together, all eight of them make up the creatures.

i think this is a very important message in the fandom right now - every single one of these people make up the creatures. all eight of them. every single one of them individually contributes to the channel in different ways; whether it’d be editing, adding some humour to the videos, creating series’ - they are all a part of this channel we all love. every single one of them should be appreciated. if there’s a specific creature you don’t like, stop complaining and unsubscribe because at the end of the day, they are a part of the creatures whether you like it or not and each of them work their asses off for our enjoyment.

Why Everyone Needs To Lay Off My Girl Aphrodite

So I felt the need to address the issue of the modern day interpretation and portrayal of Aphrodite because I get seriously offended by some of these portrayals (looking straight at you Rick Riordan) as my love for Aphrodite has never known any bounds. And here is why:

Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, desire, and has also been associated with passion. She is known as the most beautiful of all the gods; she is also described as ill-tempered, easily offended, and vain, as well as being notorious for unfaithfulness. 

Sure, all of these may seem like what we would label as shallow traits in a woman and internalized misogyny seems to constantly debase her into a type of woman that is spited by society today. We also seem to associate everything she represents and her personality with weakness: that those who adhere to femininity, passion, beauty, and love are weak and cannot do much as they are not “frontline fighters.”

In fact, even in Greek myth, Aphrodite has had to face this sort of mentality. For example, in The Iliad, Aphrodite is wounded while protecting her son Aeneas and is scolded by Zeus to stay out of war affairs and that she should concentrate on marriages instead. Nobody seems to take into the account the extent to which Aphrodite’s power and influence extends. 

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Dear SHINee fandom/Kpop fandom in general

We need to talk about editing, ok? Because these idols are under so much pressure to be pale and I mean, it’s clearly upsetting for them (see: Kai of exo) and yet stuff like this continues to show up on my dash and I cannot for the life of me understand why.





(Please note: I have no personal bias against the editor. This is simply the first example that showed up on my dash today. Again, I am not personally attacking the editor. I’m sure I could go into the tag and find a number of other edits appropriate for this post. This one just had the misfortune of showing up on my dash. And I’m lazy, so.)

I’m not particularly eloquent, so please bear with me?

This has to stop. I’m not knowledgeable enough to argue whether this is whitewashing, but you can find some very informative posts -here-. Regardless of whether this counts as whitewashing (and I’m at least 75% sure it does), I still find it incredibly disrespectful. Idols are constantly under pressure to stay pale and the ones who don’t are hyper-sexualized (Kai of exo, Hyuna of 4minute, etc). So to have to deal with that day in and day out and then turn around and have the fans do this?? It’s not ok. And I don’t want to hear anyone try to argue that it’s ok because ~~~it’s not like the idols are actually going to see the edits~~~. That’s like saying it’s ok to talk shit about someone, just as long as they don’t hear or know you’re saying it. If you’re truly a fan (yeah, im gonna use the ~~true fan~~ argument here. This is one of the few times it’s actually relevant) you wouldn’t be disrespectful at all, not just where they can’t see you do it.

I understand some people are new to editing and they see other photos edited really pale and they think it looks ~~artistic~~ but, to be perfectly honest, I’m not going to accept this as an excuse. I’ve never edited a single picture in my life and I can still tell that this is unacceptable. If you want to use this argument (which is weak at best), then instead of defending what is clearly disrespectful to the idols, maybe put out some tutorials showing how to edit idols without making them super pale (and giving them blue eyes, which isn’t necessarily 100% relevant to this post but still problematic). If you’ve got the skills to edit well, then I feel like you’d be doing a really great thing by making tutorials teaching people how to avoid stuff like this. 

Even if the tutorials aren’t made though, this still needs to stop. Just because you don’t have the skills, you’re not excused. You need to have some kind of accountability. If you don’t have the skills to edit your idols without being disrespectful, than you need to search out tutorials for yourself rather than just accepting things the way they are.

Thank you for reading this and please take it into account the next time you edit a picture. Or even the next time you reblog a picture, remember, you’re supporting a person’s edits with your likes and reblogs and encouraging their methods. Can we, as a community, at least agree to not support these kinds of edits?

Rebbutal of Rinharu as "Unhealthy"


Ok, this is a little something I felt needed to be addressed so here goes nothing.

*takes off shipping goggles (and you should too)*

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen quite a few people talking about how they thought Rin and Haru’s relationship was “problematic” and “unhealthy” because it’s based on “Rivalry” and “Hatred/Love”.

