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For the prompts - Motion Practice Amy Jiminez + America Chavez? Sorry if this is too vague I just want Amy to have other Latinas in her life you know?

“Think your kid sister’d be into Fiesta Latina?”

America thinks about the question about eight hundred times before she says it, blurting it out while she, Kate, Cassie, and Teddy are all doing homework in the park. Well, okay, those three are working on homework; America finished most of hers in detention (because she’d threatened a kid for threatening another kid—look, her school’s kind of a shit hole, it’s better if you don’t know the details), so she’s mostly chewing gum and screwing around on her cell phone.

Cassie and Kate exchange those weird best-friend looks they get some times, and Teddy blinks. “My kid sister?” he asks.

America rolls her eyes. “No. Kate and Cassie’s kid sisters. You know, the ones they don’t have.” Teddy pulls a face at her tone—‘cause it’s maybe not as nice as it could be—and America flicks her hair out of her face. “Look,” she says before the conversation spirals totally out of her control, “it’s a huge three-day party full of people who speak the language and eat the food. There’s dancing and bands, and the moms are always telling me to bring my friends. But since you’re all so white you glow in the dark—” And they all look at their hands when she says it, nice. “—I figured maybe we’d throw in a tiny brown buffer.”

Next to her, Kate smirks. “You sure this isn’t about how Amy always wants to play with your hair?” she asks.

“Or how you speak Spanish to her every time you come over?” Teddy adds.

Cassie grins. “Or that secret Latina handshake you two spent an hour and a half—”

America throws up her hands. “You know what? Forget I said anything.”

Except a week later, when she’s hanging out at Teddy’s with the rest of the usual suspects, his cute little kid sister with the crazy curls and the grin like sunshine sits down right next to her on the couch. “Will you take me to the Latin Party?” she asks.

America narrows her eyes. “Who ran that through google translate and then told you to tell me about it?” 

The kid blushes and stares at her feet. “Teddy.”

America heaves a sigh. “You’re lucky you’re cute, hermanita,” she says, and Amy beams.

Boston Comic Con Commission Story #3: X-Men #1 Jam

I’m a big fan of Marvel’s new X-Men by Brian Wood. A few weeks ago I bought a sketch cover of the first issuet hought it might fun to ask different artists at Boston Comic Con to draw one of the X-Men on the sketch cover.

Of course, I really had no idea how this was going to work. Lucky for me as I was waiting for another commission, I told Marvel artist Brandon Peterson what I was trying to do. He said for it to work I needed someone to rough out a layout so each artists would know where to draw. Of course, I thought and then wondered to myself who could do that. Before I even think of the answer he offered to do it and to draw one of the characters.

So here’s the first sketch - Storm by Brandon Peterson

I then stopped and saw Ming Doyle, who given that she was DRESSED as Jubilee, was more than willing to draw the character.

When I saw Phil Jimenez not only did he draw that great Donna Troy for me, he also did a sketch of  Kitty Pryde (she is phasing into the cover)

Amy Reeder was next and she took on Rogue.

And Aaron Lopresti was nice enough to do Psylocke.

The last sketch was Rachel Grey and George Perez did the duties

And here’s the finished piece:

This was a lot of fun and I want to thank all the artists who made it happen and in particular Brandon Peterson who did the layout.

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Thank you for all the lovely lovely words, even if they make my brain short circuit. All the best for the new job application process! As for prompts since you mentioned how much you love writing Wade, could I please have Wade taking Dot, Amy and Hope out for an elaborate tea party at some fancyish establishment, please?

I like making people’s brains short-circuit. It kind of brings me joy. Which is probably mean-spirited of me, but I never claimed to be a nice girl. I submitted my application Friday morning (after some drama with a tax form I needed, but it all turned out okay in the end), so we will see what happens from here. In the meantime:

“On second thought, this was a horrible idea,” Wade tells absolutely nobody, because that’s how many people are listening. “This was the worst idea I’ve ever had, and I once tried the whole ‘coke and mentos’ thing in my dorm room.”

