Madlen Piedmont Shoes

Exquisite new ankle boots for your sim!

Breathtaking details and magnificent design! Realistic zipper and 3d decorations. Three recolorable channels, wearable for everyday, formalwear and outwear.

WARNING: When using poses part of the shoes appear below ground, but there is solution. Just download this tool adjust height and your pose will look perfect!*

CAS may not render texture properly, ingame texture looks perfect!



I got this pain gel from my doctor which inclued some mild painkillers (in some form) and god bless it feels so good! I put it on my fucked up anckles, hips, legs, shoulders and neck and I almost can feel the other side of my face and head!

Also my little sister gave me THE MOST INCREDIBLE HEAD/SHOULDER MASSAGE EVER YESTERDAY and I slept my second best night in my life.

It felt heavenly good. Especially when I have a chronic nerve pain in my face and head among other things and I’ve had so lovely bittersweet dreams/night terrors and I’ve been so happy and loved in those dreams (in painful way) and I just would want to sleep forever, even those are all the people who I’ve left behind for a reason.

Also I’ve been getting flashbacks of my whippet boy and I’ve started to remember stuff before I fell asleep in the mornings and I miss him so much and I love him even more. I’m currently laying next to my oldest whippet who looks like an angel. I’m so blessed to still have him with me.