amy falcone

So I’m a big fan of Amy Falcone, so obviously when I found out she set up a Kickstarter, I was all over that.  But at the end of her pitch video, when she said “I want to show you the world,” all I could think of was her taking Erika Moen on a magic carpet ride à la Aladdin’s “Whole New World” scene.  So I had to draw it.

By the way, go fund her Kickstarter.

Strip Search & Friends: Elimination Home Edition 


Watch the Brotherhood of the Fallen plus special guest Mary Cagle take on the 90 minute Strip Search Elimination Challenge from Episode 19. The event will stream through my YouTube Channel.

The Hosts: Scott Kurtz of PVP and Table Titans & Kris Straub of chainsawsuit and Broodhollow

The Competitors: Alex HobbsAmy FalconeMackenzie Schubert, Nick Trujillo, Ty Halley, and as a special guest The Trenches artist, Mary Cagle

After the event has aired, the recorded video of the session will be available for those who missed the stream. Tune in, chat, cheer, and laugh as six young artists get whipped into shape in an elimination challenge battle royale.


STRIP SEARCH & FRIENDS: Elimination Comic Home Edition

To watch the video head over HERE

Here is the mega-list of all the comics from tonight’s cast. In order from top to bottom: Alex HobbsAmy FalconeMackenzie SchubertNick TrujilloTy Halley, and as a special guest The Trenches artist, Mary Cagle. Proving once and for all who the best of the worst of us.

Want to see another one? Lemme know what you think!


The Falconer: Time Travel is one of my absolute favorite SNL sketches. Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch’s versions kill me.

I had fun putting together last year’s post on all the lovely things that followed me home from Drink & Draw Like a Lady, so here goes again! Left-right and roughly top-bottom, assuming three rough rows:

Top row:
Lost Girl by Caroline Percello- lovely little drawings in this comic.
Alisa Harris's card! Lovely cooking/ recipe comics at the linked site, and she also makes the excellent Urban Nomad and Counter-Attack! series.
Marion Vitus not only makes sweet illustrations and comics, but she also acted as the photographer for DDLL this year!
Alice Meichi Li makes pretty illustrations.
9 PM by Melanie Gillman is full of this lush colored pencil work that you’ve gotta see to believe. Great stuff.
Patricia Burgess’s card says she’s a swell lady, and I agree!
Laura Kovalcin does cool costume design as well as illos.
Wendy M. Xu makes some cute daily drawings.
Jane Archer throws around these rich saturated colors like it’s nothing! They’re great.

Middle row: 
Kelly Phillips and Claire Folkman put together a Dirty Diamonds preview for DDLL this year! It’s awesome and they’re awesome too.
Lucy Knisley (who continues to be a lovely, brilliant DDLL host) and Raina Telgemeier (who is a font of encouraging words) put together adorable sketchbooks for everyone who donated!
The Dragon’s Wife by Angelina Fernandez is chock-full of gorgeous linolium carvings.
School of World is a comic about life, lessons, and life lessons by Megan Brennan and Rel. You should read it.

Bottom row:
Up she Goes by Amy Falcone deserves your attention both for its adorable story and its lovely artwork!
Kristin Kemper's illlustrations have a sweet soft atmosphere to them.
I’ve followed Sarah Becan's stuff for a while and it was lovely to meet her! She's got a kick-butt collection of comics going on at Sauceome.
Tara Abbamondi makes fantastic, articulate, crisply-drawn comics. I picked up The Stolen Lovelight (actually a collaboration with her husband, Paul) from her this year and it’s excellent- well worth a read!
Ellen Crenshaw’s hourlies were so good, I actually bought them on the show floor on Saturday too (oops :) )! Another person I followed on Twitter before ever meeting in person, but it was excellent to do so. Her hourlies are incredibly clean and composed— I should do a giveaway for my bonus copy.
Diana Mallery does really cool things with interestingly-structured comics! This one was a neat little fold-out called Motherland.
Not pictured- Melissa Zhang, who combines food and artwork into excellence.

PS- Do you have a post about your DDLL/ MOCCA 2012 comics? I’d love to see it! Hoping to put together a collection of what I bought on the show floor later tonight.