and I have certain head canons and such

I was debating if i should post this one or not here, it was a request on another site and definitely has a fetishy angle.

But then again, the request was for just Nicole and i put Gumball too because it is canon that both of them can hulk out, this picture is basically canon! so usually when i have problems with doing certain things is if it fits the character or not, or if it is canon, so i say i should allow myself to upload this.

I am delighted at how the show has lately incorporating this sort of gags and meta concepts into the actual show mythos, like the void, Gumball and Darwin manipulating the timer, characters disassembling themselves like mr potato head toys, etc. 

It really makes Elmore seem like a weird world that is not a cartoon just from our perspective, but in universe runs on cartoon logic and the characters know it.

I know there’s SQ shippers that have a preference of one character above the other. And while I can say I do have more of a fondness for Regina, I still love them both equally, and if you attack either one of them in any form or way my claws will come out…

Bonus!: I created a rune for the Dentree and tried to make a fake runestone out of it. I think I did pretty good.

Head canon time! Prominent clans or decently powerful magi and sorceri can have their own runes, like a personal or family crest.

Regalia Runes can be used as territorial markers or painted on scroll cases, sometimes tattooed on the clan’s official envoys and couriers. Generally these runes do not have any inherent magical power unless from ancient clans whose will and magic have fed the rune for generations giving it its own magical significance. Infused regalia runes can be interchanged with the rune ‘Clan’ to represent the family, link, and love attributes in certain defensive spells, making them even more powerful when used within the territory.

Name runes or Alias runes are those that are created by a single individual, almost always a magic user as other dragons really have no use for them. The rune is infused with their energy and essentially ‘tattooed’ to their soul. If one were to dispell a spell or curse cast by these magic users, their rune can be glimpsed in the dispersion of energy. It is a signature that spell slingers can use to identify one another. 

Name runes can also be used in spirit summoning circles, if carefully written, to call forth energy fragments of a deceased magic user and can be conversed with, limited as memory fragments are, but still a good sources for obscure information for those willing to risk the magical feedback that comes with botching very delicate and easily ruined summoning spells.

HiroLemon head canon time! (seriously, what’s wrong with me?)

So, kimono are often made within a certain size range, for women of average height in Japan which is somewhat on the short side. It is pretty rare to find one for taller people so Honey Lemon has never come across a kimono that she could wear because she is so tall.

After they start going out for a while, Hiro saves up a small fortune that may or may not have been won through bot-fighting some money to have a custom kimono made for Honey Lemon to wear during the Japanese festivals in San Fransokyo. There is of course lots of pink and flowers and the crown jewel is a special obi made with a hexagonal pattern to mimic some of the molecular diagrams that Honey works with often.

Honey cries, a lot.


I have a head canon for the movie Atlantis <3 remember the scene where Milo and Kida first meet? They speak to each other in 3 different languages…I think they talk dirty to each other in different languages each time they do the do. <3

I…I have been pulled back into the fandom by a certain person I follow (thefastandthefluffiest) <3 I need fanart. And I will be writing fanfiction regarding Atlantis if this gets notes :3

February 17th, 2015; task 002

This week the task will be aaaaall about writing! What we’re dealing with is headcanons, and right now I will try my best to explain what they are.
A headcanon is more or less the ideas/feelings or “canon” that you have in your head about your character. How they behave around their family, react to certain things, habits they may have, favorite routines, etc. ie; a headcanon could be the daily routine they have when waking up or how they behave with other people (family traditions, dates, etc).
For this week, we will be dealing as usual first with singular/personal headcanons, so no other people at the moment! And this will be all about them and what makes them passionate. I want you to go all in depth about your character; their habits, routines, memories, fears, etc. 
As usual, you have a week to post these (you can always feel free to post more past the week!), tag them with the appropriate #sd.task, and post more than one as well!
I hope you have fun, and I will always be around for help or questions.

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I like your Ragyo/Satsuki head canon! Can you do ☠ for Nui and Satsuki?

☠ - angry/violent headcanon

In the context of canon, I don’t think Satsuki ever wanted to hurt Nui the way I think she wanted to make Ragyo hurt. How did the two interact with one another? It’s clear that Nui enjoyed bothering Satsuki, but I wonder if she ever tried to be Satsuki’s sister the way Ragyo might have intended. 

I think there was always something off about Nui though. I think she lacked a certain amount of humanity—not because she was made of life fibers, but because she fully took on the ideologies of Ragyo since birth. I’m curious—how much younger is Nui to Satsuki? How much younger is Nui to Ryuko? She’s very childish, even in her anger. Especially in her anger. Her anger is a temper tantrum.

