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Yes, I was hoping you would answer that because I def agree with you. Snow never wanted Regina dead, and it speaks volume about her love for Regina, because even if there was a point where she wanted Regina gone from her life (rightfully so), she never wished her dead. And I think that it can only be this hidden love, because after everything Regina did to her one can only wonder why wouldn't it be better if she just killed Regina.

I think Snow’s love for Regina is a pretty complicated thing.  Remember this is a young girl who grew up in a cold and isolated environment.  Her mother loved her but her father traveled a lot.  And she grew up in the Dark Castle, which has been pointed out recently, wasn’t built or even decorated in that sinister fashion by Regina.  I was that way when Snow was a child…

Her only friends were servants and she was a child who was spoiled and occasionally treated those same servants badly.  And don’t imagine that one correction from her mother fixed all of that.  After all, Snow describes herself as a child as self centered and a brat.  But her mother dies after emphasizing goodness and kindness and she meets this woman…

This amazing, brave, beautiful young woman who comes flying out of nowhere and saves her life.  Let’s forget everything else for a moment and realize how hard it would be to kill someone who had once saved your life.

But Regina was more than just a hero to her in that moment.  She was a warm light in Snow’s cold court life, and she taught her a value that Snow held as the most important in her life.  Regina taught Snow the value of love.

Love was more powerful than magic.  Love was more important than power.  And let’s image how this changed Snow.  Snow herself tells us that the encounter with Regina changed her life.  It taught her about selfless and genuine goodness.  Imagine for a moment how many people in a young princess’ life would be like that.  A castle full of people who will do your bidding.  Judges at horse shows that will award you ribbons but you’ll never know if you earned it or if you got it because you are the king’s daughter.

But you decide you want to be just like this woman.  This hero.  And you believe in love and courage and heroism and you become intersted in horses because that’s what she is interested in.

But at the same time you are watching her slowly destroyed.  The destruction of her hero wasn’t subtle.  Leopold may not have been paying ant attention to Regina, but Snow was.  Snow saw how the arrange marriage was killing her slowly.  Snow says that Regina is “In constant pain.”  And she knows that even if she didn’t want it, she was the cause of it.

Even when she was a spoiled princess she knew.

Even when Regina had been hunting her for years she still understood.  She knew she has a role in making the Evil Queen.  In destroying the beautiful young woman who smiled brightly at her on that hillside.  Turning her from this…

… to this….

She knows that Regina didn’t become this way because she wanted power.  Everyone else may believe she’s rotten to the core but Snow knows differently.  She’ll never be able to convince David of it.  She’ll never get the dwarfs or Red to understand it.  But she knows that Regina was good once and what right does she have to kill her for being twisted to darkness in part by her own world.  

I think perhaps Snow thought of Regina as a wild thing never meant to be tamed.

And yes you want the wild thing to stop biting and hurting people, but maybe you just wish that it could be free?  But kill it?  When you witnessed and blamed yourself for the abuse that made it mean?  

I don’t think Snow has the heart for that.  

Because after all… who could kill your hero; who could destroy the person who taught you what love means, when you have modeled yourself a hero who values love above all else?

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I've recently been playing FF Crisis Core and I've been spoiled with so much Sephiroth already, like I can't get enough of his dumb gorgeous face. I have doomed myself, i'm not even half way through yet.

It is like…

…You’re begging me…

…to post…

…more pictures of…

…his face…


How can I not-?

…answer to such cute begging?

You deserved that, Atmostis.