Among The Dead:

As I sit among the dead and take a look around

The eerie silence sends shivers up and down my spine

I tell myself you’re sleeping

And so that is why you’re not speaking

Or even moving

The dead can’t move but sometimes I just like to imagine

Sometimes I like to stare at your grave and imagine

Your chest rising and falling and falling and rising

Just like it did when you were alive

Your face is a puzzle in the depths of my mind

Your voice is a distant sound that I am scared of forgetting

Desperately willing memories to keep me alive

Memories that they say will fade away

So I sit on the ground beside you

And empty out my heart.

I sit here for hours and hours shedding tears until I am spent

Wishing the days were longer and the nights short

So that I can lay here beside you and fall asleep too

Because lately I haven’t been able to stop myself from crying for you

Lately I have been wishing that I was dead … too. 

Tahera Douglas

It's finally happened. | Open

Short legs moved quicker and the sound of tennis shoes slapping the sidewalk below was the only sound that pierced the night. The short blonde was heading to the police station. It was very close now and she was almost in the glow of the outside light at the door. Nightmares had been plaguing Hazel McFarland for the last few nights. Nightmares that made her toss and turn and jerk awake with a shriek. Surely, her neighbors in the apartments on either side of hers were about tired of her late night terrors but neither have approached her about it.

Each nightmare surrounded a man, not any man, a dead man. A horrifying, beat up, cut up, dead man. A ghost. Haze has been able to see and interact with ghosts for as long as she can remember. They even influenced her career choice when ghosts started to appear to her for help shortly after being murdered. 

This ghost was different. He had been killed, she knew that thanks to him pulling his own head off with one hand. Someone had decapitated him shortly after beating the crap out of him then dumped him in some kind of water source. She knew all this just from his appearance and from the water he leaves where ever he goes. That and he’s always soaked to the bone. 

That isn’t the only thing different. He’s a poltergeist with a vengeance. The man let his presence be known the first time by throwing a glass across her kitchen and letting it shatter against the wall. He won’t talk to her either, no, just yells. 

Haze quickened her pace again and yanked the station door open. She smiled at the woman at the desk. “Going to do some late night researching, needs to be done.” She said and moved passed. Taking a seat at her own little desk she turned the computer on. While waiting for the browser to load she ran a hand over her face. Surely she could figure out how to help this one or who to find to help her.