who should u fight: seventeen
  • s.coups:who would win? you, because luckily for you you brought an extra tube of toothpaste and he runs after it after you throw it behind his back and decide to take advantage of this situation to knock him out... nice... how do u feel being the hero of seventeen's toiletries?
  • jeonghan:who would win? you, maybe but how would you feel knowing you've eliminated everything good and pure in the world? so really who's the winner in the end when this is all you think about for the next thirsty years of your life... the answer is no one. no one wins.
  • joshua:who would win? you, but why...? what joy would you feel? what if he cries himself to sleep at night and it haunts you for the rest of your life? have you ever watched those animal planet specials where the lion goes after the baby gazelle? how would u feel being that lion... asshole
  • jun:who would win? jun. notice how you see him and you are mesmerized by him but you don't know enough about him..... what's his story? what are his secrets? watch your back he's going to take you out when you least expect it
  • hoshi:who would win? hoshi, but it'd be by a stroke of luck that he accidentally manages to kick you in the head and knock you out while he's trying to demonstrate a cool new dance move he invented on a whim
  • wonwoo:who would win? debatable. on one hand it's wonwoo, and who can't take out wonwoo? on the other hand.... it's wonwoo. wonwoo, who had to crimp his hair for months and field phone calls from his parents asking why? it's wonwoo, subject to labels like emo when all he ever wanted to be was hip hop
  • woozi:who would win? woozi, because you'd try to say something to challenge him and he'd call you out on how your tone is flat and you can't even hold a damn note when you're talking and honestly? can u be put in the damn song at this rate? and fuck man you aren't even in seventeen but he's right
  • dk:who would win? dk, because in your confusion trying to figure out whether to call him dokyum or seokmin, he would take the time to sing the highest note he can manage to ruin your ears forever. and you cant even do anything because have you ever seen a god damn angel like him before god would spite you and your future generations
  • mingyu:who would win? mingyu, because you dodn't know what hair products he's hiding under his sleeve and can you imagine how painful it would be to get hairspray in your eyes and mouth
  • the8:who would win? the8, and he would probably feel bad about it and not realize it's a fight until after you're crying on the ground because you dove in as he tried to show you how to do a cool bboy move and got kicked in the process but can you really hold this against him
  • seungkwan:who would win? seungkwan, because you're trying to insult him and catch him off-guard but he turns the tables when he starts playing 2ne1's ugly... you're dazed and he takes you out then and you can't even retaliate because he's already called his mom to tell her the good news and you're not that evil
  • vernon:who would win? you, but will anyone ever know? because vernon's all bark and no bite. you take him out easily but he's already made a rap about you on smtm4 about the time he "took you down," topping it all off with a middle finger that joshua's going to have to talk to him about. are you truly satisfied?
  • dino:who would win? okay but why the fuck would you? he'd probably demonstrate his michael chanson dance moves to try and distract you and you could probably take him out then but... why would you? no one wins. no one. and if anyone has to, it's him. you let him win.
The Cat Whiskers come from within

Blurb: One marriage proposal on You now leads to unimaginable things

A/N: Don’t even know where I got the inspiration for this one, it just flew you know?

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“Hey guys! Am I here, can you all hear me?” Phil asks awkwardly, sat cross legged on the sofa in front of his Mac book, “Well I take it from the comments you can all see me” he laughs, scrolling down and reading out names, he comes along a question and reads it out, processing what it says as he reads it

“Will you marry me?” he says out loud, “Who says that?” he asks as the chat speeds up and he misses the username

“Well apparently I’m marrying someone” he laughs, “So what did I do this week, Dan went to Sweden, yes he had a secret thing on in Sweden that I’m not allowed to tell you guys about yet, it’ll all be revealed soon though” he adds some hand gestures in and giggles with his tongue between his teeth

He spends almost half an hour answering questions and chatting with his viewers before it happens again

“Will you marry me?” he reads out again, hardly processing the request, “Wow I’m getting a lot of proposals today aren’t I” he says, “We can have a massive wedding with all of us”

It happens twice more, each time he misses the username and brushes it off but then he reads the question out again

“Will you marry me says Da-“ he stops, his eyes going wide and he swallows uncomfortably, “Dan” he shouts across the apartment, waiting for the usual frustrated groan and trudge of steps across the hallways

“What” Dan asks, poking his head around the door, his cheeks slightly more flushed then usual and his hands white and wavering

“I think someone has hacked your Younow” Phil says, ignoring the explosion in the chat

“Really? I’ll go sort it out” Dan replies quickly, noping out and leaving the room swiftly

Phil frowns and shakes his head, returning to his video.