I think that Satsuki was undoubtedly caught in many of these temper tantrums when she was growing up, when she had to spend time at home. I don’t think Ragyo introduced them to each other until she was sure that Nui was in her clutches—when Satsuki was already building her resolve. Do I think that Nui participated in some of the more vile happenings in Kiryuuin Manor? It’s hard to say… I think she did. But I also think Nui was always jealous of Satsuki. Of the disgusting attention that Ragyo paid to Satsuki. Part of her childishness is definite jealousy, too, so Satsuki being caught in the temper tantrum of a veritable demon doesn’t seem too off base. 

I have certain movies, which I just KNOW are really good (because the fan base is huge!) but I refuse to ever watch.  Either I have been spoiled, or because I know the movie is freaking tragic as hell and just NO.  (sometimes it’s both).

Two of those movies are:

Marley and Me and The Amazing Spiderman 2

Sorry, nope.  But, in my head canon, Spiderman 2 never happened.

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opinions within the fandoms. like some ppl need to re-prioritize what they think is important or fix their head canons or take a xanax and just shut up

Okay. While I do think that some people need to re-evaluate how they approach certain things in both fandoms (especially the Josh fandom), need to take a step or two away from certain situations and their investment in it, and I don’t agree with some of their head canons, that doesn’t make the people themselves bullshit. They may spew a bit of bullshit from time to time, but who doesn’t? Lord knows I probably say things around here on the regular that people look at and go ‘this girl is fuck in the head, clearly!’

I have a decent number of followers, 95% of which I don’t actually interact with (not for lack of wanting too - these people just never talk TO me). But I’m also quite open about how I view certain things and how I feel about how people handle themselves. And with the number of people that are following me, I think it’s impossible to say that all of them share my views. But I don’t think this many people would be following me if they thought differently (most of the time, the people that do interact with me, whether on anonymous or with their Tumblr identity attached, do follow along the same way of thinking as I do). And even if they DO, we just have differing opinions is all. That’s nothing to ‘put up with’. Most of the people who come and chat with me are civil, even if we have a few differing thoughts, and if it gets nasty, I handle it accordingly.

Nobody is bullshit. Some opinions are just outright wrong, of course. But I surely do not fault or dislike any of my followers just because they may think differently then I do about issues.

(Unless it’s about Gale Hawthorne - if you like him, you gotta go…)

My Little Teen Wolf Re-watch...

…details are magic?

Anyways. This re-watch started from the need for data. I have a head canon that certain things happened in the background during seasons 3A, 3B and 4. This head canon is NOT supported by canon…it’s simply not contradicted by events in canon. An amazing writer has graciously taken up the task of making something more of this idea…and I am doing what I can to help.

I’m slowly watching through the episodes and digging up little tidbits from each episode that could weave into a larger story. I was asked to live blog this whole process but I simply won’t be able to with all the seeking around I’ve been doing. Since I can’t provide a live blog or the like, I figured I could provide a few comments as I dig around.

Each episode will get a separate post to keep me inflicting harm with an unexpected wall of text.


Sacrifices || Closed RP w/ sagaces

Continued from {x}

        No one saw it coming until there was a loud bang and several screams in the air. With heads turning left and right, feet scrambling, and arms waving to hit other people out of the way, several civilians were fleeing the scene. The scouts that Jean was walking with, however, did not move a muscle. Until a certain someone fell to the ground with a loud grunt. 

        It was then that Jean noticed that it was humanities second strongest solider on the ground, blood seeping through the fabric of his shit and pain riddling his soft wise eyes. It was also then that Jean noticed that it wasn’t Mike that was the target, but himself. It was then that Jean noticed that Mike was ahead of him before and was now standing beside him. 

        Mike took the bullet for Jean. 

        It took about thirty seconds for his brain to kick in and his body to start functioning again. The person who was at fault for the gun was fleeing the scene and someone was screaming at a few soldiers to pursue them. Jean didn’t move after the assailant, he stayed where he was and moved to his knees. “S-Squad leader Zacharias?” Crawling to him, Jean pulled the man onto his back and gasped. Amber eyes grew wide and shocked at all the blood that already worked its way out and onto the pavement below. “Shit. Someone! Someone help, NOW!” 

        Like hell he was going to let someone die on his own account and like hell he was going to let someone as needed and as strong as this guy die. Ripping off his jacket, Jean pulled Mike’s arms away from the wound in his gut. “Please…let me…” The moment they were off, Jean pressed his jacket against the wound hard. “Please don’t die. God I hardly know you, why did you do this…just…” Why. Why. Why why why. Humanity needed Mike, not Jean. Humanity needed this man and his abilities. He was strong, reliable, his sense of smell was like a damn bloodhound - even Corporal Levi ranted about him a couple of times. Many people respected this guy so…why?

        “Cadet Kirschtein, back up. We’ll take him now.” Jean didn’t want to let go, but he knew he had to. Standing up, blood on his own shirt and hands, he watched as a few men carted Mike off to an infirmary to take the bullet out and hopefully - Sina hopefully he’d make it out alive. “Please….live….I’m so sorry.” 

