amyleu said:

I was searching for Majical Cloudz's song and noticed you guys liking some of their stuff. I thought, "Hey, this tumblr person must be cool if they like Majical Cloudz!" Therefore, I clicked on your blog, and you happen to be a band so I decided to listen. You guys are talented! I love the vocals and musical composition of your work. It is extremely powerful, catchy, and well executed. I am eagerly waiting for your full album to come out and wish you two the best of luck! Best Regards, Amy.

thanks a lot :)

amyleu said:

☾- the crescent moon. If you were in a band, what would your cover art look like? And out of curiosity, what kind of vinyl would you use? Clear? Matte? Marbled? Excited to see!

thank you! I really like that idea, it’s a shame I can’t actually draw anything besides vaguely sharp pointing shapes.


(did I mention the vague pointy shapes because man they’re all over this one).

Also it would probably be on a marbled grey vinyl with a bright red sticker in the center. The dot in the center of the cover was supposed to be bright red too but I don’t have anything red to use.

amyleu said:

Hi there! i was looking for Misters by Majical Cloudz too and came across your post. No one uploaded it on tumblr, so I uploaded it on my art/music blog, "artsyames" if you still wanted to listen! By the way, you have great taste in music!

you’re a godsend! bless you lol

And thank you!! Holy shit, you’re my music twin!

amyleu said:

Sigur Rós! Let's see if I can keep that Icelandic joke going...

thank you! voru ég sannarlega hollur til eigin bröndurum mínum, myndi ég hafa svarað þessu öllu í hoplandish.

Am I a fan?: yep!

First Song I Heard By Them?: I thiiink it was “Svefn-g-englar”

Favorite Song?: either “Kveikur” or “Svefn-g-englar” although “Untitled 4” is also great.

Seen them Live?: no but I really want to.

Favorite Member?: the one who looks the most like my long lost Icelandic brother.