Turns out I have a thing for you… Merry Christmas!

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throughfire-and-water asked:

I am always immersed in your stories and they teach me so much about life and love (I've never been in love and God, your stories just make my heart swell with it). Thank you for your beautiful stories! God bless you and your family xx

Thanks love! I’m just beaming right now and hope that you continue to enjoy my writing! God bless you and your family, sweetie. HUGS!

throughfire-and-water asked:

what do you feel when you see those harry potter pictures on your dashboard?
i don't know about you but i feel sad every time i see them. that's why i think i should stay away from tumblr for a while. not to say that i'm letting go, because i won't, but i don't want to live in grief like bella swan =.=. but i can't stay away from tumblr either. ugh i don't know my feelings lately. i need distractions, otherwise my mind will go to harry all the time.
what about you?

sorry i'm acting weird by saying all of this. i need someone to talk to and you're online. so.... yeah.

Right now, I’m trying not to think about it yet. I don’t what to ‘feel’ that it’s the end. I’m not saying I’m ignoring the fact that it is the end (of the films and books, I guess), but I don’t want it to sink in. Not just yet. Not until I’m in my theatre seat, and the lights have dimmed. Right now it feels the same, though I can’t push back the idea of never looking forward to anything as much as the books and movies completely.

No, you’re not weird at all! And I’m reaaaaally sorry for only replying now :-( 

throughfire-and-water asked:

oh gosh i didn't know you're following my blog! arghh! thank you! i love love love your writing you're so talented. this is unbelievable ahahahaha. xx

Thanks for following me, love, and thanks for reading anything I write.

No really, thank you. HUGS!