Nobody’s listening to Wade because everyone is fawning over four little girls in ridiculously frilly dresses. Rented dresses, because one of the many services provided by Tea for Two are dresses in all sizes and colors. Did you know that Beth Fury, the daughter of Nick “Terrifying Eye Patch of Horror” Fury, loves pink sparkles? Did you? Bet you didn’t. But she’s in a sparkly pink dress. As is Dot Barnes. Amy Jimenez (don’t call her Amy Stark, she glares like she wants to kill you) is in a green one with extra taffeta. Hope’s is orange, and clashes with her hair, but that’s a secret that Wade keeps completely to himself.

He thought it’d be cute, carting Hope and her brand-new friends to this fancy tea party venue, where you can rent dresses and china and a private room with petit fours and finger sandwiches. He thought it’d be fun, and good for his not-really-step-daughter, because lord knows she has about three friends at school. And, most importantly, he thought that maybe, just maybe, it’d earn him some serious boyfriend-and-pseudo-step-father bonus points.

Except have you ever seen four little girls hopped up on very sugary tea and petit fours? Have you? No. Okay. Then you have no idea the horror that awaits you, or what it’s like to—

“More tea, servant,” Beth Fury says to him, and all four of them, including Hope, giggle like they’re plotting world domination.

Wade heaves a sigh. “I regret all of my life choices,” he tells exactly no one, and pours the girls more tea.

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In Chain of Custody, there was a really sweet scene when Natasha met Amy and Amy said "I like your hair. Mine goes everywhere." and Nat says "Mine used to go everywhere, too." Can we please have a scene where Nat sits Amy down on the kitchen counter with a bunch of product and and a dad on either side and says "okay guys, this is how we make it all go the same-ish direction". Maybe she gives a few braiding lessons as well? Thanks!

“Is it really called ‘dancing detangler?’” Tony asks, and Natasha glares at him.

Generally, Natasha adheres to a strict non-interference policy with other people’s children. After all, she’s not the person feeding, clothing, bathing, and comforting them all hours of the day and night; her opinion on their upbringing is therefore none of her damn business.

But it’s spring break at Amy’s school, and for the last four days, she’s arrived at the office with her hair looking like a dark brown rat’s nest.

Natasha’s no bleeding heart, but no little girl deserves to look like she was assaulted in the night by a very vindictive teasing comb.

The fact that she marched off to Walgreens and bought one of each detangler and kid’s conditioner on the shelf, well. It’s not like anyone else was going to do it.

“Some of these are conditioner and detangler in one,” she explains as she sorts the bottles into two very neat columns. Tony tries to steal one, and she smacks him on the hand. “With the others, you could probably keep using her conditioner, but it might make her hair greasy.” She glances over at Amy, who’s staring with wide eyes. “I don’t think her hair’s necessarily coarse, just thick and curly. Any one of these will probably do the trick.”

Bruce frowns. “Should we have been using conditioner on her hair all along?”

Natasha blinks at him. “You mean you’re not?”

“If we lie about it, can we get out of this conversation?” Tony asks.


“Then no. We’re not.” He pauses. “Except for that one time we ran out of her shampoo and used the two-in-one stuff from our bathroom, but—”

Natasha sighs. It’s not a small sigh; it’s a sigh that could probably move mountains even larger than Bruce and Tony’s collective hair-treatment ignorance. “On second thought,” she says, “let’s start at the beginning.”

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MPU: Bruce helping Amy with her lines and/or costume for a school play.

“My name is Mercury, small and fast,” Amy recites—and then, she freezes.

The first grade program—for teachers, parents, and “others,” a label that’d caused Tony to sneer and roll his eyes—is in three days, and every time they rehearse, Amy panics. She’s standing in the middle of the home office right now, her eyes wide and spooked as she searches for the words. Bruce stops hot-gluing the Styrofoam ball that will be a tiny Mercury to her headband and smiles. “You know this,” he says encouragingly.

