Haven’t found a Valentine’s Day card yet? My “Amourosaurus” is still available at Target stores.

A friend of mine took these pics at a Target in New Jersey. If you don’t live in New Jersey and instead live in, say, Denver, don’t go to the New Jersey Target - go to the Denver Target. If you do live in New Jersey, also go to the Denver Target.

“Amourosaurus” tees have been reprinted and restocked again at Threadless.

This time they added tank tops, because a full view of your beautifully proportional arms really helps sell the joke.

This young man’s perfectly proportioned arms are fully committed to the joke, but it seems his face has yet to be convinced.

The “Amourosaurus” t-shirt is available at Threadless. If your size is sold out, click “REQUEST A REPRINT” right under “add to cart”.

photo credit: @widnug  (Thanks for the awesome pic, friend!)

“Amourosaurus” is back by popular demand! $10 till 5PM Monday 6/24, $19.50 afterwards.

Thanks for all the reprint requests! Now you know it works, in case you want to request reprints of my other two sold out tees, “Talking Penguin” and “Prey Tell” (the “request a reprint” button is right under “add to cart”).

Once in a while I inadvertently design something appropriate for children.

Amourosaurus” is no longer available in kids sizes on Threadless, but maybe you can change that:

Click “request a reprint” under “add to cart”, and request kids sizes or any other size/product you want that’s sold out or isn’t available.


Meet the Robinsons Dinosaur With A Big Head Little Arms

The Fashion Friday AMOUROSAURUS made me think of this clip from Meet The Robinsons by Meg Scanlon