Sunday Six.

As of last night, I have determined that Chain of Custody will indeed be 18 chapters rather than the standard 16-or-17. I will be fiddling with the posting schedule during the week this week and have a new one up for you by Friday’s update. In the meantime:

Chain of Custody, Chapter 16: “The Start of Everything”

“You know there’s not an Olive Garden in our house, right?” Tony’d asked after Miles’d finished his request, his shoulder propped against Bruce’s office doorjamb. “You can’t just request an endless pasta bowl and expect your dad and I to roll over and—”

“I like pasta,” Amy’d volunteered from where she’d been watering Bruce’s office plants out of her water bottle. Miles’d cocked his head smugly and almost smiled.

Tony’d raised his hands. “I retract my previous statement and hope to every deity available that the grocery store’s not out of fresh garlic.”

“Or out of anything else on our list,” Bruce’d reminded him, and predictably, Tony’d waved him off.

Chain of Custody, Chapter 17: “A Step You Can’t Take Back”

“We’re not becoming a home for wayward teenagers.”

“You sure about that?” Jessica’d asked. She’d shed her usual uniform of jeans and sweaters for dress pants and a blazer, never mind the file folder full of records that she’d tucked under her arm.

Witness stand chic, Tony’d mouthed, and Bruce’d rolled his lips together to keep from laughing.

Jessica, on the other hand, had just jabbed a finger into Tony’s shoulder. “The social worker giveth, and the social worker can taketh away,” she’d reminded him as he’d plastered on his best wide-eyed puppy-dog expression.

And, based on a scene from The Judge and Sara’s, you know, Sara-ness, we have part of a one-shot that might someday see the light of day:

MPU One-Shot: “Driving Miss Jimenez (et al)”

Tony checks his watch once and then a second time before he glances over at Amy. “You really want a turn?” he asks. She blinks in surprise, and he waves a hand toward the parking lot. “You’d be driving a steel death trap. Putting you and everyone else in this county in danger. Sending both of us into very long prison sentences if you run somebody over.”

“Bruce says the Prius is the safe car,” Amy points out.

“Bruce is filling your head with liberal propaganda, and I won’t allow it.” The Prius pulls into the lot—or rather, crawls into the lot, because Teddy Altman drives like a seventy-five-year-old pensioner with night blindness—and Tony hops to his feet. “If you ever tell him about what happened this afternoon,” he warns, “I’m giving your room to the dogs.”


La Revolution Charmeuse

Or: That One Lady Who Gets Lucky During The Entire Movie

where do you start at those things, - well okay first of; thanks to  
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So I wanted to post some of my prom pictures from 2012 because… Well, just because all of the people posting their prom pictures on here are making me reminiscent. So, here they are. These were taken by our neighbor (at the time) who is a professional photographer, so I guess you could call them professional, even though we didn’t pay for them.


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Once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) ❤


1. i can say nice things about myself, which is a hard-won skill tbh

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5. i am good at making food

"Chain of Custody"
Marvel fanfiction set in the Motion Practice universe
Chapter 13: “One by One”
Bruce Banner/Tony Stark, Amy Jimenez, Miles Morales, Jessica Jones, Natasha Romanoff, Kate Bishop, Billy Kaplan, Eli Bradley, America Chavez, David Alleyne, Thor Odinson, Sif Rowan, Mike Peterson, Teddy Altman, Dot Barnes, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes
Rated M for language and adult content; 9,557 words

The concept of causation is an easy one: you track events back until you find the one pebble that started the ripple, the event that set off the chain reaction. Bruce can track his life back and back, from Detective Munroe’s appearance in their home, to Jessica Jones’s meddling, to a fire a few miles away, to his settled family life with Tony and Miles.

He’s not sure how the links fit together, or whether the chain might unravel.

But that’s never stopped him and Tony before, now has it?

In this chapter, Bruce and Tony appear in court as spectators as a complicated criminal case stretches out before them. What’s worse, the special prosecutor has his own ideas about Bruce and Tony—and about how to handle the case.

We return to the courtroom for this chapter! Yeah, you thought you’d seen the last of Judge Ilsa Smithe, didn’t you? Because you’d be wrong.

Special shout-out to my betas, Jen and Sara, whose notes on the first scene helped me figure out how to revamp it. They’re pretty swell, those gals.