Has anyone ever used the “You know nothing” catchphrase on you? There was one situation a year ago. I was having lunch with a friend and the lovely waitress came over wanting to know what I was gonna have.  And just in my own little world, I was like, “Oh, God! I don’t know!” The waitress was like, “You know nothing.” - Rose Leslie


The bird fights its way out of the egg.
The egg is the world.

“Hey Natsuki, do I look like a delinquent now?”
“F-Fuuka c’mon, let’s change back before people start thinking I’m a bad influence on you…”

Day 1: Clothing Swap

Boa Hancock + Snake face tattoo


flying instructor & quidditch coach

Talented Seeker, he was often compared to Harry Potter himself and was destined for a brilliant Quidditch career. That is, before the accident. A fall during a match almost broke his spine and, despite the Healers’ best intents, he never was able to fly again. Teaching it is then, hiding his demons behind a soft smile and a pretty face.

on weebs and ironic weebs

I just wantto clarify what I meant by this post, which I admit is very brashly worded because I wrote it while being frustrated by actual weebs in another post.

First and foremost, I need to emphasise that I do not condone bullying. When I used the word ”shame”, I used it in the sense that the word ‘weeb’ should have a negative connotation that will bring shame and remorse to people whose behavior warrant such a label, and that they will refrain from such behaviour in the future.

Before I go further, I need to put a disclaimer that I am not of Japanese descent, and this post only represents my view as a Han Chinese diaspora/mixed South East Asian native.

Why is there a need for a negative connotation for weeb/weeaboo?

Please don’t waste your time linking me to videos or articles on the long history of the term weeaboo. The context I’m talking about right now is not white kids watching anime the whole day in their mother’s basement. The context I’m writing in is that of orientalism, of racism, of imperialism and imperialist (and racist/xenophobic) complacency, of fetishisation, of infantalisation. This is a handful to say all the time (“hey you racist imperialist fetishist trash don’t do this” is harder to say than “hey you weeb don’t do this”). Words evolve to fit the needs of different communities. Please let this one evolve this way.

Watching a lot of anime or listening to jpop doesn’t make it automatically weeb in this sense. Engaging in racist, orientalist behaviours, fetishizing people of Japanese/East Asian/Asian descent, homogenizing Asian cultures, and–this is the reason why I made the earlier post in the first place–being apologists for Japanese imperialism that permeate many popular Japanese pop cultural products–is what warrants people like me, people of Asian descents who are actually hurt by such fetishization and Japanese imperialist denial/apologists, to label you a weeb.

So please stop calling yourself a weeb ironically.

If you watch a lot of anime and read a lot of manga, you might jokingly call yourself an anime trash (I certainly think I can fall under the category of a loser with no life who consumes too much anime sometimes). But please don’t call yourself a weeb ironically. You might say that the word hasn’t had a negative connotation in the sense I’m talking about, but that’s because it hasn’t had the chance to be. When people like me call people out for being weebs, I don’t mean in the sense of shaming you for watching too much anime and having pastel blog theme or whatever. I mean it in the sense of any of the above–which really are too long to list all the time, hence the need for a shorter word.

I personally think this also goes for Asians/East Asians; I’ve definitely met too many Chinese weebs in the past few days. Basically, please just refrain from describing yourself or using the word weeb ironically because it drains the negative connotation and power from the word itself, when I think we really need a word to describe that long list problematic behaviour. But this word especially is not for non-Asian anime fans to reclaim. 

I think it needs further reiteration that what I’m saying is not that we should bully misfits who watch too much sports anime and cosplay Madoka. What I’m saying is that we need to criticize weeb behavior, and to do that, we need that word with all its power.

Please don’t be weebs, unassumingly or ironically.


— - —Who sets their goals on something anyone can go to? We try because it’s hard. It’s a dream because it takes a lot of work.

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» Isashiki Jun

150414 - ‘JYJ bill’ could see JYJ return to television

Local broadcasters may soon face tougher regulations in preventing celebrities from appearing on their programs.

On Tuesday, Rep. Choi Min-hee of the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy proposed a revision to the Broadcasting Act toughening regulations against broadcasters’ unfair practices.

Dubbed the “JYJ bill,” the proposed revision would enable the Korea Communications Commission to intervene when a broadcaster bans someone without reasonable cause.

Citing the case of JYJ, Choi said that there needed to be a means to intervene in a broadcaster’s decision to ban certain individuals.

JYJ was formed by Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu in 2010 when they broke away from TVXQ. Following the move, JYJ experienced friction with their former agency SM Entertainment, as a result of which they were prevented from appearing on terrestrial broadcasters’ music programs.

According to Choi, the Fair Trade Commission’s 2013 ruling in favor of JYJ has done little to enable the group to perform on television.

Source: KPOP Herald
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SAG stars share their childhood crush (Aaron appears at 1:18).


“I really love playing strong, ballsy characters, whether on television or film. It’s strange, I used to only get cast as the naive girl next-door, but then something happened and now the only call-backs I get are, like, the vixen or the mistress … the ones that cause trouble. Something happened when I turned 21.”

On one hand being in a play/musical with someone you have a crush on sucks but on the other hand it’s great