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Hey, I saw your post and I wanted to let you know that you're not alone and you're beautfiul! I have the same thing with my anckles/kness with lots of other weird quirks (sidenote: you may want to look up hypermobility syndrome). But seriously, you're beautiful and don't ever feel you have to hide! Have a good day!!! xx

haha, i actually have something called pes planus! but thank you <33

Oh you didn’t.

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Oh, she knew what she had just saw. She knew it quite well. That lollypop wrapper wasn’t there the last time she saw the grass! No, it didn’t. And so she felt free to play a couple of good tricks on that young man that had decided to contamine her newest home. She took a lock of her hair and expertly threw it so she could wrap his anckle and pull it enough so someone had a little journey to the ground.

That would teach him to be more careful next time.

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that post with a pic of the gal with something on her anckle, what is it? the pic is blurry it looks like a tracking devise or somth. is it a tazer?

Idk. I believe that some followers mentioned that it’s a device that connects to her mic, maybe a battery pack. I don’t remember.


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