Catelyn Stark: A Mother in Conflict

Catelyn Stark by Amok

My son may be a king, but I am no queen … only a mother who would keep her children safe, however she could.” - Catelyn V, A Clash of Kings

One of the first things we learn about Catelyn Stark is that she was born in the South, and is uncomfortable in the Winterfell godswood. The first line of her first PoV chapter tells us “Catelyn had never liked this godswood” and then goes on to relate that she was raised with the Seven. We get the strong sense early on that she is not entirely comfortable with the North and its gods. In fact, the Stark words give her a chill, and she reflects, not for the first time, on “what a strange people these northerners were.”

On the other hand, we are given a picture of a close and caring marriage between two people who know and respect each other. Ned and Cat evidently share a deep love of family and each other, as illustrated by the empathy she shows Ned when delivering the news of Jon Arryn’s death. Then, in spite of Ned’s apparent joy at the news of Robert’s visit, Cat’s distinct lack of it proves early on her sensitivity to foreshadowing, a quality we’ll see time and again in her, as she thinks of the story she has lately heard: “a direwolf dead in the snow, a broken antler in its throat.”  

The passage goes on, “Dread coiled within her like a snake, but she forced herself to smile at this man she loved, this man who put no faith in signs.” So we see both the bond Ned and Cat share, in spite of their arranged marriage, and the contrast between Ned’s rational and measured perspective and Cat’s more intuitive and visceral one.

As Cat’s story progresses we learn more about her upbringing in the Riverlands.

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Just Why?

There’s no victim scenario their PR campaigns can now launch, which will make me feel sorry for either of them. They might try to launch a pity campaign based on harsh fan backlash to salvage whatever respect is left in shatters around their feet—and this might be the only truthful one they ever ran.

He’s still a likeable and good actor—even if he didn’t perform well in these shenanigans—but he really needs to cap off the personal drama, shut up on the personal life and disappear for a long while (which he unfortunately can’t do).

I just question why? Is HW really that powerful? What else is involved? My respect for them is so far down the loo. How much did they gain monetarily for this ridiculous self-promotion campaign run amok (which will probably go down in cinema as one of the worst run ever)?

This emotionally adolescent pair is now just embarrassing to look at. Trying to sustain the fake illusion of posh respectability is beyond cringeworthy. He looks like a milksop and she looks like a mutinous deserter from a renegade coven trying to pass herself off as the queen’s lost granddaughter. I wonder if there was a “deal” that if they sped up the wedding they would both get a bigger payoff and other lucrative deals that are time sensitive. The urgency seems more related to payoffs than anything respectable.This seems to be the only true incentive left that I can see. I’m not buying the respectability disguise. They would never have gotten themselves into this mess, if they had any.

Kanina, sa jeep...

…merong lalaking nakaupo sa estribo tapos nakayuko siya sa paraan ng pagkakayuko natin tuwing natutulog tayo sa desk (pero siya eh sa braso niya). Nung bumababa yung mga tao, hindi siya umaalis sa pwesto niya sa estribo, so malamang eh nainis yung mga pasahero dahil hindi sila makababa nang maayos. Sumakay ako at bahagyang nasipa ko siya dahil makipot ang entrada ng jeep.

So I said to myself, “Great, another drunk on a Sunday night.”

Nung bumaba na ang lahat ng tao at umupo siya sa dulo, at nakatapat ko siya.

Tapos bigla siyang umiyak na may marahang hikbi. Tapos naluhaan niya yung braso niya.

Nung una, inaabangan ko kung anong gagawin niya, para ready na ako kung sakaling mag-amok, kasi akala ko lasing.

Pero hindi siya nag-amok. Umiyak siya. At marahil, ang puso niya lang ang nag-aamok sa mga oras na iyon.

Hiniling kong sana eh lasing na lang siya, at hindi broken.

Tapos pumara na siya at nakahinga na ako nang maayos.

Shame on you, lover of that man, for ruining his Sunday.