Madlen Piedmont Shoes

Exquisite new ankle boots for your sim!

Breathtaking details and magnificent design! Realistic zipper and 3d decorations. Three recolorable channels, wearable for everyday, formalwear and outwear.

WARNING: When using poses part of the shoes appear below ground, but there is solution. Just download this tool adjust height and your pose will look perfect!*

CAS may not render texture properly, ingame texture looks perfect!



anonymous asked:

and its not anckles, its ackles. try to write down things correctly

Try not being crusty

theneymarfiles asked:

that could've been a broken anckle for Ney right there!!! hate seeing him limping... bitch...

Yeah that was a sloppy ass challenge. No way he was getting that ball. Deserved red card 100%