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Lay-Far test press bringing the heat. :) #layfar #house #ampart #deep #vinyl #comingsoon #B2

Last morning in my ampartment I leave in the hour of 11 I feel kinda sad won’t be walking distants of Jannet n Judy no more I really like it. A lot of things started here. YouTube partnership my voice acting I’m really going to miss how cute it is. But not the people n the rent that is fo-shore!! But I get my own studio in moms basement!!


Seeing as I’m in dire need of money I’m gonna try doing this crazy rl money commission type stuff~

For a full colored solo pic all you have to do is pay the amazingly low price of 10$!!!! That’s right, just 10$ can get you a fabulous picture. But what’s that?

You want MORE people in your pic? Well tack on an extra 5$ and its yours, its as easy as that!

And of course if you want extra pizzazz to your order things can always be negotiated. Also I’m down to draw just about anything (though I’m not too well versed with mechs or furries BUT I’LL STILL TRY)

So place your order soon because the slots are just FILLING UP lightning fast (i wish)!

Gonna try and take another stab at this because why not. 

Samples and stuff here

Prices are super simple, colored fullbodies are $10 and you can add an extra $5 for an additional person. I’m willing to do just about anything except for scat. Guro? Fine with me. Sexins? Totally ok. Other kinky/weird things? BRING IT OOOOON. But they will cost an extra $2.50. If you want backgrounds or something crazy like that, I can work out something for you.

So just throw a message at me or you can even email me at (yes its my super old email dont laugh at meeee [;3;] )