Yes, those exact words. I witnessed it with my own two eyes.

Now, I could go on and on about how wrong I think those people are and how they are utterly missing the point but that could just be dismissed as a random opinion so I’ll let the character in question here (Rin) do it for me because that’s canon:

*** To be honest, it had never occurred to me that I could lose to someone. But any frustration I felt vanished when I thought, “There’s someone more amazing than me. I want to be able to swim like him.” ***  - Rin, S02EP12

There you have it. There is certainly a kind of rivalry in their relationship but it’s not the unhealthy kind and it’s not the main component of said relationship either.

They INSPIRE each other. They constantly try to keep up with the other because that’s their balance. I mean, that’s actually super healthy? 

Even when Rin came back from Australia, bitter and cold, simply beating Haru was never enough and that’s because that’s not what their relationship has ever been about. 

Haru plays two very important parts in Rin’s life:

a) his competition because Rin knows Haru’s potential, wants him to realize it and make the most out of it, and because they play off each other so well. Compatibility, you know?

b) a very, very important person in his life because he cares about Haru and he fucking loves him and if you need me to point this out to you, I think you’re a lost cause as it couldn’t be made more obvious ???

AGAIN:  ”any frustration I felt vanished”

Any frustration he felt towards Haru vanished SECONDS after he lost to him and transformed into pure admiration on the spot. That’s literally IT. He fucking adores the guy so much it’s embarassing. 


behindtheburqa you’re being so problematic right now it’s amazing WHEW first of all you’re standing up for someone who has made transphobic comments AND said that every lesbian chooses to be a lesbian so idk why you’re stanning for this trash when you have “some sort of degree in sociology”

second of all you claim everyone is being a homophobe because frankie said “gay men are wise. we know how men and women think” and someone called it out to be problematic and you said everyone is being homophobic because we’re discrediting Frankie’s femininity. first of all, I have a serious problem with you thinking that since Frankie is feminine, he knows all about being a girl. last time i checked, when he walks down the streets he doesn’t get cat called by men and risk his life every night just by walking down the street, he doesn’t have to struggle with the rights of his own body and whether or not he can abort a baby, he doesn’t know SHIT about being a girl, idc how feminine he is (note: i know all girls don’t have this problem, but frankie does not identify as transgender, in fact he’s transphobic) … frankie could have all the femininity in the world but it does not make it right for him to discredit females and basically say he knows how women think…. 

and third of all, i have a serious problem with you assuming Victoria identifies as white just because she is Jewish when she proudly comes from Israel… you’re discrediting her and saying that “oh most people who are Jewish check down their white” and that is stereotyping every Jewish person

so maybe please do us all a favour and delete your train wreck of a blog and throw out your sociology degree 


It’s been over a year (!) since I last posted something on here and while I could list hundreds of reasons why that happened let’s just settle with life punched me in the face and I had other things on my mind than Sims. I thought I was done with this game but I guess you’re never really done with it. Recently things have been going well again and with Sims 4 coming out I thought hey why not give it a shot. I would’ve totally made a photoset with all the fun I had but this is literally the first picture I was able to take before the game crashed so I guess it wasn’t meant to be. It did remind me how much fun I had playing other Sims games though so thanks EA for making a game so shitty it made me think of how I would rather be playing something different in that moment. (okay, okay the gameplay is fun but I thought over the years we kinda established what’s supposed to be included in a base game and this game betrayed me and also stomped on the characters I love)

Proper pictures might still take a while because I’m currently rebuilding my download folder (like I’m trying to at least twice a year until I crumble and give up) and it’s a bit hard to stay motivated when you have to start from scratch but I’m gonna try my best to get the basics together as quick as possible. 

I really did miss this community and it’s not like I completely forgot about it but there’s nothing I can change about it now. Life happens and I guess have a lot of things to catch up with now in this fandom.

Also thanks to everyone who’s still following this blog despite the huge hiatus <3 

In conclusion: Sims 2 is my one true love why did I ever consider leaving it and its fandom

((Mordekaiser would just be like “fuk ur shit u bitch” because they are pretty much used to eachother fighting. Xerath I would understand because he is probably the most powerful mage in existence [if he weren’t bound] and being made of pure energy, I doubt there is much he fears of.

And Mer….I think that’ll just piss him off even more XD))

No Bullshit attitude.


