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Or: That One Lady Who Gets Lucky During The Entire Movie

  • *when watching show*:my bby someone needs to wrap a blanket around you and take care of you forever dont touch them! !!1!!
  • *when writing fanfic*:I'm going to break you (¤3¤)

So I wanted to post some of my prom pictures from 2012 because… Well, just because all of the people posting their prom pictures on here are making me reminiscent. So, here they are. These were taken by our neighbor (at the time) who is a professional photographer, so I guess you could call them professional, even though we didn’t pay for them.



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1. i can say nice things about myself, which is a hard-won skill tbh

2. i am funny 

3. the way i dress

4. im honest about most things that i am aware enough to be honest about 

5. i am good at making food

"Chain of Custody"
Marvel fanfiction set in the Motion Practice universe
Chapter 18: “30,000 Feet”
Bruce Banner/Tony Stark, Amy Jimenez, Miles Morales, Teddy Altman
Rated M for language and adult content; 1,803 words

The concept of causation is an easy one: you track events back until you find the one pebble that started the ripple, the event that set off the chain reaction. Bruce can track his life back and back, from Detective Munroe’s appearance in their home, to Jessica Jones’s meddling, to a fire a few miles away, to his settled family life with Tony and Miles.

He’s not sure how the links fit together, or whether the chain might unravel.

But that’s never stopped him and Tony before, now has it?

In this chapter, Bruce, Tony, and all three children embark on an adventure, but it’s Bruce’s heart that soars.

And with that, “Chain of Custody” comes to a close, and my stomach twists because oh man, this story. I cannot believe it is done.

This dash is once again dead.

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-Doctor Who


-The Mortal Instruments (and tag spoilers because I’m not done)

-Percy Jackson (same, not done)


-Fantastic Four 

-Any thing MARVEL

-Bucky Barnes. BUCKY BARNES.


-Hunger Games

-Once Upon a Time (Also tag spoilers, only on season 3. Stupid Netflix)

-Of Mice & Men

-Sleeping with Sirens

-Five Finger Death Punch

-Pierce the Veil


-Black Veil Brides

-Crown the Empire

-Mostly any metal/punk rock/alternative/whatever band

-The Hobbit

-Lord of the Rings

-The Fault in our Stars

-Any John Green book (Feel free to spoil, I’ve read everything ^^)

-Rainbow Rowell because I love her

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What are some recent crossover ships you've come to love?

Oh god we’ll be here all night. Okay here we go.

Melinda May (AOS)/John Sheppard (Stargate Atlantis)
Skye (AOS)/Finn Hudson (Glee)
Older!Katniss Everdeen (THG)/Sam Winchester (SPN)
Amy Pond(DW)/Dean Winchester(SPN)
Phil Coulson (AOS)/Elizabeth Weir (SGA)
Jim Kirk (ST:AOS)/Clara Oswald (DW)
Laurel Lance (Arrow)/Bruce Banner (Marvel)
Amy Pond (DW)/Thor (Marvel)
Regina Mills (OUAT)/The Master (DW)
Clarke Griffin (100)/Gale Hawthorne (THG)
Lydia Martin (TW)/Simon Bellamy (Misfits)
Grant Ward (AOS)/Anyone played by Natalie Dormer (And yes that includes Anne Boleyn from the Tudors)
Emma Swan (OUAT)/Mick St. John (Moonlight)

List goes on. XD

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