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As I have reached my first huge milestone (1k followers omgg guys!!!!) I am fulfilling the request to make my first follow forever! To all of my followers, thank you so much. I hope my bifle obsession amuses you, and my rambling and drooling over various characters and metas isn’t too annoying. :P Since I am was a multifandom blog before The 100 utterly took over my life blog I’m going to divide this up into categories! I love you all, and you make my dash a better place <3

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phewwwwwww I definitely missed people and I apologize profusely if you were one of them. ILY guys, have a lovely valentine’s day and enjoy the weekend!

senna-shinenju replied to your post: WANTED

What does justice have to do with being a bartender, Kaname-san~?

Without Justice, Senna-san, how can one know when to accept tips? How can one know when to shake or stir? It is Justice that dictates when one is not fit to walk home, and when one can stomach one more drink. It is Justice, Senna-san, that judges when one is Blind Drunk.

exexexexexexex replied to your post: There is this very weird talk about plastic…

wtf. #also not everyone with tiny tits has low self-esteem stupid icelandic media lemme guess they are also gillz rape-apologists ugh.

It’s mostly women who have silicone breasts that say this though, but stiiiill, what the fuuuck. There are people that say they understand why women with small boobs get plastic surgery. Shit, maybe it’s because of those exact people who say stuff like that.

If you want big boobs, fine. But that won’t fix low self esteem issues and the reason why they think they have to have big boobs is because what the media thinks is the “ideal body”.

On a side note, I love my small boobs.


OiSuga Week day 6: travel / fairy tales

A little angst for this day’s prompt.

Based on my fav book ever: The Little Prince, with one of my fav scenes. Who don’t love this part??

I thought Oikawa would be the perfect rose but the fox suits him as well :) Since this is my fav part I did it but I changed the part about the grain-fields for “the moon” so that way would match with Suga’s hair x)

I hope you like it uvu

PD: I skipped day 5 bc I was working on this AND day 7…which will be probably late :c but they will come


fox!oikawa gets hurt by some human(Ushijima) for stealing chickens (?)

Sitting Ducks || Everyone || Closed

Kyle had waited too long to go and visit them. It was already October, the end of October too, and he hadn’t seen his cousins in nearly eight months. He knew he should have just packed up and surprised them at the end of the summer. Instead he kept waiting.

He made his way around Hawthorne easily, finding the house. Anna was the first to see him, darting out of the house as soon as he was out of the rental car and attacking him with a hug. He laughed and hugged her back. Elsa was next, hugging him tightly before leading him to the house. 

"So when do I get to meet these awesome roommates you never shut up about?" he asked.