[I was a] fine adventurous lad in those days, always wandering about, and it saved my life that day

Thorin Oakenshield (book version)

Headcanon that Thorin was this irresponsible, running amok teenager back in the day who was ditching dwarf school like a little punk…

Things I Stopped Doing:

  1. Consciously (and unconsciously) trying to accommodate privileged groups.
  2. Trying to make White people feel more comfortable. This includes being sure not to use ebonics, being overly courteous, saying excuse me first.
  3. Shrinking myself in public as to not offend, especially in the presence of White people and/or men.
  4. Holding the door open for White people (mind you, I hold the door for EVERYBODY).
  5. Worrying about any of my behaviors that may fit a stereotype.
  6. Moving out of the way for men. They can move out MY way.
  7. Smiling when I really don’t feel like it.
  8. Disciplining my son in public. We—Black people—often over-discipline our children in order accommodate White people. Well, I’m not doing it. Their kids run amok in every damn store. My son is autistic and has ADHD. If anyone deserves to run around, it’s him.
I’m sure there’s more and that I’ll think of it, but if you care to add to this, feel free.

The devastating problem with “synchronicity” is post hoc ergo propter hoc. If I am in the wood and I expect to see a doe, a female deer, and I see that deer, how many other times did I have such an expectation and see nothing? You remember it when you see something. When you think it and nothing comes, you totally forget it (what you thank/thought). All the non-meaningfulness is swept under the rug, so to speak. Self-deception runs amok in our consciousnesses. We find meaning everywhere. We find meaning in being Nazis, in being pedophiles. Finding meaning does not suffice as justification.

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"Y’see, I feel sorrier for you than I do for him. Because you’ll never know the things that love can drive a man to. The ecstasies, the miseries, the broken rules, the desperate chances, the glorious failures, the glorious victories… All of these things you’ll never know. Simply because the word ‘love’ isn’t written into your book."
3x19 - Requiem for Methuselah