So in the german version of One Piece, and actually, in the japanese dub too - Luffy is being called Ruffy instead.

And then it came into my head, that actually, Rufio can be fondle as Ruffy too…Or Rufie…or something similar. Maybe.

In case you’re wondering, this was the best thing happened me today. And everything was beautiful.

PS: Yeah, I like to think, Summoner’s real name is Rufio. From that obvious reference, Hussie came up with.

PS PS: The wings are missing, because my other headcanon is, that Summie’s going to get those as an adult. Or rather as a teenager.

So yeah, no, he’s not flying, he’s just jumping, cause he’s a hyperactive, sassy lil git, that’s why.

re: the dolorosa
  • jilliejellyjam:hush little baby dont say a word
  • jilliejellyjam:cause mamas trying really hard not to let you get culled
  • .
  • jilliejellyjam:more like
  • jilliejellyjam:hush little baby dont say a word
  • jilliejellyjam:because we are not a species designed to be fond of little grubs and it is really hard to resist the temptation to kill you and make you into some kind of really daring lipstick
  • .
  • jilliejellyjam:seriously though how many times must she have looked at the signless and thought
  • jilliejellyjam:what the actual fuck am i doing
  • .
  • jilliejellyjam:also there was probably times where like in the middle of him telling her some grand story about a peaceful world
  • jilliejellyjam:she just like
  • jilliejellyjam:got a headache
  • jilliejellyjam:and was like no seriously what the fuck am i doing
  • .
  • jilliejellyjam:shed probably literally
  • jilliejellyjam:be the parent to invent grounding
  • .
  • jilliejellyjam:the first time she says Go To Your Respiteblock and he does it she just
  • jilliejellyjam:doesnt know what to do with herself