been spending too much time time on doctor who and started really missing Matt smith and yowzah (11xRiver) and 11 and the Ponds so I had to watch a little S6 and what better episode than the Wedding of River Song?

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"Mu-Amy?" River was stood in the living room of their home. She didn't mean to come this early in case Amy didn't know her yet, but she needed her parents.

“River?” She still didn’t know which name her daughter preferred, so she went with the default and went to the living room, carrying little baby Anthony in her arms.

INTELLECT: An Ami Mizuno Mix

“And when there’s nowhere to stand, I learned to swim towards the light”.

A mix for the soldier of water and intellect, Sailor Mercury, and the sweet girl genius who came into her own, Ami Mizuno, for all continuities.

1.River Flows in You|Kaprice85 (lyrics) and Yiruma (Instrumental)//2. Invisible (Cover)| Marina Morgan//3. Come Away to the Water| Maroon 5//4. Academia| Sia//5. Water| Breaking Benjamin//6. Pure| Superchick//7. Brave| Sara Bareilles//8. Gently As She Goes| Karliene//9. Lady Don’t Tek No (snippet)| Latryx//10. Hope| Superchick//11. Straight A’s| Sleigh Bells//12. The Second Element II| Sarah Brightman

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They’re talking about me.  I do not like this.  I do not like this at all.  Play it cool.  Play it cool. You do not care.  Problems to solve. Weeping Angels to find….Amy stop gawking at her!… Mysterious River from the future who knows everything about me. Handcuffs and spoilers.  Little Amelia Pond - brand new companion. Fish fingers and custard. Gossiping. About me. Girly stuff. Spoilers. Too many spoilers. Nope. Not good.


River Song Appreciation Day Countdown Day 1: A Song For Song

“Careful the tale you tell.
That is the spell.
Children will listen…”