Amy’s throat bobs. “My name is Mercury,” she starts over, her voice shakier than before, “small and fast. I’m—” She frowns, her whole face crumpling. “I’m—”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Bruce says, and he abandons the arts-and-crafts part of the outfit your child for the play requirement to come over and kneel in front of Amy. Her lower lip’s starting to quiver, so he brushes hair out of her face. She pulls in a damp, brave breath, and he smiles at her. “You’ve practiced these lines a hundred times. With me, with Miles, with Tony—”

Amy wrinkles her nose. “Tony reads the sun’s lines in a dumb voice.”

Bruce grins. “Some people might just call that his voice,” he teases, and she giggles. He smoothes his thumb along her hairline. “You know this,” he says one last time. “And you’ll be the best Mercury in your class.”

"I’m the only Mercury,” she reminds him.

“I know,” he says, and leans in to kiss her forehead.

At the play on Monday, Amy steps up in front of the boy playing the sun and proudly announces: “My name is Mercury, small and fast. I’m in first, and Pluto’s last.”

And after the play, Bruce discovers that Tony changed the dialogue from Neptune (the final actual planet in the solar system, Tony) to Pluto.

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I kind of feel like I've asked this before, but it wasn't crossed off on my prompt list, so. Miles and the Fury twins, or Beth and Amy and Dot. Or Fury and Tony interacting as parents outside of work.

I tried to give you a tiny taste of everything.

“This is weird, right?” Tony asks, glancing over at Fury. “This play-date thing, I mean.”

“Very,” Fury agrees, and sips his coffee.

Tony’s not sure who’s responsible, whether it’s his very cute foster daughter or his equally cute husband, but right now, his house is overrun with Fury children. In the living room, the Fury twins—who are a year-and-a-half younger than Miles but no less terrifying in the raw amount of boy they bring to the table—slaughter Teddy and Miles in some sort of complicated war video game that Tony’s never played; outside, Beth Fury plays some sort of princess-in-the-castle game out on the swing set with Dot and Amy. Worse, Bruce and Melinda May are bonding, which feels dangerous in a distinctly unsexy way.

Tony almost points this out when Fury sighs. “They calm down after the terrible twelves?” he asks.

Tony blinks at him. “Uh, what?”

He nods toward the gaggle of gamers. “All the way through elementary school, I could handle them,” he says, his voice a little less sage boss of all things prosecution and a little more concerned dad, not that Tony really believes the second persona exists. “Jackson was a little wild, but otherwise, I could keep them in line. But it’s like they hit eleven and ricocheted off it hard, and I’m not sure how to keep them from tearing each other—or the two of us—to shreds.”

“I wish I knew.” Fury glances at him suspiciously, and he holds up his hands. “First almost year with Miles, he was the dream kid. Wanted to do everything right. But as soon as he realized we really weren’t going anywhere, it was blowback like you wouldn’t believe.” He shakes his head. “Honeymoon period’s over, and he is now a full-on teenage boy.”

Fury frowns. “So what you’re saying is we’re screwed.”

“Undeniably,” Tony replies, and taps their coffee mugs together.

(Late that night, he sits up in bed like he’s just been goosed by a ghost. “Holy shit, I think I parent-bonded with Fury today.”

Bruce groans and rolls over. “Go back to bed, Tony.”)

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Prompt weekends are the BEST weekends ever! Okay so I always want more MPU Tony/Bruce with the kids and this prompt is no different! I'm starting my first post-undergrad job on Monday (!!!) so I would love a drabble with one of the kids' first jobs. Miles, Teddy, or Amy, I don't care! Thanks for taking prompts from your adoring fans again!

This fill is not precisely on point but I could not resist writing it:

“Your entrepreneurial spirit is fantastic and everything, honey, but maybe today is the wrong day for a lemonade stand.”

Amy glares at Tony like her life depends on it, and Tony raises his hand. Only one, because the other is holding his umbrella in an attempt to stay gloriously dry. It’s raining cats and dogs outside, a torrential June downpour that threatens to wash the whole city downstream, but Amy is huddled under the car tarp in her rain boots, hawking lemonade.

When Tony figures out which brother rigged the tarp into a makeshift lemonade tent, he is reprogramming their ringtones to One Direction songs.

“I’m earning money,” Amy informs him stubbornly, her arms crossed over her chest. “I sold three cups.”

“To who?”

