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Thorin mistakes Fili and Kili IN THE MOVIE

Alright the Hobbit cast has said that everyone has confused Fili and Kili’s names. Even the actors themselves. But it would always be behind the scenes or off screen. Until I re-watched An Unexpected Journey. 

Here we see Fili and Kili being split up by the mountain during the thunder fight.

Clearly Fili is not on Thorin’s side with Kili, since Thorin was leading the group. 

So when Fili’s group crashes into the mountain, Thorin kells “KILI!” as evidenced here:

and here:

Even after looking at him he still calls him Kili. Thorin was probably too in the moment to realize his mistake, but really Fili’s face says it all.

tinker-tailor-strider-spy asked:

I swear I'm working on replying, but HEY YOU MET WILLIAM KIRCHER!! :D

Totally fine darling I promise you that I am the last person to judge on being late with things (mostly because I’m the worst at replying in a timely manner). 

YES I DID MEET HIM AND HE WAS FABULOUS!!! He was really sweet and took a picture with me and everything after I got my autograph. The Cincinnati Comic Expo is super focused on Comics and Star Wars specifically, so there wasn’t really a big turnout for Tolkien stuff, even though William Kircher and John Rhys-Davies were both there. (I met JRD too and he was such a pleasure to talk to!) So there was literally NOBODY in line or talking to Mr. Kircher. So my friend Mary and I got to just talk with him for a while about filming and about the third movie and stuff. He’s a super funny guy and such a genuinely warm person. I can really relate to Bifur as a character, so it was such a treat to discuss how he tried to portray his character and how he related to the other actors and characters. 

Did you know that Wario can eat Thoron… I wonder if he can eat Nosferatu-
Also that’s absolutely fucking hilarious that Wario can eat Thoron, Mario can reflect it with his cape, Game and Watch can catch it in a fucking bucket, and Ness can heal with it
I wonder who else and fuck with my lightning magic

Ria's Horrendous Day: A Tale About Why The Hobbit Cast Are Literal Life Savers

0300: Finally fall asleep after hours of tossing and turning
0400: Wake up. Fall asleep after a while.
0600: Wake up. Fall back asleep.
0845: Wake up. Now I’m going to be late, no time for breakfast.
0930: I look like crap but head to class and proceed to fail my math midterm.
1100: The professor I hate the most mocks me in front of entire class. I’m an introvert. This is a huge no-no. I try not to cry.
1300: Finally get something to eat, but I still feel sick.
1530: Show up for history midterm. Without a blue book.
1800: Get back to my room but somebody in our suite clogged the toilet. Literally crap everywhere.
1930: After an hour of wrestling with a nasty plunger and cleaning the entire bathroom, I really REALLY just want to cry.

1945: Get on tumblr and see all the fun new hobbit things. Smile. Even laugh a bit. Decide life isn’t really all that bad.

Days like these are what fandoms were created for.

Thanks guys for saving my sanity.