The Doctor was curled up in a corner, hot tears running down his cheeks. His fingers clutched his hair as he rocked back and forth, shaking. Something had scared the Time Lord it seemed, causing him to become distorted, panicked. It wasn’t clear. The door opened and the Doctor didn’t even look up before shouting, “go away!”

Blood. All Amy could see was blood. Her breathing was heavy as she looked around where she was sat, seeing nobody even remotely close to her, answering her question of if it was her blood she saw all over. The question now was, where was the blood all coming from?
Amy looked down, fearing what she was going to see. She saw a few scrapes and cuts on her legs and her tights were ripped terribly. Her what used to be white sweater was now white with a deep red stain all over the front. She slowly lifted her sweater, revealing a large wound on her stomach. Amy let out a scream at the sight. “Oh my god..what do I do? Oh my god..” Tears formed in her eyes and then fell down her face. “Help! Somebody help me please!” She yelled, hoping that someone would hear her and be able to help.

It was late, even if time was a bit irrelevant when traveling on the TARDIS, Amy could tell it was late. Which just served to frustrate her as she couldn’t seem to sleep right now and after watching her husband bitterly as he slept, Amy finally threw the covers off of her and made her way out to the long hallway of the TARDIS. Coming out to the control room, Amy made her way down the steps.

"I can’t sleep."

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I managed to narrow it down from three options, but then I realized Luke Newberry may work so I’m back to three options. Cameron Monaghan, Douglas Booth or Luke Newberry as male!Amy Pond?

None of you gits have helped me decide on a face claim for my male!Amy Pond and it’s really getting annoying because I want to start using the blog and I think I’ll just use Cameron Monaghan if nobody helps me choose because he seems to be the fan favourite in general.