The Alice: Otherlands Kickstarter campaign is off to a roaring start. Already over 13% funding in the first day. This is great!

Kickstarter campaign

Expect some cool updates on story and art in the coming days. And check out this DVD box art. Hell, I want these animations done just so I can have this kick-ass box they go in!

-American McGee



Some new Alice: Otherlands material!!

A video where we can see different Alice models concerning Jules Verne universe!

Thank you so much to user Alice Liddell, please follow their Facebook page and Tumblr!!

P.D.- Please please give Alice Otherlands as much possible support as you can so maybe in the future we may see a new Alice game!!


Alice: Otherlands Latest Update!

20,000 Leagues into Otherlands

Animation director Ed Goin (who created the beautiful 2D cut-scenes in A:MR) has sent over a series of stills from the Otherlands animation he and his team are currently producing. Ed’s contribution to Otherlands takes place inside the mind of Jules Verne and ranges across a vast mental landscape filled with glimpses of past, present, and future. Here’s a sample of what’s in store…

Hope everyone is having a wonderful 2014 so far. More updates and news on the way!


New Alice in Otherland Concept Art!

It’s still not official, but we’re starting some early concept/design work for A:OL anyway…

On that note, just had the first meeting with our Art Department to discuss style and tone for rendering the new game. Here’s a snippet of A:MR concept artwork we used as a touchstone

-American McGee


Fans and lovers of Alice,

This is probably the most important post I will write to you during this Kickstarter campaign. It concerns another game, a third game. I’ve done my best to make it clear in responses but I seem to be failing you. For that I apologize. Let me make it plain.

Our negotiations for a third game are dependent on the success of this Kickstarter. If we cannot show GREAT interest in Alice (in ANY form) then we lost the argument that the fans want a new game.

I don’t know how else to say it. There are nearly 12,000 of you on this forum - 30,000 read the posts daily. 1,500 have backed. We’re not asking for a lot. Even $5 from each of you would show INTEREST. That’s what we need, a great show of interest.

Here is American’s plea on the matter.

Thank you for reading. Now, please, go back the Kickstarter?