m super honored that Secondlina reblogged my previous sketches. *bows graciously* Thank you! I love your comic so much. :3

Now it’s on to brainstorming for a mobile game…

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I want Harry's amazing lip color! Do I too have to kiss Louis repeatedly to get the same shade because that would be fine by me.

Seriously though, how does it change so much???

I don’t know what the hell that boy does but it works…

like shit

maybe Louis’ ass has some special chemical that makes his lips change colors

Im so stressed

what is his secret

I think it is Louis’ ass


im gonna go with that





My babe would never fret none                                                                                          about what my hands and my body’d done….

before i was married, i worked hard and played hard. i started acting when i was six. by fourteen or fifteen i was getting jobs on my own. and that opened me to the experiences that come with an adult lifestyle. it’s part of being a young actor. the wilder the drama in my life, the deeper i can get on screen – that was kind of the philosophy i had at the time. now, i’m selective about what i do. so much so that, when i read a script and think i can do it, i have to ask myself, why do i want to do it? i look around at my wife and kids think about it carefully first. it gives you real perspective.

Virtual Tour - Calum Hood [fluff]

Requested - yes


A/N: Sorry this took so long write I suck at time keeping

Word Count - 629

“Come on, [Y/N], 2 weeks, that’s all I’m asking, I’ll pay for it all, arrange it with your work, everything will be fine,” Calum tries to persuade as he watches you pack his bags. “I mean it doesn’t take much to pack bags does it?”

“Excuse me, who’s doing the packing?” you giggle.

“Okay, but you’ve already started you may as well just pack an extra bag,” he prods your waist making you squirm.

“No Calum, it’s really not that simple, I don’t think you understand,” you give him a serious look.

“Why not, I understand it might be difficult but surely it can’t be that bad?” he continues.

“No, how many times do I need to tell you, anxiety is a lot more complex than that,” you sigh.

Suddenly Calum is up and stood in front of you with a stern look in his eye, “I think you’re just being stubborn”

“I’m not Calum,” you exclaim. “And I’m not going on tour with you, trust me I feel far worse than you do and I don’t think you understand just how much I actually do want to go,” you slap the case shut and seal it, “Your case is packed”

Leaving Calum sightly pissed was never one of your aims but if he doesn’t understand what your anxiety is like after a year and a half long relationship he has no hope of doing so now. It does sadden you, however, to know that the idea of going on tour with him pretty much won’t happen.

Midway through Calum’s second day on tour and you feel dazed after not talking to him for so long, hen all of a sudden you get a message from him that is simply a video link. When you click the link a window pops up with a video entitled ‘[Y/N]’s Virtual Tour : Day 1′. He’s such a sweetheart.

He’s spent the entire first day filming every moment and then edited it together for you, it was close to you actually being there.

Soon after he messages you again ‘Expect this daily’

You never expected Calum to actually keep it up, just one video was enough for you but he continues to make them for you daily.

It’s the last day of tour and you’re so excited to have Calum back soon but the last concert of tour will probably be the most difficult, your last chance to see him live, so you’re excited when all of a sudden you get a Skype call.

“Hey,” he smiles, unusually close to the camera, you can tell he’s filming on some kind of iPad or tablet.

“Hi, aren’t you supposed to be at the last concert right now?” you furrow your brow.


He slowly pans out to show a stage, lights, his 3 best friends and a crowd of thousands.

“I may be on stage right now”

“What the hell Calum, hang up on me right now and get back to your show,” you demand, unable to contain your smile.

“No, I finally get how much you really wanted to come to tour and how you really couldn’t so I thought,” he sets you down somewhere. “You could experience it virtually.

You don’t have the right words to reply to him at this point but you plug your ears and watch as they boys begin the show. The mixture of the music and the fans screaming fills your ears, how you’d never thought of this before you don’t know. All throughout the show Calum shoots you funny faces which gain screams from not only you but the rest of the fans.