That evening Phil is making pasta when Dan re-appears from his room, still seemingly uncomfortable in his boyfriend’s presence

“Dan, what’s wrong with you, you were acting so weird earlier” Phil says slowly, holding his shoulders to look directly into his eyes, “You’re freaking me out a bit, have I done something wrong?”

“No” Dan says quickly, pulling away and getting drinks

“Alright then” Phil says, feeling slightly hurt but brushing it off, “Well did you sort out your account being hacked earlier?” he asks, turning back to his cooking


“Well what are you going to do about it then?”


“Dan, what the hell are you on about, if they’re on your Younow then they know your Facebook as well!” Phil says, his voice raising slightly as he gets increasingly frustrated, “You know you are acting so weird, what’s wrong, are you breaking up with me or something?”

At this Dan’s head shoots up and catches Phil’s stare

“Oh my God you are aren’t you” Phil says, begging his welling eyes not to cry, “Oh my God I’m so sorry” he continues, feeling the first tears fall from his eyes, “Shit what did I do?”

“No, no please, no I’m not” Dan says quickly, gripping onto Phil’s forearms and pulling them together, resting his head on his boyfriends shoulder, “No, never, I love you, please stop I love you”

“Then what is it then” Phil asks, feeling his voice breaking with every sentence

Dan takes a deep breath and puts his head in his hands

“Please don’t make me do it now” he says quietly

Phil looks his boyfriend in the eyes, still feeling his eyes swelled from the crying but seeing Dan’s matching and feeling less bad

“Okay” he says nodding, “I’m not hungry, come to bed?”

They lie together for hours, wrapped up, neither asleep nor awake, until morning.


“Dan?” Phil asks quietly, “I’m going out, I won’t be long, will you be okay on your own?”

Dan rubs his sleep filled eyes, opening them to see his room mate stood next to him fully dressed, he grabs Phil’s t-shirt and pulls him down far enough for their lips to connect in a short, sweet kiss

“Hurry back” he murmurs, closing his eyes and turning over to go back to sleep.


He wakes up nearly three hours later and jumps up, looking at the time and swearing loudly

“Shit, I’m meeting PJ” he mutters, pulling on his black skinny jeans and grabbing his grey, long sleeved top from the bottom of Phil’s bed, he grabs his phone from the charger and locks the door on his way out.

It takes him ten minutes to catch a bus and arrive in the centre of town

“You’re late Howell” PJ says with a laugh

“Only by half an hour” Dan replies, looking at his watch, “Sorry, you didn’t wait long did you?”

“Nah, I got coffees from the Starbucks” he says gesturing to the store behind him and handing over the steaming beverage, “So where are we headed?”

Dan leads him down several winding paths till they reach a small jewelers, painted a vibrant red compared to the grey of London

“You’re buying me a ring?” PJ says jokingly, nudging his friend in the arm and grinning cheekily at him

“Shut up” Dan blushes, “I needed you to help me pick”

“Well do you have any idea what you’re looking for?”” PJ asks sighing as Dan shrugs, looking intently at the floor

The two boys walk in the be greeted by a bored looking teenager

“Can I help you with anything” she asks rolling blue tack back and forth across the desk

“I’m looking for a ring for my boyfriend” Dan says confidently, feeling PJ’s supportive hand on his back, the girl looks up and smiles briefly

“Any vague ideas?” she asks

“Simple” Dan replies, “Silver I guess, maybe with something inscribed on it?”