I just got done watching a video on youtube. Some of the shit he said was true, and other things…really? 

I just felt the need to address some things that he did..and clear it up a little. 

-“Posting anything about depression or self harm is seeking attention” 

I understand some of the posts saying “if i get 500 likes i’ll stop cutting myself” That’s for attention. But some people look at things on the internet about it to distract them from doing it to themselves. Post things to express themselves, and it’s a way of coping for them.

-“maybe you wouldn’t feel so alone and people would like you if you weren’t such a debby downer.” 

…..Depression is the Debby downer, not the person.


-“people are starving and they don’t cut themselves.”

Most of the people who cut, also deal with other mental illnesses. They are unstable and sometimes don’t know what to do. 

Comparing your situation to others situations doesn’t fix anybodies situation! so why do it? 

-“just go get help!” “just stop doing it”

Like I’ve said before, when you’re dealing with a mental illness such as are convinced you are crazy and worthless. So just telling people and “just” asking for help…isn’t that simple. 

-“You obviously just don’t have enough going on in your life, you’re just bored.”


as a person dealing with situations like this. I know that this is complete bullshit. I am extremely busy and it still, never helped…OR stopped me. 

I love his no bullshit attitude, and some of the shit he says is true. But some of the shit he says also makes him sound like an ignorant asshole. 

I don’t know how I got to his video, youtube recommends know?

I could go on and on about this. all night, but he’d think I’m attention seeking. lol.


anonymous said:

Is it bad that I dont want to label myself? I fully support the LGBT community but since I've never been in a relationship (girl or guy) I havent felt the need to address my sexuality. I know people assume heteroness and I probrably identify as a Bi, but I dont want to label myself now to find out later I'm something different. Im 17 btw and I REALLY need to experiment maaan :L

You don’t have to label it. Labels are for you to feel comfortable, not for anyone else. But it’s also okay to label yourself and then change your label later!

You’ve done nothing wrong, my friend. Do whatever makes you most comfortable.



I ended up watching the 2 documentaries ‘Trekkies’ and ‘Trekkies 2’ recently and I felt the need to address my own feelings about this TV show.

I grew up watching ‘The Next Generation’ - I remember how each week I was stuck at that screen watching those episodes, loving every minute of it. I don’t know if shows like that makes you feel a little like a nerd or if they simply appeal more than anything else to people who are already nerds in some larger or smaller sense. Anyway, I’ve always been a bit of a nerd and not at all ashamed of it. Although I’m not sure exactly what the definition of a nerd is! On one hand it seems a negative thing, a word used to describe people who are eccentric, only have few friends, are ‘weak’ physically and who have strange interests like collecting coins or stamps and who don’t go out much.

On the other hand it seems positive, because a nerd is a person who knows a lot about the particular subject, theme or thing he or she is ‘into’- has researched it, discussed it and really put thought into each and every detail.

Anyway, I might actually be a bit of both myself. I often preferred my own company when I was younger, having fantasy friends, day dreams and was definitely living in my own little world where I could decide how things went, how people (and creatures) were and no one there could hurt me or do things I didn’t want them to do.

But enough about that! I loved the show! Loved it a lot! I think it took me a while to even realize that there was an ‘original’ show as well. I probably assumed that ‘The Next Generation’ was the original show. To anyone who has no clue about what I’m talking about the first, original Star Trek show started sometime in the 60’s and in the late 80’s ‘The Next Generation’ came around and not long after 2 more Star Trek shows: ‘Voyager’ and ”Deep Space Nine” developed. Later a short lived series, “Enterprise” came and went and to my knowledge there are no shows being produced today. However, with the recent new Star Trek movies happening I could certainly easily imagine another show forming in the near future! “The Third Generation” sounds good to me.

That was a little bit about the different shows for any ‘outsiders’. Now that I look back on it I see the positive effect the show had on me, being very different from lots of other sci-fi films and shows it focused on the good use of technology, the peace between peoples and species and the evolving to better yourself and to help. Technology didn’t take over, didn’t start killing everyone and everyone wasn’t just out to do harm, destroy and pillage. And if they were, the enterprise crew would try to understand why that was the case, educate others and help them see other sides to life.

