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It’s the third time Zhou Jianxun has woken up to the alarm clock. It’s three in the morning. The temperature has dropped to -30 degrees Celsius. The sky is pitch black, and the mountains around him are snow-covered, quiet, and vast. He sleeps in his truck, a massive 22-wheeler. He starts the engine and lets it run for a while and then dozes off again. He cannot let her freeze during the night, otherwise he won’t be able to start her in the morning and the shipment will be late.

Zhou, a 44-year-old driver, spends most of his time during the year delivering cargo from Urumqi to destinations in Central Asia, which is referred to as the “Five Countries”…

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HADES was the name of both the ancient Greek god of the underworld and the name of the shadowy place below the earth which was considered the final destination for the souls of the dead. Perhaps the most feared of the gods, he is described by both Homer and Hesiod as ‘pitiless’, ‘loathsome’, and ‘monstrous’. 

Following the overthrow of first the Titans and then the Giants by the Olympian gods, Hades drew lots with his brothers Zeus and Poseidon to decide which part of the world each would rule. Zeus received the sky, Poseidon the seas, and Hades the underworld. 

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S-Shaped Silver Fibula (c. 500 CE). Frankish.  Engraved silver inlaid with garnets. On display at The Cleveland Museum of Art.

Fibulae (brooches or clasps) were widely worn throughout the ancient world. Created in a variety of shapes and sizes, they were sometimes elaborately designed. Roman men and women often used the fibula in dressing, to fasten their garments. (additional source).  


You know what I love? 
You know what I love more than just names? 
Geographically accurate names.


(Current popular names all over the world)


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Names From The Ancient World


Medieval European Names
Medieval English Names


Anglo-Saxon/Old English Names




Modern English First Names


Western European Names


Eastern European Names


Scandinavian Names


Former Soviet Union Names


African Names


Northern Native American Names

Southern and Central Native American Names

  • Aztec [History, Male, Female, Religion, Calendars, Rulers]
  • Inca [Male, Female, Religion, Calendars]
  • Maya [History, Male, Female, Religion, Calendars]
  • Amazonian [Names from tribes living in the rain forests]




Middle and Near Eastern 





Artistic reconstructions of Mesopotamia


Gate of Ishtar, Babylon

Eridu processional boat of God Enki


Mari from above

Palace of Mari

Ur from above

Ur harbor

Uruk, procession at Inanna temple

Uruk from above


Striking Portraits of Ancient Tribes Around the World- Jimmy Nelson

In 2009, photographer Jimmy Nelson set out on a journey to document the ‘world’s last indigenous cultures’. Using a 4×5 camera, Nelson took an amazing series of portraits, featuring 31 ancient tribes around the world.

The project, entitled Before They Pass Away, culminated with an elegant hardcover book (available in three versions) featuring stories of his encounters and nearly 500 photos.


World’s Largest Stone Buddha

An ominous colored statue, this gigantic Buddha is the largest in the world. Called the Leshan Giant Buddha, the construction of this enormous carved deity began during the Tang Dynasty between 618AD and 907AD. What’s truly fascinating about this statue, aside from its size, is that it was sculpted directly out of the face of a cliff.

At the deity’s feet is the confluence of three rivers, the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi, located in the southern part of the Sichuan province near the city of Leshan in China. This incredible Buddha is also the tallest pre-modern statue in the world. The statue’s home is the Mount Emei Scenic Area which has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

There are two ways to get a close-up view of this impressive sight. One is to take the perilous path down the cliff face, walk in front of the Buddha and climb up the other side, as the people in the picture are doing. A more relaxing method is to take a tour boat and sail down the river. He’ll be waiting for you.

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Ancient Trees: by Beth Moon

Woman Spends 14 Years Photographing World’s Oldest Trees:

Beth Moon Based in San Francisco, photographer Beth Moon has been travelling for 14 years all around the world to pay tribute to the oldest, rarest and weirdest trees. She gathered her black and white photographs in a book entitled Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time, published by Abbeville