Out of all of the international wizarding schools, the Beijing Institute for Witches and Wizards boasts perhaps the most complicated collection of portkeys, and hidden entrances. While it had become incredibly difficult to hide a school in such a densely populated city, the wizarding community has successfully reconstructed the institute to be integrated with both the ancient and modern parts of the city. Unplottable buildings have been built between boutiques in a number of Beijing’s hutongs that can only be accessed by asking for the correct meal items from the right food vendor, modern skyscrapers have been erected in city centre that can only be accessed by portkey or hidden entrances, large hidden courtyards have been laid out in lush parks that can only be accessed by passing through the right columns in the right gallery. The decision to distribute sections of the school around the city had been unanimously agreed upon by the students, who are relishing the opportunity to push their magical potential in new environments. If the invisibility booster installed on enchanted bicycles was to backfire, muggles would be treated to a brilliant vision of colourful bikes crisscrossing the sky.


sister, if you grow up to be anything like me,
at first you will find it funny
when boys think they love you.


it is not a game.

because when you leave them stranded
in their bedrooms,
the hapless victims of a sudden hurricane,
they will take one look at the devastation around them
and crumble inward.
so it is important that you feel
when you leave -
i know it is impossible to keep
the destruction within you at bay
but you cannot let it swallow you whole.

sister, if you grow up to be anything like me,
you’d be better off avoiding the boys
who stand beneath pedestals and look up.
they will bore you to tears
and before they can even begin to understand you, you will be gone again.
when you come across these boys,
you are allowed to smile and nod;
i even give you permission to stay through the night.
but do not reach for them
because they are looking for something to pour love into
and you are more than a vessel.

sister, if you grow up to be anything like me,
keep moving.
the road may get tedious
but one day you will meet men who have weapons for hands.
it is alright to joust,
and it is certainly more entertaining to engage in a sword fight
than to stand on a pedestal,
but never let those men draw you near.
they will want to touch you
and you are more than target practice.

start running.
it doesn’t matter which way
but pick a path and stick to it.
if you are lucky, you will happen upon someone
and he will offer to run with you.
let him.
do not speak until you have reached the end of your lungs
and collapsed to the ground.

this is the part where you stay.

if he is worth the distance,
he will not topple down, as a victim
of your disaster.
he will not admire you, as a worshipper
at your altar.
he will not hurt you, as an opponent to be fought.

he will fall into place beside you
until you have both discovered air again
and then he will look at you and the only word he will say is,

say yes.
if you grow up to be anything like me,
marry that one.
keep running.

—  sister by fiftymilelimit

it’s scary to think that one day I’ll either delete this blog or just stop coming on it and chances are I won’t ever talk to the majority of you again or see how different you all look several years from now or what your new interests will be or how your lives end up and that makes me sad