Escape Plans

Pairing(s): Sydrian // Hints of Romitri

Rating: T

Summary/Background: Sydney and Adrian are college graduates. AU. One shot. Sydney might come off as slightly OOC to some of you.

Author’s notes: This fanfic contains references to canonical events in the Bloodlines series because I thought that would be fun. If you notice any errors/have any recommendations, please do drop into my ask and let me know. Also, I do not own any characters of the Bloodlines series although a certain green eyed hottie does make it sound like a terrible loss.

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ghostxridingthewhip asked:

4, 6, 10, 16

4. Do they have any verbal tics? Do they have trouble pronouncing certain words or getting their thoughts across clearly?
 Oh, America has a medium Spanish accent. She doesn’t regularly roll her Rs except when she’s speaking spanish, but she does pronounce the “i” like /ee/, the A “uh”  and the o’s and u’s in dryer sounds. No, for example sounds like Noh, rather than the “ou” sound english normally makes (I DON’T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN THIS I AM SORRY)

6. If you were to pick one song — and only one song — to describe your character, what would it be and why?
Ahh this is hard. I am sure there’s a better choice I have heard before but at the moment all I can come up with is Any Other Way by We The Kings I feel like to her it’s what most of her life has been: flighting to the end because if she has do die she’ll choose doing it like her mothers: saving lives.

10. If they had a choice, would they prefer a subway or a bus for public transportation?
That’s a hard choice for America. On one hand, she hates cars and buses are even worse. She gets dizzy. Subways, on the other hand, are underground and so damn fast —every time she gets inside she starts instinctively thinking how she’d manage to save everyone on board if something went wrong. It gets her very anxious. So, bus. As much as she hates it, she’d pick the bus. 

16. What are their best school subjects? What are their worst? List five of each.
Uh, America never really got any formal education past the age of 8? She never fell into the system either, but she was lucky enough to be taught the basics by some people in her life. Lately, David has been secretly helping her with some harder stuff. Overall, though:

She’s good at: 

  1. Maths (since it’s mostly logic thinking and she had to learn how to live on a budget)
  2. Languages (she picked up spanish growing up and she has learnt the basics of some of the most used languages in the multiverse)
  3. Geography  (but only when it comes to wide areas, countries, etc. If she has to find a street or a number she will most likely get lost)
  4. Social Studies (she truly enjoys learning about new cultures in the places she visits)
  5. History (she knows many versions of history, which is more or less constant in many Earths)

She has a hard time with:

  1. English (she learnt the basics to read and write but she is slow at doing it and gets easily frustrated)
  2. Physics (she comes from a world of magic and, since she’s not particularly affected by Physics laws, she never got the hand of them)
  3. Chemestry (same as Physics)
  4. Politics (she’s just not interested)
  5. Law (same.)

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Really random question, it's not about PD, but what do you think would Bubblugum feel if Marceline somehow died? I just really want to know how you think Bubblegum would react, I suppose. Ha ha. Canonically and headcanonically? Or either of the two, I guess?

In canon I’m like… 98% certain she’d be outwardly unaffected in public then go back to her room and cry herself to sleep. Maybe. PB doesn’t strike me as the kind of character who would actually breakdown a great deal. She’d probably go hunt up Maja though and get her shirt back. Probably take out whatever anger/frustration she’s feeling… and then maybe have a cry. So long as no one can see.

Head canonically, well that’s funny because I’ve killed Marceline a couple of times. They were both themed around songs and you can find them here and here. They’re on Tumblr somewhere too but I’m too lazy to find them. They pretty much sum up my feels on the subject. c’:

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i like your pieces that are based on theactualasami's stuff. What about them inspired you to contribute to her head canons?

Well firstly they’re extremely well written and secondly I just find the characteristics of the children and the interactions between the siblings and their parents just so interesting (not to mention pretty adorable). I have my own headcannon for Sukka children which I’ve only featured in two stories, I just haven’t found the right story to put them (which is often a probably, at least for me, when creating original characters). With tophbeiphfong’s (formerly theactualasami) headcannons its a little easier as their characteristics are already established but also certain elements / things can also be added in as well. That and I just like writing prompts for her and the prompts she writes for me are always great ^_^

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So since yesterday when you said clones age 3 times faster, I have been researching. And I find no evidence to this tid bit. Or any evidence against it. So, I'm going to assume that clones are still grown to an adult age at a certain amount of time that's faster then an aging block is put on allowing them to resume normal aging. That's just a personal opinion and view, not a fact. Anyways, do you like this head canon?

It’s interesting, but I don’t know if I fully believe it.

I’m actually going to Bingo tonight with my mom, but I’ll still be here for a couple more hours before I head off. We have decided to accept at 15 apps. We currently have six. Come bring us some more? We have 21 canon characters for you to choose from, or you can write up an OC. Or, if you want a certain face as a canon character shoot us a message and we’re happy to write up a bio.