She pauses. “Doesn’t matter.”

“Lemme guess: curly hair, about this tall—” Tony holds a hand up to about his own height. “—answers to the name of Bruce?”

Amy scowls at him. “I still sold them.”

“To one of the four people who love you enough to come out and buy rainy lemonade, yes.”

She sinks down in her plastic chair (stolen, like the plastic table and all the plastic dishware, from the garage), and Tony sighs as he crouches down to her level. His sneakers are soggy, and he hates it. “I’ll make you a deal,” he says while she side-eyes him. “If you will come inside out of the rain right now, no arguments, I will buy all your remaining lemonade for four times the asking price.”

She purses her lips. “Really?”

“Really,” he says, and crosses his heart for good measure.

Later, he discovers that Amy’s entrepreneurial spirit apparently includes selling lemonade for a dollar a glass, which is freaking highway robbery.

On the plus side, his shoes aren’t soggy anymore, so it’s maybe worth it.

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Will sell left ovary for Billy hanging out with Clan Stark-Banner-Morales-Altman-Jimenez.

“I’m pretty sure they’re cheating,” Tony says, and Bruce rolls his eyes. “No, I’m sorry, but if I’m playing Catch Phrase with my husband of forever—”

“Not forever,” Miles mutters.

“—and I am losing to a couple of high school boyfriends, that means somebody’s cheating. That’s a verifiable fact.”

Teddy reaches for the actual Catch Phrase thing that displays the words (he’s pretty sure it doesn’t have a name), but Tony switches hands to hold it far, far away. Teddy grins. “Worried that we’ll overtake your legacy?” he asks.

Bruce snickers, but Tony scowls. “Our legacy is eternal.”

“It can’t be that eternal if you’re losing to us,” Billy points out, and snatches the Catch Phrase thing right out of Tony’s hand. The first couple times he came over, he’d been on his absolute best behavior, all please and thank you and none of his usual devious wit. Teddy’d actually missed his boyfriend a little in those days. But now, six rounds into a vicious game of three-team Catch Phrase, he grins. “I think there’s a whole bunch of sayings about the old making way for the young, actually.”

Bruce snorts a laugh that sounds a little painful. Miles hides his grin in his soda. Amy giggles.

Tony glares at him. “Your adorable high school mind-link is no match for years of deep and abiding adult love,” he challenges.

Billy smirks. “Prove it.”

Another four rounds later, when they pause for a bathroom-and-snack break, Billy leans against Teddy’s side in the kitchen. “Am I being a little too, I don’t know, aggressive with your foster dad?” he asks.

Teddy smiles as he glances down at Billy, but as always, Tony beats him to the punch. “The Kaplan and Altman dream team needs to return to the living room for a beat down!” he announces as he thunders down from the upstairs bathroom.

Behind him, Bruce sighs. “I am so sorry,” he tells no one in particular.

Billy grins. “Never mind,” he says, and Teddy grins back.

saranoh prompt: Adult Dot and Amy

“Are you actually blind?”

Dot sort of half-shouts it, which she knows drives Amy totally up the wall. At twenty-six, Dot’s a little like Uncle Bucky—quick to emphatic gestures and a lot of voice, even when she’s just joking around—and sometimes, it’s like nails on the chalkboard. Worse, she throws Amy’s sparkly blue flowered scarf back at her, which is just—

“You asked me for help,” Amy reminds her. “Yeah, for help accessorizing, not for making me look like an old Russian lady from Fiddler on the Roof.” She grabs another scarf from the hooks on the back of Amy’s closet door and wraps it over her hair. “Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a—”

“They were Jewish,” Amy interrupts.

“Yeah, and I am pretty sure they lived in Russia,” Dot shoots back. She loops the new scarf (which is sort of sheer and green) around her neck and strikes a pose in the mirror. “Maybe this one’s okay,” she decides.

Amy falls back on her bed. “You’ve thrown three scarves at me, but this one’s okay?” she asks. “I swear, it’s like you’re having dinner with somebody new, not the same guy you’ve dated forever and are practically—”

“It’s different,” Dot says suddenly, and all the fight drops out of her tone. When Amy twists around to look at her—her best friend since first-grade, her fairy god sister—she’s the little five-year-old with the big eyes all over again. She’s the Dot only their family is allowed to see, soft and hopeful instead of steel-plated and bubbling over with fire.

