Underwears thief!
  • Amy Heidemann:Like -- I went out to get some drinks from the corner market. The dryer in my building isn't working, so I had underwear hanging out on the drying rack they have and someone TOOK them. That is just gross.
  • Brendon Urie:Well, you have been hanging out with Gabe…. sure it wasn't him? haha
  • Amy Heidemann:LOL Oh my god, could you imagine? That would be HILARIOUS
  • Brendon Urie:That would be so GABE come on, he's crazy like that. haha

This is our new rescue ferret, Benny! He was found wandering the streets of North London. Got taken to a pet shop and was unclaimed for 5 days… He was due to go to the RSPCA at 11am on the morning we heard of him. We looked everywhere possible, spoke to the vets, looked on the internet, and nothin’…So now he’s ours. Everyone say hi to Benny =] One of the kindest natured creatures I’ve met!