“Well I’ve got a couple round the back, one second” she says, going behind a curtain and returning several seconds later with four small boxes, she opens them all and carefully puts them on the desk, “is there a price range?” she asks, looking up

“Not particularly”

“Alright” she picks up the first box and presents it to the two men in front of her, they look at it carefully and Dan shakes his head

“Too big” he says

The girls shrugs and puts it away, handing his the second box

“I like the box but this one is too thin, I want like a band, but not a massive one” Dan says looking up and frowning, “Do you know what I mean?”

The girl smiles suddenly,

“So you want this box but a thinner ring” she says quietly, looking deep in thought, “You know what, I have the perfect thing”


“I’m home” Dan shouts as he shuts the door and kicks off his shoes, he is taking off his coat as he turns around, only to be pushed up against the wall by his boyfriend

“I love you” Phil whispers as they embrace

“I love you too” Dan replies frowning but wrapping his arms loosely around Phil’s waist, “What’s gotten into you?”

“I dunno, I thought you were mad at me and then I made a fool of myself yesterday when I thought you were breaking up with me and I just, I feel bad, so I wanted you to know how much I love you”

Dan smiles and laughs slightly

“You didn’t make a fool of yourself you twit” he says, connecting their lips briefly

“I made dinner” Phil says as they pull away

“Did you? What are we having?”

“It’s a surprise”

Phil drags Dan through into the living room where there are two bowls of pasta laid out on the table, across from each other

“Red Chair” Dan says jokingly, sitting down

Phil laughs and sits opposite, linking their legs as they eat

“Why did you cook, I thought we were ordering pizza tonight?” Dan asks as he twirls spaghetti on his fork

“Well” Phil says nervously, “I wanted to ask you something”

He swallows, his hand playing with something in his pocket as he finishes his food

“Dance with me” Dan interrupts, turning on Spotify to Toxic and pulling Phil to his feet, twirling his stupidly around the room till they’re both in fits of laughter, “Are you calmer now?” Dan mutters into Phil’s shoulder, smiling as the smaller boy nods slowly

The pull to a stop in the middle of the room, Dan plays with the ring box in his pocket, smiling as he watches Phil clearly doing the same in his front pocket

“Dan” Phil says slowly

“Phil” Dan replies laughing cheekily

“I love you”

“Thank you”

“Shut up” Phil says laughing and blushing slightly, “I just, I really love you and I never want to leave you”

“I feel the same which is why…”

“Stop, I wanna ask first” Phil says

“But…” Dan is interrupted by a hand on his mouth

“Let me say it?” Phu=il asks pouting

Dan makes a gesture indicating Phil can talk

“You’re my best friend and the love of my life Dan” Phil says, his eyes locked on his boyfriends, “Will you marry me?” he asks, getting down on one knee and pulling the ring out of his pocket

“Only if you will marry me” Dan replies, pulling his ring box out and kneeling down next to Phil, Phil smiles widely, dropping his ring and cupping Dan’s cheeks, kissing him sweetly as they shift to get comfortable on the floor

“I love you so fucking much” Dan says as he pulls away to breathe

They sit down on the floor and put the rings on each others fingers,

“Look on the inside” Phil says nervously, Dan takes off his ring and holds it up to the light, seeing the engraving

“Cat whiskers” Dan laughs, “I love it” he sits and looks at it for several minutes, smiling to himself until he looks up at Phil, “Look inside yours”

“If this says placenta I’m going to kill you” Phil says as he slides off his ring, he laughs and hugs Dan tightly as he sees the matching whiskers, “How did you know?”

“I know everything about you” Dan says laughing, “Oh, and PJ seemed awfully keen when I suggested the whiskers so I thought I should probably go with it”

“Damn I love you” Phil laughs again as he kisses his fiancé sweetly, pulling them together once more.