Amy scoots over, and Dot collapses next to her, scarf and all. “It’s different,” she says again, her head almost on Amy’s shoulder. “I don’t know, maybe it’s because last year sucked or because Tim got engaged. Hell, maybe I’m just crazy—”

“Always,” Amy mutters. Dot elbows her. “It just feels different. Like it’s not a normal dinner.” She rubs her hands over her face. “Or work’s eating my mind and we’re literally just going out for pizza like every other weekend.”

Amy snorts. “But with you in my favorite scarf and heels.”

“Not my fault we have the same dainty feet,” Dot retorts, and Amy snorts. She waits for her friend to roll off the bed and return to raiding her closet before she unearths her phone from under her pillow.

you owe me, she types.

The response buzzes through immediately. You can’t be my best friend, Dot’s soon-to-be fiancé replies (not that Dot knows that), but I can arrange third-place billing.

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MPU Bruce and Natasha with the Banner-Stark children (because Tony and Pepper are off doing work things)

“I didn’t take you for a ‘Disney on Ice’ kind of guy,” Natasha says with a smirk, and Bruce rolls his eyes.

Tony’s away at oral arguments in the capital for the next three days, and as usual, Pepper’s at his side to manage his argument-induced mania. Single-parenting one teenage boy is easy enough, but two teenage boys and a seven-year-old? That’s a whole different story. Which is why Bruce’d originally bought the Harlem Globetrotters tickets, as a distraction from the whole “down one parent for most of the week” blues.

But as it turned out, the arena (which also houses the local minor league hockey league) double-booked the Globetrotters with Disney on Ice, and, well—

“Can we get snow cones?” Amy asks. She’s dragging Teddy from vendor to vendor, her face glowing with an enormous grin.

“Yeah, can we?” Natasha echoes, and she grins when Bruce glares at her.

Miles is at Ganke’s for the day (a deal he’d brokered after realizing it was that or multiple hours of Disney music), but Amy and Teddy are primed and ready for the show, both of them in Disney t-shirts and already full of popcorn. Bruce hands Teddy a twenty and sends them on their merry way, which leaves him and Natasha with the remnants of their half-eaten popcorn.

“At intermission, we should get commemorative cups,” Natasha suggests.

Bruce shoots her a look. “Why are you a Disney on Ice person, exactly?” he asks.

She shrugs. “Because watching you be dad of the year beats counting down the hours until Pepper comes home,” she replies, and tips the popcorn in his direction.

"Harmless Error"
Marvel fanfiction set in the Motion Practice universe
Chapter 1: “Three Minutes (December 30)”
Maria Hill, Amy Jimenez
Rated M for language and adult content; 2,324 words

October: the tenth month in the year, retaining its name from the Latin for “eight.” Also, a month when Jasper Sitwell risks some small part of himself (not that he’ll admit it) and Maria Hill acts on an impulse she’s usually better at controlling.

January: the first month of the year, taking its name from Janus, the god of doorways. Also, a month when literally everything changes.

But then again, Janus is also the god of beginnings.

At the end of December, Maria waits three minutes to discover something important—and terrifying.

Pro-tip: debuting a new story the day before you apply for a new job is like a master class in making yourself mildly ill from anxiety. Just in case you were interested in that. 

Regardless: welcome to Harmless Error, and enjoy your stay.

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MCU prompt! You mentioned in a post that Amy has the tendency to bring stray animals home. Can we see the very first time she does this? (It can be, like, a salamander or caterpillar or something, since I'm assuming you already have plans for the next real pet they get.)

“Fireflies die,” Tony stage-whispers, and Bruce elbows him.

It’s sort of the worst kind of husbanding, the kind where you elbow the spouse who is really just trying to help with inevitable elementary school tears, but Bruce is apparently undeterred.  Over in the middle of the deck, Teddy pokes tiny holes in a gladware container while Amy cups her hand around at least three fireflies. She’s more-or-less a firefly whisperer, because they all seem content to crawl around on her hands and arms instead of, you know, flying away in a sensible manner.