When the last song comes to an end he takes back the iPad and says to you, “See you tomorrow babe”


A/N: sorry that was so bad but it’s late and I’m tired

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Happy Birthday, Hoya! Ah, it’s already been a year since your last birthday. Time goes by so fast ;_; I don’t think you’ll ever realize how much of an inspiration you are to me- always working so hard, living for your dreams day after day & pushing out of your comfort zone to try new things. I’m incredibly grateful that you found your way to Infinite & spent these past few years loving Inspirits as much as we have loved (and will continue to love) you. I won’t ever be able to find the right words to express how much I love and appreciate you, but I really do wish you the best for your special day, as well as many more birthdays to come. ❤

YA Feminist Anthology ‘Feminism for the Real World’ Forthcoming from Book Blogger Kelly Jensen, And It’s Going to Be Epic

“Kelly Jensen knows what she’s talking about when it comes to young adult literature. Before becoming a book blogger for her site and a writer at BookRiot, Jensen worked as a teen librarian for several years. So I could not be more excited that her much needed YA feminist anthology Feminism for the Real World was picked up by Algonquin. Literally the only bad news in this epic announcement is that now we have to wait until 2017.

Seriously, how do I not already have this book in my hands?

Jensen talked about that vision she has for Feminism for the Real World:

Krestyna and Elise get my voice and they get my vision for this project. They have been supportive, encouraging, and positive with and toward me and my actions when it comes to feminism and the value of talking about girls, girls reading, and, on a larger scale, sexism.

My absolute goal is to make this an intersectional, diverse array of pieces, with a variety of voices represented. This was crucial to my thinking from the beginning, and it will drive my work on building contributions. I want this to be an encompassing, enduring work

Yes, yes, and more yes. Jensen has said she already has contributors and topic areas in mind and she is committed to diverse voices to encourage and inspire teen girls to get involved in feminism. And as a grown-up teen girl feminist, I’m pretty sure it will be just as inspiring to me.”

Read the full piece here

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I'm in my last year of school (Year 12) and I'm sitting for finals in May/June. I still have so much work to do and so little time to complete it in and it's really frustrating. Do you have any tips on how to organize and get a lot of work done? Also I would love some tips on making a daily/weekly/monthly schedule because my plans are usually unrealistic. Thanks :) xx

Here you go:

I hope that helps a little! Good luck ^_^

Thirty Has Been Good to Me So Far

I turned 30 at the beginning of the year without much fanfare. Par for the course as birthdays go, I’m not one for wanting to be the center of attention. I didn’t have any trepidation about the number or any of its so called meanings because no matter what I do I will always grow older. And I don’t want to be 21 forever. I’ve learned too much since then to ever want to go back.

My life is still teeming with chaos (hello two parent working family with three young kids duh) but in the rare quiet moments of reflection I’ve realized something: I am content with myself for the first time in my life. And it’s because i spent my twenties working my ass off to build this very life. Every single decision I made, good and bad, has led me to this very place. And I finally, FINALLY, feel really good about it.

So thank you, 30. Let’s continue to rock at life together for the next ten or so years.

Funny Thing

I work OEM/ODM and I know pretty much the whole industry (see why my old boss dragged my shit through the coals to everyone for a sad Macbook event that went down on a vacation…plus other things) ((long story)) (((ask Michele))) so when they asked me for references, shit man, I got people who you buy from that I got drunk and laid in other countries that you never heard of.

But sometimes you pull out the Ace and toss it on the table.

“Sure. I have them. Do you know Albert?”

“Albert? I talk with him everyday.”

“Then call him up. Ask him about clam penis.”

Today he comes in and says “I talked with Albert. Clam penis……….oh Lord.”

Needless to say….hey man. 

When the gloves come off, things can get fun.

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I mean that there were atheists producing work during the Renaissance. So of course I wouldn't mean the entire Renaissance. Not everything during the renaissance had to do with religion.

i had such a longwinded reply for this but please come off anon. there’s so much to talk about. i studied art history for five years. let us please have this conversation.

i am concerned and kind of in awe now.


The absolutely lovely kat61687 met some of the developers from Bioware who worked on DAI and got a card signed for me! Totally unsolicited AWESOMENESS. Thank you so so much! For now, it’s going to live in my Prima Inquisitor Edition box until I can find a suitable spot to hang it up (preferably in my study where I do most of my writing)

Fitness and working out won’t always necessarily make the scale go down. I don’t fit in any of my old jeans and for a while it bothered me so much because they were all so tight and gave me muffin tops. But I have good and healthy gains and I’m stronger than ever! Screw the scale, go based on what you look like in the mirror. If you need to buy smaller pants, cool. If you have to go up a size or two like I do, so be it. Love yourself regardless of the size of your clothing and fight for fit! Happy Friday ❤️💪