Stay positive too all simblrs and people who can’t handle it sometimes! :rp:

Look, I have been looking around here I’m not that new only 2 months, but I saw alot people are leaving tumblr because annoying anon’s LOOK ANON’S You can’t let me leave no matter what mean people say (anons) so people who are sending those things, don’t do it why should you make someone cry only because he or she is showing there passion its just horrible. Yes I don’t want attention or something like that, I just want people know why their standing here! You do it for your true friends, followers and yourself! So sorry don’t give a fuck about what bad or mean people are saying. They have no life, just see it like this, your the block, they are the ball a ball is always bouncing trough a block  (sorry for that word but I had to) and going the other way far away from you. That is how hard you throw it! Just like anon’s if they keep saying stupid things or even drag your friends with and you can’t push them away just be friendly always. Believe me it helps.

Why does it helps?

 Because its making them happy but not in a bad way, and yes there always people who can’t handle it, just ask your truly friends! I have met alot people in two months, no bad ones lucky, But good people, friendly people, amazing people. Who teached me alot things and otherwise your the bull, why would you ever bully someone, yes maybe because you have problems at home. We all understand, but then think about this quote!

Everyone is knowing this QUOTE!

When life gives you hundred reasons to cry, show life you have thousand reasons to smile!

What means this quote? 

This quote is not a normal text, its showing love to all who are sad, I saw I made alot people happy and I see alot make me happy:) But everyone should do that, the world is a cold place, which is just a short life! Yes one day we all going through clouds:p But we must do are mission making this planet a better place. I know not much people will look at this msg, because I’m not that populair in the tumblr comunity! But for the people who reads this? please think deep about it, its for a minute, or a hour it doesn’t matter only know when your happy with your self! You ill be happy witj everyone, yes I know we can’t be friends with everyone, but STAY FRIENDLY! I know alot people are doing that, and I know not all people are gone read this whole msg but why did moxi leave or some other simblrs, they have anon’s who damage them, damaging there life. But why anon’s I know they are kids at 10 too 20 or even 40, JUST stop! Get this msg please this had too change you! Try to be different like other people that make people happy, just like you like damaging people and ignoring them. Try to change that too like making people happy, giving people a good feeling and of course meet new people! That can help you if your down!

Why not just put anons off?

Yes, why not put it off, if your really down, or you have problems already and they making it worser and just think leave it! Then leave it! Don’t give them attention just when you see anon msgs and you already see one word that is rude, !DELETE THE MSG! Yes, its normal you wanne read it, because you wanne know what it says, but just delete it fight. ONE CLICK and delete message!

Block if you can’t handle them (tumblr helps)!

Of course, its hard to accept it, but what your gone do is? Talk to your favourite simblrs/tumblrs (FRIENDS) They can cheer you up, and that gives you a good feeling,and you give them a good feeling. By telling them you cheert me up! They will appreciate it alot, and you ill feel alot better so why not send a virtual hug too everyone!^^ VIRTUAL HUG SENT! It cheers me up, to see people happy, and I love giving them good feelings, but you can be honest duhh. But I know everyone can do it, but some people (some) can change their life, they can change to friendly from meanie!


Your never alone, even if your in a empty room with no space, you always have your thoughts and of course your self to break out! And obvious friends! Maybe two or 300 hundred fake friend just go to the people you feel where you feel conident, and full of happyness. But of course do not trust all people, just the people who are beside your heart. I know this message will get haters too, but just believe it everyone has a good peep in there, just give it a chance!

!Again this is not a attention message, I just had to do this! And I wanne thank alot people who are helping me alot, and teached me alot things! And give the sweetest compliments!

jennisims your a cc creator, and an amazing friend!

cutestuffgaming you helped me with the ploblems thank you!

simsangel-7 your my kawaii tomodashi<3

sohipstersimmer I look up to you and your an amazing friend!

vladstilleI only know know you 2 days but your really sweet not only for the compliment but your just a good person!

cheeky-sims you teached me alot, and yes obvious your a amazing friend!

olivessimscc I only know you for 1 week now but I like your personality from all of course!^^

iridescentpixels I know you now along time now actually 1 and a half month and I realize your a sweet friend you helped me alot thank you obvious too all!^^

Only 8 people and got over 200 msgs only from me to you all and from you to me<<3 Thank you soo much for all your supports and being amazing people! I love you all! and of course all my truly followers!