“It’s sweet,” Bruce says.

“It’s sweet until they all die overnight and we’re left—”

“I don’t want to keep them all night,” Amy informs them, and they glance over as she shakes her little glowing friends into the plastic tub. It’s stuffed with leaves and a stick, and the little bugs fire up their butt-bulbs just as soon as they land inside. “I just want to watch them.”

“Why?” Tony asks, because seven-year-old girls are mysterious creatures.

Amy shoots him a snide little glance. “Because they’re pretty,” she says bluntly, and he raises his hands in defeat.

By the end of the night, there’s about twelve fireflies in her plastic tub, and she offers them a guided tour of the back yard before she releases them.

“Let’s hope she never finds an injured bird,” Tony mutters.

Bruce just presses his cheek to Tony’s shoulder and smiles.

Happy birthday, Amy!

Yesterday, September 7, was Amy’s birthday. Here is a little story about several of her birthdays—and about her mama.

When Amy turns five, she and Mama live in a house that smells kind of like the bathroom and like cleaning chemicals at the same time. There’s lots of people in the house, people Mama calls Amy’s tias and tios even though they’re not related. Mama’s new boyfriend, a big man who always says bad words when he talks, lives there too. He scares Amy a little, but Mama smiles when she sees him. She’s happy, and her job’s good, and on Amy’s birthday, she surprises Amy with a cake and churros and the stuffed kangaroo Amy saw at the zoo on her field trip.

Read More

"Chain of Custody"
Marvel fanfiction set in the Motion Practice universe
Chapter 13: “One by One”
Bruce Banner/Tony Stark, Amy Jimenez, Miles Morales, Jessica Jones, Natasha Romanoff, Kate Bishop, Billy Kaplan, Eli Bradley, America Chavez, David Alleyne, Thor Odinson, Sif Rowan, Mike Peterson, Teddy Altman, Dot Barnes, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes
Rated M for language and adult content; 9,557 words

The concept of causation is an easy one: you track events back until you find the one pebble that started the ripple, the event that set off the chain reaction. Bruce can track his life back and back, from Detective Munroe’s appearance in their home, to Jessica Jones’s meddling, to a fire a few miles away, to his settled family life with Tony and Miles.

He’s not sure how the links fit together, or whether the chain might unravel.

But that’s never stopped him and Tony before, now has it?

In this chapter, Bruce and Tony appear in court as spectators as a complicated criminal case stretches out before them. What’s worse, the special prosecutor has his own ideas about Bruce and Tony—and about how to handle the case.

We return to the courtroom for this chapter! Yeah, you thought you’d seen the last of Judge Ilsa Smithe, didn’t you? Because you’d be wrong.

Special shout-out to my betas, Jen and Sara, whose notes on the first scene helped me figure out how to revamp it. They’re pretty swell, those gals.

kayquimi asked:

Wooooo, prompt time! Softball to start: MPU, Amy and Dot, 35.

“Do you have any sisters or brothers?” Dot asks, and Amy blinks at her.

Dot’s the funniest girl in the world, because she asks questions without really thinking about them first. They pop like bubbles, or like popcorn in the microwave, and when Amy frowns, she tilts her head. “Miles doesn’t have any sisters or brothers,” she says, because she always talks through all the quiet. “He had another daddy and mommy, though, but now he just has Uncle Bruce and Uncle Tony.”

“I just had Mama,” Amy answers. She shrugs and tucks her hands under her legs. Miss Jones says it’s a nervous tick, but ticks are bugs, so she’s not sure why Miss Jones calls it that. “She said one time that she wanted lots of babies, but I’m the only one.”

“Oh.” Dot twists up her face like she’s thinking really hard. When she reaches out, she tugs Amy’s arm until she pulls her hand out, then tangles their fingers together. “It’s good that you have a fairy godsister now,” she decides.

Amy smiles. “I like godsisters,” she agrees, and Dot rests her head on Amy’s shoulder.