Naturally I didn’t think about it like that back then, I just thought it was an awesome show. But now I can definitely see it and though I probably assumes I would think it was outdated by now the values and ethics of the show are still valid today, just as I can still watch it anytime. It’s so much more than just a TV show! It’s a philosophy and a mythology that you can explore and when you’re a kid with a healthy imagination it’s certainly something you can spend a lot of time on. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve imagine being beamed somewhere or played around with a faser! Being a technology freak also helps. Star Trek is fascinating in the way that the show always tried to think ahead to what technology would be used in the future and a lot of the things they’ve imagined have already been invented. It must have been a fantastic job on the show, having to think up technology and what they imagined would happen in the future. But the all round feeling of the show and its way of thinking is positive, and that’s probably what I was attracted to then as I still am today. It’s not just good and evil! It’s complex, interesting, fascinating and not always so easy to explain. It’s real relations and though it takes place in a distant future it still deals with the issues we have today, had many years ago and will probably always have! Basic human issues and situations that we struggle with no matter what century we live in.

Watching the documentaries also taught me about the profound impact the show(s) have had on, of course, the fans (Trekkies or Trekkers I think they’re called) but also on the people behind the show and the cast.

Am I a Trekkie or a trekker? I don’t think I’m really worthy of calling myself that. I’d say I am a fan of the show but a real Trekkie would be more actively involved in it with conventions, collectibles and costumes. I’m certainly not there so it would almost be unfair to call myself a Trekkie. I do respect them a lot and though you could probably argue that some of these people need to ‘get a life’ this IS life for them and while others escape with movies, sports, alcohol, etc this is their way of going to a different place away from the daily lives and it’s not really that different. What I admire most about them is that they’re always friendly! Though discussions can often get heated I’m sure, you never hear about violent Star Trek fans or any aggressive behavior (unless it’s Klingon and then it’s perfectly normal). There are conventions all over the world every week and its been going on for over 30 years! It’s pretty amazing and it looks like it’ll never end. It’s a form of role play, a community, and more than anything, having this show in common with others makes you feel accepted and that you are a part of something that has never judged others on appearance, size, religion, beliefs etc etc. the diversity of the Star Trek universe will always inspire and join people and that’s what I think is the most amazing thing about it. Live long and prosper!

Meet Your Needs By Communicating Clearly!

Meet Your Needs By Communicating Clearly!


For me this is something that I recently had to deal with.  In my efforts to be “a positive person,” I felt the need to ignore and avoid directly addressing an issue I felt strongly about, in an effort to avoid negative thinking.  But sometimes we have to address something that is bothering us, whether it’s something that pertains to us, or someone else we care about.  Let’s look at this a…

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anonymous said:

ok this is not meant to be rude at all and if it does sound rude in anyway im sorry i just really struggled w how to phrase this. basically i noticed on your blog that you reblogged a ng hp post about roxanne and pointed out that she was white instead of black, and how you found it offensive. but further down on your blog you have posts that i found very offensive myself. theyre saying some very offensive things about white people and while white people have done some horrible things in the past

you cannot simply hate on them and expect that to stop this. you cannot hate end with more hate. im sorry if this offended you in anyway and im sure you have a perfectly good reason for this. i simply felt as though this needed to be addressed.

Okay first of all, I’m really sorry for not responding sooner. I’ve been really busy getting ready to leave for boarding school. My flight is tomorrow morning so if you see this before noon or so I might be able to respond. 

I don’t “find it offensive”. It is that. I have since learned that using the word oppressive might be better to avoid the connotation of offensive jokes, which are rude/distasteful/gross/etc. and not something you’d say in front of your grandmother but maybe to your friends to gross them out.

I don’t really know what posts you’re referring to. Something to do with Michael Brown and issues stemming from his murder? I’m not hating on white people. I’m white myself and I do try to be aware of my many privileges. 

I’m not offended and I’d direct you to feminism5ever and writingwithcolor for more information. Again, I apologize for the delay. 

Although many of you don’t care, and I don’t blame you, I know I haven’t been keeping up with my 30 days of music. I felt like I needed to address this because I wanted to make it clear that I am not someone who would up and abandon a challenge. 

With that being said, I will get back to it, but for now I have been too busy to post anything other than what’s in my queue. 

Have a nice day! Or night, depending on where you are in the world. So yeah. 

Remember to smile. That’s important. And I love you. 

Okay I know that I’ve said that this blog is dead but I felt the need to address this. 

To my new followers, thank you for following this blog. But I’ve already moved to a new personal blog. It you don’t know what’s the url it’s thundahbombah