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Amoxtli sniffed around and furrowed her browridge. "I smell a bat here..." she continued sniffing. She was bit hungry looking for food.

Bruce didn’t notice Amoxtly approaching until a cold shiver ran down his spine.

He was confused, but on guard, deciding to drop from the stay on the ground for now. He was easy to spot once he was in the sky, after all. Not knowing what was going on, he tried to calm down, shaking his head when he felt the urge to make a detour to some faraway country for a month or two.

Wait, was he … scared? Noo way. He wasn’t scared! He laughed in the face of danger! 

With that attitude, he went forward, determined to protect the city from whatever danger was lying ahead. 

A propósito del día del libro:

Amatl, vocablo nahuatl que significa “papel”, plena referencia al árbol de amate (de donde se sacaba el papel en Mesoamérica).

Palabras sin cuerpo.
Los viejos nos recuerdan que las palabras primeras no tenían cuerpo, salían de la boca recién enjuagadas como quien sale de un temascal, andaban desnudas de carne y ninguna se avergonzaba de la otra, las primeras palabras no tenían cuerpo y todo lo que tocaban le daban movimiento; los viejos dicen que las mariposas antes de volar fueron palabras que salieron de bocas amables y se colgaron de la rama de los árboles de amate, en forma de capullos las palabras descansaron y de ahí salieron mariposas con alas de pájaros, mariposas con manchas de jaguar, mariposas alas de cielo, mariposas que se confundieron con las flores del campo, el hablar era florido.

Los viejos nos recuerdan que las palabras primeras no tenían cuerpo, que el árbol de Amate fue madre para amamantarlas, fue casa para resguardarlas del frío, las mujeres vieron eso, y del árbol de Amate cortaron su corteza y sacaron pequeñas casas para que las palabras de los viejos quedaran y dieran alegría en el rostro y firmeza en los corazones de los nietos. Cuentan los abuelos que de ahí nacieron los libros, del árbol de amate nacieron para proteger las palabras sinceras que buscaban cuerpo, que buscaban casa para luego convertirse en Mariposas.

Imagen: Alberto Cruz
Texto: Eric Doradea, publicado en la página de facebook del Colectivo Tzuntecun Ejecat
Of Cats and Snakes

Amoxtli was thankful for spring. It was getting (finally!) warmer in Metro City although it still was way too cool for her. No surprise there since she was used to temperatures around 30 degrees of Celsius in shadow back where she lived before. 

It was close to dusk and she was sitting by the small stream that ran through the forest toward the lake where Az lived, she was cleaning up her scales of her tail and drinking some water before continuing her hunt. Her scales were shining in the sun, wet and she was humming to herself some old as the world itself tune.

The animals in the forest finally learned of her presence in there during winter and became more wary of the mythical hunter.  It just made it all the more exciting for her. Suddenly she felt someone approach, the vibrations in the ground and air gave the intruder away. She turned her head and narrowed her eyes. Her tongue shot forward tasting the air and she furrowed her bowridge, it wasn’t human, a bit like… an animal but… definitely not something she could recognize.

"Who’sssss there?!" she called standing up from the half sitting position she was in.

Ghost from Past |Drabble| Amoxtli meets Sator

It was a calm day for Amoxtli so far. Ahe was glad that the weather was gradually becoming warmer. On the other hand it was making her bit sleepy since reptiles tended to rest during the day in the sunlight napping and being more active during the night. But she somehow was getting used to this human lifestyle so the drowsiness wasn’t much of a problem.

Then came the late afternoon it was getting cooler and the dragoness was starting to feel more active. She went to get a hot dog and a coffee from the street vendor she really liked and munched on her food slowly until she almost choked on the last bite of her food.

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Amoxtlii~! Stop eating all that chocolate - this was supposed to be for a sad citizen! [Flies around to drop chocolate on sad looking people while the dragon snake simply flies after him and snatches it away before it can drop to the ground.]

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Oc meme: 21 and 24

  • 21. Who is your OCs best friend?

Amoxtli is his RP best friend.  They have an amazing relationship that has no real hint of romance but they just adore each other. It was a rocky start but now that they have started to understand each other, they have reached a deep and beautiful relationship.

  • 24. What does your OC smell like?

Fire, ash, saltwater and evergreen.  Even in his human form, he still smells faintly of dragon.

Music Lesson


For the lesson she promised to Drake, Amoxtli picked a sunny clearing in the forest belonging to the castle. It was a nice, sunny weather and she wanted to use as much light as she could.

She set two stools, she didn’t have any music sheets with her. She herself didn’t know how to read them and thus didn’t look for them. 

Then checked her own instrument and waited for Drake to come, meanwhile she’d play a bit by herself.