• Third Worlders:Let me into America!
  • European-Americans:Why?
  • Third Worlders:Native Americans!
  • European-Americans:What about the Native Americans?
  • Third Worlders:You stole the land from them!
  • European-Americans:What's that got to do with letting you in now?
  • Third Worlders:Native Americans were there first!
  • European-Americans:And we were here second. What's this got to do with you?
  • Third Worlders:Feel guilty!
  • European-Americans:Any guilt we should or shouldn't feel is between us and the Native Americans. What's this got to do with letting you in?
  • Third Worlders:But if the Native Americans were there first, you can't say no to us!
  • European-Americans:Why not?
  • Third Worlders:Um . . . well what about slavery?
  • African-Americans:What's that got to do with you?
  • Third Worlders:The white man enslaved you for a bit!
  • African-Americans:Yes he did. What's this got to do with letting you in?
  • Third Worlders:Um . . . slavery!
  • European-Americans:What part of "slavery" and "native americans" means we should have an open border to the Third World? Third World immigration hurts blacks and native americans too.
  • Third Worlders:Um . . . white privilege!
  • European-Americans:If "white privilege" is such a bad thing, why do you want to move closer to it? Stay away!
  • Third Worlders:Damnit, why aren't you feeling guilty?!
  • European-Americans:Our ancestors weren't angels, we hurt some groups in the past, but that's between us and the specific groups we hurt, isn't it. I don't see how a mass influx of Third Worlders from all corners of the globe helps the Native Americans or makes blacks feel better about slavery. Surely letting you in now would only make these groups even more marginalised.
  • Native-Americans:You keep talking about us like you speak for us, what if we don't want to let you in either? I mean, we already got colonised once, why would we want to get colonised again?
  • European-Americans:Has it occurred to you that blacks and Native Americans might oppose immigration too?
Everyone – not just Americans, not just ‘citizens,’ not just people with government permission slips, but everyone – has rights. They have the right to own or lease property, to take jobs, to make their own living, wherever they want, and to peacefully come and go wherever, wherever and however they please as long as they don’t infringe on any other individual’s equal liberty. That means nothing short of free immigration, open borders, and immediate and unconditional amnesty for all currently undocumented immigrants.
—  Charles Johnson, “Against All Nations and Borders

“You may be asking yourselves, what is the solution? I believe the only solution is education….education….education!

With this powerful weapon we can fight against violence, terrorism, child labour, and inequality. The only tools that are needed are a pen and a book to guide us on our way to an enlightened future for one and all.”

Malala’s wonderful speech as she accepts Amnesty International’s Ambassador of Conscience Award:


Honestly, it's hard not to get frustrated by people who refuse to see the truth about what's happening in Gaza.

The pictures are out there. The eyewitness accounts are out there. Have you followed any of the Gazans on Twitter? What they have to say is horrifying.

The UN wants to investigate Israeli forces for war crimes. The Human Rights Watch released a damning report of the atrocities in Rafah. Amnesty have flat out said the “human shields” claims are BS. Are they ALL lying?

You know how little Israel give a crap? They killed four kids in front of a hotel full of journalists. The day after the UN said they’d investigate them for war crimes they shelled a UN school.

But still, people continue to cling to nonsense about Hamas hiding 8 trillion weapons in seemingly every place ever. Or how Hamas’ largely ineffective rockets are apparently worth slaughtering kids over.

Oh, and anyone who even dares to question the ethics of bombing a refugee shelter is suddenly anti-Semitic. Bloody hell.

When history writes about this awful time, there will be those that were complicit and those that said ‘No.’ As for the former…well, you can never say you weren’t told. That’s all I have to say.

The solution to fix this problem at the border is to enforce our laws already in place and seal up the border.  Ted Cruz is right.  These illegal aliens are here for amnesty, not because they are fleeing persecution.

Ted Cruz goes on about this as well as about the conflict in the Gaza Strip.